May, 2010

By admin On 14 May, 2010 At 01:06 PM | Categorized As Featured | With 2 Comments

I thought that this was quite interesting and a big thanks to my fellow commenter for bring this to our attention. Apparently has listed Battlefront 3 in their game lobby. I have a program called GsList that allows me to see the servers for every game run by GameSpy so I can basically see […]

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So, our site got hacked again last night. Fortunately, I learned from the last time it happened and was very easily able to correct the situation with virtually minimal losses. Anyway, one of our commenters has posted an interesting link to some E3 lists which show some of the games that will be appearing at […]

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Well, this isn’t Battlefront news, but it is something that is quite unexpected and interesting. Today, according to, the President of LucasArts, Darrell Rodriguez has officially resigned. Reasons for his resignation are still unknown, but maybe he realized that not releasing Battlefront 3 was the biggest mistake ever 😉 LucasArts has confirmed reports that […]