More Battlefront unpleasant news: Battlefront Online Binned

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Well, our hopes of ever getting a new Battlefront game are diminished even further once again. Kotaku is reporting that the Battlefront Online rumor has been canned already! Even i’m starting to get discouraged… I wish that they would just give us what we all want.

Anyway, check out the article below:

Bad news, Battlefront fans: sources tell us a new entry in the series, in development at SOCOM: Confrontation developers Slant Six, has been canned, and a number of staff at the studio laid off as a result.

Slant Six managing director Brian Thalken told GameSpot “Our current project needs do not align with our current staffing levels”, and confirmed that an undisclosed number of developers had been “temporarily” laid off, in the hopes that they can be re-hired once the studio’s workload is able to support them.

The changes in “project needs” prompting the layoffs are, according to sources close to the studio, the result of Battlefront Online being cancelled by publisher Lucasarts. Apparently Lucasarts has a “stacked 2011 schedule” when it comes to Star Wars games, and wanted Battlefront Online out in 2010 to avoid this crunch. When it became clear last month that the game wasn’t going to make a 2010 release, Lucasarts put the project “on ice”.

So, the game comes and goes without us even getting an official look at it. A pity, but then since so many of you were cautious at the choice of developer for the game, it may not be such a bad thing after all.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. will says:

    …this is all just a plot by the sith planted in Lucasarts. They will keep knocking us down until BOOM! George Lucas says “By the way, battlefront 3 comes out next month” mass pandimonium shall ensue as all humans rush to the stores to pre-order the game…Perfect time for an invasion on earth? I WOULDN’T DOUBT IT!

  2. Chris says:

    My will to wait for a Battlefront 3 is pretty much at an end. Its been far too long and with LucasArts focussed on other rubbish titles and other ventures it could be a while before we finally get the game we want. Hopefully they prove me wrong and they produce a brilliant game in the VERY near future.

  3. Blue pulse says:

    Man I just want to shoot some wookies and rebel scum on bespin platforms in High Def!

    ist it to much to ask?

    or even battlefront to be released on the playstation store!

  4. P dump says:

    Hey, I realize that the Modern Warfare/COD series took alot of fans away from Battlefront (and with good reason), so I thought I’d give ya a link in case any of you missed what was going on with the people who’d, presumably, be making a COD:MW3:

    P dump out.

  5. Huggs1 says:

    I’ve been waiting to long for this game now and am begining to lose faith. I don’t think it going ho happen any time soon and to be perfectly honest I don’t even really care any more. Roll on C.O.D 7 and medal of honour and game developers that actually make good games which Lucas arts has not been able to do since battlefront 2. I would have thought they would have at least realesed a battlefront 2 upscale for net gen concoles. Thanks for all the news admin and keeping us up to date.

    • P dump says:

      @ Huggs1. Hey, just curious, it seems like you’re from the UK, do they accually title the game with a U in Honor? The English wikipedia is a warzone of “Proper English” vs “American English”. Just wondering if EA accually titles a game that. Medal of Honour 🙂

  6. f4r7tz says:

    If Lucas Arts were going to release the game this year, they would have started stating it a while ago. They know they have a huge catchment audience for the game, so they wouldn’t waste a penny in making sure everyone knew of its upcoming release. I mean if they do it for TFU2, they’d do it for swbf3/online/whatever.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see anything till 2012 now. That is of course assuming no other companies go in the bust/layoff phase. By which case we’d all of lsot interst, considering we first heard about this game in 2006.
    I suppose if you want good news [If the] game is to be released, then we’re half way through the waiting time [Or atleast logic would say]

  7. Arosenivai says:

    I might as well make BF3 myself, at this rate, I’ll make it sooner than Lucas Arts…

  8. Arosenivai says:

    At this rate, I might as well make BF3 myself. It may take forever, but it’ll come out before Lucasarts will give it to us…

    • admin says:

      That wouldn’t be a bad idea if you wouldn’t get sued.

      • Arosenivai says:

        I think the best form of strategy would be: make the game first and then ask LucasArts to publish it.

        • P dump says:

          Make a giant BF2 mod. Then give it LucasArts and say “Learn From This”.

          It should at least give them a idea. (Add a couple new eras while you’re at it.:))

          • Arosenivai says:

            I’m a little more interesting in testing out the physics engine I’m working on. I’ll think I’ll work on some sw models.

          • P dump says:

            @ Arosenivai. What engine? My personal favorite is HAVOK, but others do the job well too.- You’re working on? You’re building one?

          • Arosenivai says:

            Building one. It’s called UMBRA, I’m been working on it for a year now with about 4 other programmers. I want to go into game development (right now I’m in college for Computer Engineering and Economics), but I’m still a ways off. UMBRA is still a prototype after all.

          • P dump says:

            @ Arosenivia. Good luck.
            By the way:
            Any relation?

          • Arosenivai says:

            Thank you.
            No, the physics engine is just called UMBRA, but our team has yet to come up with an actual developer name with which we can all agree. We’re gladly taking suggestions if you’re willing to offer.

          • P dump says:

            @ Arosenivai. Yeah here:

            The “REAL LucasArts”.

            No, that’s gotta be something that the whole team can to agree on. A verbal representation of all their hard work. (Plus it depends what genre you’ll be primarily working on.)

          • Arosenivai says:

            Exactly, It’s hard to get everyone to agree though. UMBRA has no primary genre base, so we hope to make a variety of games, but I’m more of a fps and platformer myself.

  9. Sarge says:

    I told you guys it was a fake.

  10. Tam-EL says:

    This is all a pile os S**T. Every time something usefull comes to a head like possible release dates and rumoured companies making the game we all get shot down in flames. If these so called big money game developers get paid the big bucks then surely they have a bit of common sense and update the people that make them rich instead of hiding in the closet.

    Just update all of us properly and stop arsing around. Even if they say like “look people we are goin to make the game, however it will be out in two years, we will update you on a regular basis.”

    Whats so hard about that????????????

  11. rickkix says:

    I did a little research, it looks like rebellion got the rights to the game, but didn’t have any rights or a way to have the parts already worked on (shown in the leaked footage video above, so they took the story, make some bad cut scenes, and threw it together and released it for psp and ds titled elite squadron. I seriously doubt they are going to make it again and better for xbox360,ps3 and ps2. Sucks.

  12. Joel says:

    Hey guys some interesting news check out what I found on youtube.

    This was posted in December I think…(notice he said November 2010.)

    • The Saradominist says:

      This is news. But it shouldnt be automatically belived. Gamestop has been going back and forth on wether the game is being made or not. Again, not totally reliable.

  13. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Hey, admin several ex-employee’s from Pandemic have made a new company and are apparently working on an original IP from a major publisher. Could this be Battlefront 3?

  14. battlefrontaddicted says:

    This is BS!!! Thats what it is. I wonder if Lucas Arts does care about its fans we have enough damned lego games as it is, dont they realize they are falling out of favor. I wonder if they take the time to read forums like these to see what there fans want, because I can guarantee you that there arent may fans looking for lego games. WE WANT ACTION, WE WANT BATTLES, WE WANT CHEWBACCA, well just kidding, but yea F Lucas Arts the only good thing that came out of this was the fact that I fell in love with the Call of Duty franchise.

  15. P dump says:

    Why do I even care. LA puts out bad stuff anyhow. Well I’m waiting for something that ACUALLY will come out… Uncharted 3, and other REAL video games. An Star Wars RPG is a must. KOTOR and Battlefront were the best games LucasArts ever made…
    But why can’t they see that?

    • Recneps says:

      I totally agree they just are selling out now a days. What made them unique is that they went against the norm, now their SOOOOOO! trendy! oh and I might get a PS3 soon idk when I will get it, but I am going to start looking at prices.

  16. hibbydude says:

    i hate this but i wanted the full battlefront 3 over an online only game

  17. swbf3fan says:

    damn it.
    [insert angry word here]

  18. Recneps says:

    I just woke up and now I’m in a bad mood!! I hate all this CRAP!!! it’s between a bad economy and stupid companies that make even stupider things!

  19. IMU says:

    My new goal and dream in life is to swim with dolphins, because I know in my heart that it’s something I can actually obtain. Apparently it would appears that a team of rocket scientists is required to organize and implement the release of a simple next iteration in a extremely successful video game franchise.

    No disrespect to either dumped developers, quite the opposite. Both were ideal in my mind for the job. Freeradical more or less actually completing the project. Then to Lucasarts jerk them around and kick to the curb. To hell with Lucasarts. I hope the next poor sap to get the gig tells Lucasfarts to cram it up there @$$. Until they make amends with one of these two developers and resurrect either perfectly salvageable I’m guessing valiant efforts. I’m through with Lucasarts games period.

  20. f4r7tz says:

    They should just rename the game Battlefront: Gameover seeming there’s always something preventing it from coming out

  21. stupid punk says:

    Sucish i say i feel shooting everyone at lucas arts

  22. clone345 says:

    I dont believe this.First they had free radical working with them and after long years of development they cancelled the game when it is pretty much finished.Then the plague goes to slant six as well.WTH?!.We should contact lucasarts or something.

  23. Huggs1 says:

    Not happening never happening. Lucas arts are idiots. Although can’t wait for monkey iland 2…………………………… Nnoooootttt

  24. Wenis says:

    Lol this is unbelievable. Only LUCASARTS would be dumb enough to cancel a SWBF game yet have a Lego Clone Wars game continue being developed.

  25. ThatOneGuy says:

    Sigh, yet again my hopes are crushed.

    And to people saying it’s gonna be out in june or november or whatever, IT’S NOT. STOP KIDDING YOURSELF. I want it to come out then too, but face reality. It’s not coming out anytime soon.

    If it’s not announced at E3, I’m losing all hope and leaving LA for good. They’re destroying the Star Wars universe for the sake of stupid preteens. This Clone Wars bullshit has got to end. I want the old Star Wars back.

    I suppose we’ll never get another great SW game again. Maybe Force Unleashed 2 will be ok. Hopefully.

    And to LucasArts: REMEMBER YOUR TRUE FANS. THE ONES THAT STUCK BY YOU FOR DECADES. Just come back home LA, come back home.

    • f4r7tz says:

      Thing is, soon people will lose interest in this clone wars stuff[Along with game merchandise LA help with] , as they’ll realize “This is getting longer than lost!” And they’ll just ditch it. Then Lucas will come hurdling back to something that’s no longer there. [Ie. Us]

  26. jncarlos007 says:

    To NOT make a BF3 (after the success of modern warfare and battlefield) would be the height of stupidity for lucasarts.

    But then again they have constantly somehow screwed up every star wars game ever (KOTOR excluded of course)

    But they aren’t making that either anymore are they?

  27. Joel says:

    I feel as though that I have been slaped in the face….hard….BUT!!!
    We all must remember the article posted on THIS FORUM, stating that they interveiwed two employees from GameStop H.Q. and they said “This game will be out sometime in the early or middle of 2010.” (exact quote.) So lets not lose hope yet but in all realism I think the game is coming in November or June of 2010, but thats just my opinion.
    Dont believe me?? heres the link.

    • Wenis says:

      They were probably talking about SWBFOnline instead of SWBF3. Because from this article here it is apparent LucasArts wanted it out in 2010 but Slant6 obviously couldn’t get that done. It would have been dumb if LA had both SWBF3 and SWBFonline coming out in the same year. If that was the case then they would’ve just combined the game into one.

      • Joel says:

        Im not so sure anymore, all we realy want is a “yes it will come out” from LucasArts. Well atleast thats what I think, but (far from the subject.) I hope so much that EA isnt working on it, if they are dont plan on finishing any online matches cause EAnation stinks. Well there is one GARUNTEE that when this comes out, on the case it will say
        “one of the most anticipated games of the decade!” Have faith you must young padawon.

  28. Kelevra says:

    Busy 2011 schedule.

    Old Republic, Force Unleashed II, ANOTHER LEGO GAME, and I’m going to assume Republic Heroes 2 since LucasArts seems pretty determined to get rid of its entire audience as quickly as possible.

    • swbattlefrontfan says:

      haha totally agreed. personally not bothered about this news since i hate mmos, single player/multiplayer battlefront 3 on nex gen consoles and pc is all i want when it comes to the battlefront series, an mmo wouldn’t have been great anyways, just like the old republic, the characters look cartoonish and out of proportion just like the clone wars animated series.

      i feel ad for the people who were looking forward to battlefront online though. at least we can look forward to more star wars games stuck in the overused clone wars era and lego kiddie games and the corny force unleashed 2 that most likely won’t deliver like the prequel, just more boring point a to point b levels, lightsabers that can’t cut through foes, and force powers that only look powerful when used on jawas……..and the old republic that won’t even be half as good as kotor 3 would have been.

  29. Ryan says:

    well, they did say they had loads packed for 2011… maybe thts the date we should hope for?

  30. drizzy drake says:

    FIGURES. It may come as a suprise to some people when i say BF3 is dead. lol

  31. DorkTrooper says:

    LucasRATS should develop the game themselves and hire those 2 call of duty dudes who quit activision to make the game .. and use free radicals model that game looked almost complete its hard to believe it doesnt exist somewhere.

    • The Saradominist says:

      I agree. Lucas arts should stop sitting around and actually develop the game themselves. not only would it get them somethign to do worth their time but might regain some fans in some aspects. but i dont get something: if lucas arts has ruined themselves with these games, why havent they gone in the tank yet? surely they arnt immune to the global economy?

  32. DorkTrooper says:

    Mood: WAY GOD*&%# ANNOYED!
    Im beginning to feel the hate for lucasarts flow through me.

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