Gamespy Lists Battlefront 3 in their Server Lobby…

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I thought that this was quite interesting and a big thanks to my fellow commenter for bring this to our attention. Apparently has listed Battlefront 3 in their game lobby.

I have a program called GsList that allows me to see the servers for every game run by GameSpy so I can basically see the lobbies for them. Like I used it to see what servers were online and how many players were in them for SWBF2.
I decided to check it out today and to my surprise I find this:

When I click on them no servers show up, but those lobbies were not there a month ago.
This looks increadibly promising.

You can get GsList here if you want to see for yourself.
Use the GSListWeb executable.

Oh BTW the reason there is no Xbox stuff on there is because Microsoft doesn’t allow GameSpy to host lobbies for games over Live. They do it themselves.

This is definitely interesting… i’ll be interested to hear all of your opinions. I know that the software program isn’t put out by GameSpy, so who know’s it could most certainly be fake.


It appears I forgot to add the proper credit, which I apologize for.

Source: SG-17

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  1. Adam Lenser says:

    If it is not released, don’t forget that the people with big dreams (the fans) overpower the pigs with the facts(LucasArts) We control them, we buy their products, we watch their shows. If the truly terrible happens, we must boycott the living daylights out of these faithless deceivers. Right now, Lucasarts is afraid of progress and they view us as pests. We’ll teach these punks a lesson not to mess with the fanbase of the greatest science fiction saga ever to be made. If worst comes to worst, we cast LucasArts out of our lives and then they will see it our way soon enough. Are you with me?

  2. Adam Lenser says:

    Even though i won’t be able to get it, i still pray that Battlefront III will be released. How can LucasArts be so naive? Lucasarts really messed up with Renegade and Elite Squadron. Why did they make those needless spin-offs when we could have gotten the real deal, meaning Battlefront III. LucasArts needs to pull their act together. As Yoda said, You must unlearn what you have learned. Now ain’t that the truth, LucasArts? Stop trying to please us with mindless illusions of pointless Non-Battlefront games.(Renegade And Elite) If Battlefront III is not announced, we must band together and send LucasArts an ultimatum: Make the game or lose the fans. Am I right?

    Star Wars Battlefront Forever!

  3. Sabotuer says:

    on the E3 2010 website they have LucasArt’s a Exhibitor look for youself’s.
    you gotta go to L’s on the Exhibitor’s list

  4. Paul says:

    Fox news dude? really?

  5. lukeofdarth says:

    This is real I saw it myself! i hope this isnt just lucasarts toturing us again!

  6. Timothy Chapin says:

    Has there been any recent news?

  7. swb-fan says:

    Just thought of something that could support the possibility of it being fraud. the leaked footage of swb3 is practically the same as the story on swb elite squadron on psp, so why would they make it for psp if they are both practically the same? makes no sense. So either this is a high chance of it all being fake, im missing some info, or they are changing the storyline from the leaked footage.

  8. Wenis says:

    Oh and be sure to tell them that your Battlefront fansite is bigger and betterer 🙂

  9. Wenis says:

    Hey admin I found this its pretty interesting.

    “Game Spy told us it is a real server that has been started running since April.”

    Of course they could be making it up. maybe you should email Gamespy admin? see if they say the same to you

  10. P dump says:

    @ Admin. Can you put a new article up. I f for now reason other than to comment. But here is something you can title like “LucasArts wasting more money” or “Clone Wars Strikes Again”.

    Check it out:

  11. Kyr Da Nair says:

    Some times, if you serach on youtube Battlefront 3, you get videos about people who says that Star wars battlefront r.s(the game of psp) is battlefront III. But that’s just a mistake. Now, I Wish the true… stb3…
    I don’t mind when. I want the certain of the release!
    And…for Xbox 360 to xD

  12. Demetrius says:

    Why are they puttingus through this ?!? They know we want a BF3, but yet they rather take us thorugh Hell first.

    pfft, ;(

  13. GenX says:

    I can guarantee that this will coincide with the Blu Ray release.

  14. Justin says:

    Wow, I had a dream about Battlefront 3 last night…now I’m sad I’m up.

  15. P dump says:

    @ admin. Hey I was reading the IGN article of the “best” Star Wars Games ever. So I was wondering if you could ask some “experts” (quotes because Battlefront 1 or 2 wasn’t even on the list) for their opinions on Battlefront 3 and the material you’ve recovered so far. Esecially this Gamespy thing. Give ’em a link to the site.

  16. Some guy you don't know says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it (the game it’s self). This kinda crap has been popping up over the last 2 years and still no SWBF3. Rumors are just that… rumors. I’m not about to get my hopes up just because someone THINKS they found “proof”. How many times have we all heard that sad story?

  17. well it sayz it up but who knows

  18. […] die Fan-Seite berichtete, hat sie mit einem Freeware-Tool namens GsList die Onliny-Lobbys von Gamespy durchsucht. […]

  19. […] to a fan based Battlefront 3 site, there’s a list supposedly from a program that allows you to check out the servers GameSpy […]

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  22. crapgamer says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if SWBF3 isn’t announced at this years E3, it will never happen. It’s a flux time for the current consoles and unless something has been in development for years already, the likelihood of a new game is not good. So let’s hope that between this, the Gamestop “Error postings of SWBF3” and the “leaked” lists for E3 mean we actually hear something this year. Like Elvis said “It’s Not Or Never”

    • Sarge says:

      I completely agree, actually I emailed GameSpy and the response is pending. It should be interesting what they tell me.

      • admin says:

        I sent them an email as well, right after I made the post. I haven’t heard back yet.

        • Sarge says:

          God I hope GameSpy hasn’t turned into Valve and start leaking information that later turns out to be fake info for a fake game as a prank. Valve has a tendancy to do that, and I hate it when they do. It’s so typical for them to do that though, those jerks.

  23. swbattlefrontfan says:

    man i hope this means we’ll finally get a battlefront 3! it’ll be the first good star wars game on nex-gen consoles. i just hope that if we do get it that lightsabers will slice, clones will have the short rifles like in episode 2, we’ll be able to customize stuff, and i doubt it would happen but i’d love to see it set in the old republic with sith troopers and mandalorians etc, the great hyperspace war and the sith war and the exar kun war and the mandalorian wars etc would all be great.

    it’s just that they have rich interesting history, the movie scenarios are bland and boring, and i hate fighting droids, i like killing people (in the game obviously lol).

    • swbf3fan says:

      If you’re looking for something set in the Old Republic’s era, try Star Wars: The Old Republic. Odds are that SWBF 3 will only be set spanning episodes 1 – 6.

      • Sarge says:

        I would prefer they go beyond just Episode 1-6 again, they’ve already covered that area twice, and it really limits the game.

  24. Sarge says:

    It would appear we would have to wait, no matter. One month should not be such a big wait.

  25. Wonderer says:

    With all this leaked footage, things randomly appearing on Amazon, this list, I’m thinking that SOMETHING has to be in the works, at least.

  26. admin says:

    Hey guys, I know awhile back, some of you were trying to make a Wiki page for BF3, so I decided to add one to our site.

    Feel free to edit and add anything you want.

    Hopefully we’ll be able to create the best Battlefront Wiki ever.

    • P dump says:

      Yes. Thank you. I’ll start working on it. I got the same name.

      • Sarge says:


        You are the luckiest SOB to have someone like me who knows how to code in PHP… and I know how to code damn well, when can I start? E-mail me at

        • admin says:

          Thanks for the offer, but you don’t need to be able to code PHP to edit and add pages to a Wiki.

          • Sarge says:

            I’m well aware. However, Wikipedia is coded in PHP, a form of HTML, so it will come in handy to know someone like myself that can do it well. In the other aspects of the site, not nessacarily articles.

  27. Rainz says:

    Hallelujiah. Finally, some HARD evidence!!!!

  28. Darth Kaszer says:

    I can’t wait for this game. SWBF2 is my favorite game. When BF2 comes out i will be playing it for PC and i most likey log in as this name.

  29. 1Rocketeer says:

    Guys this is probably just like what kept happening on They list it and later take it off.

    From the sounds of things, the way the damn game keeps hopping from developers, I doubt it will be announced at E3.

    Not to sound like an and just piss all over the hopes here, but after everything this game’s been through, you HAVE to remain incredibly skeptical.

    • Rainz says:

      From the looks of things, it’s highly likely Slant Six Games is the developer. But you’re right, we still have to remain skeptical….(YEAAAAAAAAAH! bf3S COMIN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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  31. SG-17 says:

    Here is some additional proof that GsList is real and I am not faking any of this, thanks to vadersdmise_93 at the official LucasArts Forum.
    14th post down.

  32. Darkensed says:

    Cool man! maybe Battlefront 3 will be announced in E3 …. I Hope so! and as I can see there is a PC version in the photo so..YEEEE! xD

    Thanks man!

  33. P dump says:

    I dislike the fact of Wii and PS2 servers involved.

    @ admin. Keep watching this and let us know if anyone starts using the BF3 servers. If we’re lucky we’ll see some alpha testing.

  34. Pickles says:

    I knew about this months ago. Lucas Arts has already said they are making a battlefront 3. Infact its complete crap apparently to them. The studio making the game has completely fallen apart and the quality of the game has suffered. Originally they wanted 164 players online at its down to 16 I believe. I dont think it will live up to the other games.

  35. SG-17 says:

    I really appreciate not being given credit for this find. I mean really way to show good reporting by not listing your sources, AKA this thread
    That was the first place I ever posted my find, as you can tell by the date.

    • admin says:

      Chill out man, sometimes I get excited and forget some things, I thought I added that link when I added the Gamespy link. Couldn’t you have just emailed me about it, instead of being a childish and calling me names?

      • P dump says:

        @ SG-17. Good find. Just take it easy, and call off the law suit. Rest assured that we are giving you credit for this. You can tell admin wasn’t taking credit for it by the itallics. Once again, Good Find.

    • Sarge says:

      Your pretty famous now, I google newsed SWBF3 ,like I do every day, and I came across a few articles about the possible leaking of SWBF3 and your name was brought up in a few of them. This site has been a great resourse for news companies and such. Nice work admin.

  36. Slabs says:

    About darn time.

  37. […] to a fan based Battlefront 3 site, there’s a list supposedly from a program that allows you to check out the servers […]

  38. Manu says:

    I did my own little research(like almost anyone here lol),and I see it with my eyes… Battlefront 3 is really out there and I’m freaking happy about it !

    For the last couple of years Battlefront 3 was more a religion than anything,I mean,it was trust without seeing and now it’s almost here… Unbelievable !

  39. clone345 says:

    So battlefront 3 is coming out or what?!

    • HORST says:

      Wow, I totally know whoever posted this… they’re a member of the BFC forum and of Gamebattles…
      Anyways, I had GSlist once, I don’t quite remember how it worked but all I got was SWBF2 Active Servers, I don’t remember being able to get any game…

    • jackson says:

      what you think.

    • james lee says:

      is that a list of online lobbys being played right now cause if it is that means they got game testers, testing the online out, im a ps3 tester and i know that if they are testing it now we should have it in less than a year.

  40. BUDMAN says:

    why cant thy just put battlefront 2 on 360 and make a quick buck?

  41. Joey says:

    Don’t quote me on this because I don’t really consider my self tech savy, but the reason there are no XBox listings is because Xbox uses a host system that is run through Xbox live directly form console to console, meaning they don’t need dedicated servers because the Xboxs are in themselves the server

  42. Brandon says:

    Yep there it is, I downloaded the GList thingy and saw it with my own beady little eyes. I think my bowel just impacted. If I can get this bitch on the 360 and start my own squad with my friends, that would be bastard awesome.

  43. Adrian says:

    If it is real, then the game is nealry complete. Gs doesnt make servers of games that will come 1-2 years in the future (am i right?)… E3, you are our only hope (yet).

    • db022190 says:

      Very true… at least as far as I know. People with this program should probably keep an eye on it and see if people start poping up in the servers because this could possibly mean the muliplayer is being tested by the devs, or maybe they’re even planing some type of private or public multiplayer beta/demo in the near future (maybe a feature LA is planing for E3?).

      • Adrian says:

        Is the E3 in June? If it is, then i cant wait to watch it, hope they will announce the game:) In meantime i will enjoy some eurovision song contest fun here in my hometown (Oslo):P

  44. IMU says:

    Que Happy Dance(AKA I get up from the computer and start dancing like a retard). No offense to handicapped people.

  45. crapgamer says:

    He says no 360 list shows up because MS runs their own servers, they don’t let outside companies do it. Just like with SWBF2.
    I also saw that SWBF3 was listed on a “leaked” list of E3 games this year. It would be about darn time for this.

    • That list was faked.

      Wet 2 was on there…

      Let me just tell you this. Wet 1 was not a financial success…. or a success in general.

      • val says:

        Neither was mirrors edge but they are making a sequel to that one.

        • P dump says:

          @ val. Mirrors Edge has potential though. A First Person game based on Free Running=different. It was missing Multiplayer and free roam.

          • db022190 says:

            How about kane and lynch?? If I recall correctly shortly after that game was released many sources were saying that eidos would want to distant themselves as far as possible from the major fail at a franchise and now there’s a sequel to that game… which by the way will probably be worse since eidos aquired square enix to develop it.

  46. […] ein User von überprüfen wollte, wieviele Server zu Star Wars: Battlefront 2 noch online sind und wieviele […]

  47. Revan Shan says:

    – OH – MY – GOD – !!

    It’s there guys, it’s there!

  48. metallicorphan says:

    @Rawdog 262

    the people on Lucasarts forums are saying that Xbox is not listed because Microsoft doesn’t let Gamespy host lobbies for the 360

    more and more little things keep appearing like this,i hope it gets announced at E3

  49. so what says:

    I have one thing to say SO WHAT! So what it is posed on a list that is possibly going to be at e3. So what it is one the program that you do not even know if it is real.I would love to see Bf3 come out at e3 but i dont see it happing. I still have my hopes and i will be following e3 but i would like to know how you think it would do if it is announced at e3. Personaly i think it would be one of the best games of the year. I feel stat wars games have an advantage over games like call of duty because it based on a classic story that so many people love. If you ask anyone who knows star wars games what lucasarts is known for they will say battlefront because it is so unique. To have this on modern consols would be awsome. I do not get why they have realised the last to battlefront games for just the psp and ds. Just picture a battlefront game on the 360 or ps3.

    • db022190 says:

      some one just contradicted themselves, you went from “so what” to a giddy little kid hoping it comes out on ps3 and 360

  50. Hmmmmm says:

    You need to read he wrote:

    “Oh BTW the reason there is no Xbox stuff on there is because Microsoft doesn’t allow GameSpy to host lobbies for games over Live. They do it themselves.”

  51. [I wrote this same thing on the LA forums, so I’m just going to copy it here verbatim, lol].

    Ok as I said I did some tests…

    I think its safe to say that this “Gslist” is in fact true.
    Here is the test I did, I took pictures:

    First Image:

    Second Image:

    Gslist does update every time you refresh it. And all the numbers are accurate.

    But in the test, i created a game on Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron to see if it would show up on Gslist, to see if the numbers on gslist were just fabricated.
    But in fact, it went as I had not expected. The game i created updated on gslist the moment i created the game.

    Overall, I will believe what this program says.

  52. RAWDOG 262 says:

    If this is real then why isn’t Battlefront 3 for the Xbox 360 listed? And @Vaderdemise 93 don’t say ‘Because the Playstation is better’.

    • Wenis says:

      Read the article lol.. Microsoft doesn’t allow Gamespy servers. Its been this way since the first Xbox.

    • LOL! just because you said @vadersdemise_93 I am posting here hahahaha.

      And I will be mature and answer your question, even though my conscious tells me to say that line you told me not to say. lol.

      It’s because you need to pay for the 360 servers. So 360 gets private servers. 🙂
      I’m doing my research on this “Gslist” and compiling data…. and going in those games to see if the ppl in the server in the game match what is on gslist.

    • Justin says:

      Don’t you love console fan-boys?

    • Francesco says:

      I’m thinking that maybe on Xbox360 servers might have always been run by XBL itself rather than Gamespy. Don’t quote me on that. To be honest I hope that Gamespy won’t be part of it, cos the online service provided on PS2 was pretty bad, you had to go download programs to host a game off third party sites. Could be good news nontheless.

    • Sukispartan/emc2singh says:

      I was thinking the same.

    • Evatar says:

      Maybe xBox 360 doesn’t use any gamespy servers. If I want to be positive. Or if I turn into the hidden fanboy mode, than I’d just say that “It’s awesomeness is probably only capable on the ps3” But right now, I’m just thinking it’s because either Microsoft is a bit late in the setup, or LIVE is setting up their own servers.

  53. Rainz says:

    Well, we can hope can’t we?

    • Timothy Chapin says:

      I really don’t feel like it cause i get my hopes up SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO high then BAM!!!! I am in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

  54. Tyler says:

    is this some sort of cruel, sick joke? does lucasarts enjoy torturing us? lol

  55. collegefan77 says:

    Where’s the ps2 listing on there. :O

    • Wenis says:

      Ps2 is pretty much dead by now…

      • Scott says:

        Games are still being published for it…

        • Wenis says:

          Yeah, like Madden. The fact of the matter is that its a 10 year old console and time to move on lol. Even the NPD this month official stopped counting sales numbers for the PS2. It won’t be long before Sony completely drops the marketing for it.

      • pyroguy420 says:

        I still play the ps2, its all i have other than my PC for games. And of course that also means i still play BF2! I must admit i was about to give up hope altogether for BF3 and now this happens….difficult to see the future is!

  56. Justin says:

    I’m still skeptical about this.

  57. Christian says:

    Things are looking up. A reveal at E3 looks more and more realistic. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

  58. Robert says:

    This program is not fake because you can see all the running swbf2 and swbf renegade squaderon servers up and the amount of people in them.

  59. Robert says:

    Hmm it might be announced at E3

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