Battlefront: Online Still in Development with Slant Six Games?

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Whew! Finally, a little bit of news. It’s been super quiet lately on the Star Wars Battlefront, it seems that a lot of people have lost faith that the game is officially dead and will never come out… well not me! I’m going to continue to cover the news and rumors as always because i’m confident we’ll get our Battlefront some day.

Anyway, on the news. According to Connected Consoles, Battlefront Online may be still in development with Slant Six Games, despite the rumors that the game has been scrapped.

Check out what they have to say and it is convincing!

There have been whispers over the past few months revolving around a possible Star Wars Battlefront Online title from SOCOM: Confrontation developer Slant Six, along with the help of LucasArts. On the other hand, we’ve since seen reports that the game may have been canned due to staff layoffs.

Now though, we’ve noticed a new job listing from the studio which could hint at project development continuing. Searching for a new lead designer – which also points to development being started again from scratch – the listing states:

“Slant Six Games is seeking a Lead Designer to be the creative drive behind the making of one of the most exciting AAA franchise console action titles in the industry.”

Of course, this isn’t solid proof that the game is in-fact Battlefront Online, so take it lightly. However, it is a AAA title, so we’re happy.

Slant Six job listing – Lead Designer

Big thanks to Connected Consoles!

Like they said, this isn’t confirmed at all, but it does stick some hope back into the hearts of us Battlefront fans!

Long live Battlefront!

*Oops, I apologize, I forgot tor add in the thanks from Signore del Sith from the LucasArts forums! Thanks!*

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  1. Rayhaku says:

    I talked to one of the guys at Zipper Interactive cause I was curious if he ever played BF2 and would like to work on BF3. Didn’t answer if he’d work on it but he kept his lips sealed

    “I’ve played it yep. And the rumor was that Slant Six (the SOCOM Confrontation guys) were working on BF3 — definitely not us.”

  2. adi says:

    Hello guys. I’ve found some hopefully good news about SWBF3
    These are reportedly lists from E3. On the second paper under LucasArts you can find Star Wars battlefront 3 under the list.
    Hopefully this is genuine 😀

  3. matty says:

    starting to feel like bf3 is the next duke nukem forever… but i could give it another year P:

  4. DArth says:

    I’m confused. We’ve had many signs and good news and confirmations from people who were 100% certain BF3 was in the making…and then we hear news like the one just a month ago that the game is dead. So…what’s the deal?

    Why can’t LA just come clean about it?

    Personally, I get a bit frustrated everytime I remember last year’s charade regarding the Force Unleashed 2 announcement.

    And we all know that this year’s E3 is just going to be a big FUII parade with little if anything else to show. It’s predictable.

    I’m gonna give it another year before we see anything offial other than FU2. And even then, I doubt it will be BF2, because that dream is the only thing that’s keeping us loyal to Lucasarts.

    • db022190 says:

      oh they’ll have something else at E3… LEGO Star Wars 3… talk about milkin a series (and a franchise for that matter) dry

  5. Why is down?
    Was it because of legal issues? Domain name wise?

    All the articles produce errors on the site.

  6. db022190 says:

    ok, I hate to be a buzz kill but people are just looking into things too much now. just because it’s a AAA franchise doesn’t mean it’s battlefront online and the web site that origonally posted that article was proabably getting low on people visiting so they decided to spread rumors. whatever beleive what you want but if you keep on getting all hyped up over nothing blame yourselves not LA cuz it’s your own damn fault for getting excited over a RUMOR in the first place.

  7. Jdg50 says:

    I still play Bf2 online, and I’m still waiting for Bf3.

  8. sigh says:

    it better be made for 360 thats wat ive been waiting for sense battlefront 2 first came out if it has new maps and story i am satisfied even if graphics are same as the second battlefont

  9. swbf_forever says:

    good news. i’m with you; i’ll never stop dreaming! i’m giving it a couple more years at least, there’s too many possibilities to make this next game great.

    • db022190 says:

      it’s been 3 years and you’re willing to go 5… you really must have nothing better to do

      • Zac says:

        If you wanna get technical, it hasn’t even been a year since the last Battlefront. So keep your pessimistic comments to yourself, please.

        • Justin says:

          he means since the last good battlefront (battlefront 2)

          • db022190 says:

            no, i mean since lucas arts has started yanking around the fan base that made them what they are with BF3 being in development and not being in development, but it has indeed been that long since the last good battlefront too

    • Justin says:

      Yeah, I definitely think Lucasarts should take into account what the costumer and player want or their not going to make money. I mean who really wants Lego SW III or force Unleashed II over Battlefront III?

  10. swbattlefrontfan says:

    eh it ain’t battlefront 3 and isn’t for xbox 360 so no excitement here 🙁 .

  11. P dump says:

    Lead Designer… Creative Drive… Anyone here fit the discription?

    If it’s not a Battlefront it’ll be another SOCOM game. Probably. SOCOM: Confrontation was kinda a dud, but their PSP SOCOM did better from what I hear.
    Thanks @ admin.

  12. The_Anonymoose says:

    ummm did anyone know about this!v=eDOv96K5Cm4&feature=related

    wasnt sure… feel free to flame if late…

  13. Jio says:

    Finally, Lucasarts needs to realize what the people want. Every other game is just something to help us with the wait in between the battlefront games

  14. Recneps says:

    I just Talked with a Guy at Game Stop and he said that it is official… IDK but he said I can pre-order it. 🙂

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  16. starwars says:

    yes i hope its true

  17. Wenis says:

    Finally.. there is ‘a new hope’. I hope they are back working on it.

  18. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Thanks, admin but I just can’t put my hopes into a new Battlefront game for consoles anymore. It seems that any game developer that has been rumored to be making Battlefront 3 usually gets hit by layoffs and mostly there company’s shutting down. Until I get some definite news on Battlefront 3 I give up. So please admin, keep looking maybe someday you will be the one to announce Battlefront 3.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, i don’t blame you. But like I said, I will continue to report the rumors!

      • Rawdog is a pessimist.
        Idk why you are always giving up dude……………….

        • Space Geek says:

          Rawdog going back to what you siad maybe there’s a reason companies “working” on battlefront keep getting layed off. Maybe lucasarts is only willing to pay a certain amount for development, and then companies with smaller budgets start producing the game. I mean if aa company like ubisoft was producing it or EA (which are both very succseful and would have a bigger asking price,), those companies wouldnt have been sold or laid off. just a thought

  19. swbf3fan says:


  20. ET7794 says:

    finally some good news! Battlefronts are huge titles, i dont know why lucasarts wouldnt make one for ps3 or xbox 360

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