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Lucasarts announces Monkey Island 2 at GDC

Another big disappointment for Battlefront fans as LucasArts officially announces Monkey Island 2: Special Edition at the ongoing GDC 2010 (Game Developers Conference) in San Fransisco.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see everyone’s reaction this as I am not a fan at all of the Monkey Island series, but of course, that all comes down to personal preference, I’m sure that a lot of people out there love them.

So as our hopes die off once again with the GDC conference, can someone fill me in on what’s next? What big event can we hope they will announce Battlefront 3?

Anyway, check out some Monkey Island 2 screens below, courtesy of

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  1. it is nice to be able share many things here… hopefully our post make the world better ..

  2. ADMIN! I found a link to a page talking about Battlefront Online

  3. I acually think that a big problem with developers today is that everything has to be a platformer. They say, “Oh, we’re making it for this, let’s port it over to PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, and DS, and make five times as much money.”
    But it cuts down on the overall quality.

    Look at the Uncharteds. These are games you buy a PS3 to play.
    [And whatever for the 360… :)]

    But Lucasarts NEEDS to start making Exclusives again.

  4. hey guys πŸ™ abother sad moment for me. I REALLY hope something happens at E3 or SWC:V. Fingers crossed, but i honestly think this game mechanic and how it worked in the last BF game was pure amazing but the handheld didnt really do the magnificent system justice.

    I would kill to see this be made life-size, aka for the XboX 360( sorry PS fanbois) BF should be OURS!

    On another note, i never heard of BF Online, im gonna check this, out but how will it work, an MMO?!?! or strictly Online via live? ive seen games like that b4, but why not spend the time and develope a fun singleplayer, with interactive stories, i mean people think being a mere Storm trooper is bored, not if your the guys always going to the front. Maybe some more stories of the 501st :DDD

    With all the new ideas coming out for the latest shooters, cover, recoverable health via Gears, interactable objects, deep storyline, MORE players ina match, ground to space combat!, cinematics! BFIII has golden oppertunities, but noone is willing to make it πŸ™

    im thinking someone said something to Georgie and he got mad at the series, and never looked back. who is this person to blame? i will gladly hunt them down! and allow all us fanbois the peasure of vindication!

  5. How long was it between Fallout 2 and Fallout 3?

  6. you know I am mad no one told me there is a new post but I feel I will let this one slide.

    I think LA is just being a big butt. after everyone forgets about BF3 they are going to release it.

  7. Speaking on behalf of Battlefront Online, I’ve never known Kotaku to be wrong. I would like to see any console continuation of the Battlefront series just to let me known it’s alive.

    At this piont, a remastered version of the first two on the PS3 and Xbox 360 would be more than welcome on my T.V. Just port it up, bring up to 720p and make Online enabled for Xbox Live and PSN. I’d be happy with that.

    Lucasarts is making a appearence at the E3. Hopefully we will get some news on Battlefront, be it Online or otherwise, in addition to gameplay from The Force Unleashed 2.

  8. Hey Admin, check this out.

    Apparently a bunch of ex-workers from Pandemic have been hired by this new company called Globe X. Any thoughts?

  9. Help us E3, your our only hope.

  10. Hopefully now they are doing Lego Harry Potter and Clone Wars they will stop making Lego games for SW. However, knowing our luck in these maters BF fans, it will probs be LEGO Force Unleashed or sum ******** brought up at e3. As long as they don’t try and do the Post Battle of Endor books in Lego i think I personally will tolerate them…..

    Who are we kidding, don’t be fatalistic, don’t give up hope, we will get BF3 eventually. There is going to be one guy who turns up at Lucasarts (with all the people they are hiring at the moment) and just at the right moment will be chatting to someone about some kill he made on BF 1 or 2 and how awesome it was and how the community would love a sequel, and someone important will here him and we will get our game….. It’s that or resort to the plan where we march up to the CO and scream BATTLEFRONT 3 NOW!!! in his face one after the other?? Would that work??

    Keep the faith battlefront brothers, we’ve waited 5+ years, and we can wait 5 more if necessary

  11. Well, this sucks
    Monkey Island 2 Special Edition

    Now if they came out with a Battlefront 3 Special Edition and revealed that, it would be awesome.

    I love Lucasarts and hate them at the same time. I love the Star Wars games, but hate them for not delivering what everyone wants!

  12. My one hope for BF3 is E3. If it’s not announced there, I will lose all hope. I love Battlefront’s 1 and 2. I still play them to this day. Hell, I played through the storyline just yesterday, had a blast. After seeing the leaked footage for BF3, I screamed. The going into outspace without loading really wasn’t all THAT important, if it means taking it out to release it, then fine.

    LucasArts needs to remember it’s true fans, not retarded pre-teens. And btw, TOR will suck. It looks awful. Why do the lightsabers look like upside down baseball bats? Story looks bad, graphics look bad, gameplay looks horrible, and it’s not even on consoles ffs. Only good thing as the “Decieved” trailer. THAT was amazing. I sorta like to think of that as a BF3 teaser. Haha.

    All in all, I’m really hoping they show something at E3, if not, all hope is gone. Forever. Don’t let us down LucasArts!!!

  13. Lucas arts are

  14. if there’s nothing about another console game for this franchise be E3 I’m just gonna give up on this game, it’s been too long and the only thing that we might have (Battlefront Online) isn’t even confirmed.

  15. Admin, its there its not “kataku” πŸ˜‰

  16. there is all these games coming out, Luc’Arts tells us somethings coming, it’s already come and i believe it was renegade squad’ (is that what its called?) when it came out last year. People should stop thinking its coming out. If it did come out it would’ve been like 3 years ago anyway. Just be happy that you’ve got TOR out soon. Stop worrying about BFIII. If it was real LucasArts’d announced it and the internet’d be buzzing like mad

    • Yeah excepts renagade sguadren was only for psp, not for any major station like PS3 of X-box 360, if it was I would be glad to play it. But its not BFIII. Just some cheap title trying to take its place.

  17. Lucasarts sucks

  18. i think we should send lucas arts all these comments and show them how important battlefront 3 is.

  19. “”What big event can we hope they will announce Battlefront 3?””

    Guy. FACE UP TO IT. Battlefront III is NOT coming out. It’s dead.
    I find reading increasingly desperate posts fun for a while, but really, you’ve now got to accept the harsh reality.

  20. what’s new…those boys at Lucas Arts don’t have a clue it seems..the only rational explanation for holding up making Battlefront is that even with the impressive game platforms out there presently, maybe they don’t believe it can handle the scope of what Battlefront could possibly be. Rational doesn’t seem to be Lucas Arts agenda though and it seems Georgie boy doesn’t give a rats @$$ about anybody over the age of thirteen….

  21. this is just a tragic situation for us all! i loved battlefront 1 and 2, i would kill for a 3rd! i have been playing other games in hopes that it would help pass the time till the next battlefront cuz (and i can’t believe i am saying this) i played #1 and 2 way to much and for way to long i got tired of them. but i still love them enough to log in every so often and get my blaster rifle on! lucas arts better get their stuff together, they could be making hundreds of millions of dollars right now!

    p.s. my online screen name is the same for both games…pyroguy420, if ya see me i dare ya to try and kill me!

  22. Only human…

  23. I’m done. I don’t even care anymore.

  24. I still feel that they will at least present a teaser by e3

  25. swbattlefrontfan

    lucasarts doesn’t even bother making good games anymore, it’s sad. guess instead of looking forward to (and hoping for) battlefront 3, republic commando 2, and kotor 3, we can look forward to mmos, lego games, clone wars games, and the overhyped force unleashed series with the pathetic apprentice (he sounds so pathetic when he tells Vader “You tried to kill me” haha.

    BF3, RC2, and KoTOR3 would all sell 100,000,000’s of copies and please all of us hardcore and nerd star wars fans, yet lucas keeps making cookie cutter games that appeal to little kids and hyper-active pre-teenagers, it’s so backwards.

    i only played jedi knight: jedi outcast briefly, but i’d be psyched to see a nex-gen sequel to that series, at least the lightsaber actually acted like a lightsaber should, it cut people up instead of acting like a fancy glowing baton. and if they do make a kotor 3 and battlefront 3, i hope they make lihtsabers cut.

  26. The Saradominist

    Lucas arts has lost their marbles. do they really expect to make a profit off this loony game? they should stick to star wars games. thats what it was founded for right? and if EA is developing a game i dont think id mind. they did a good job with the command and conquer red alert 3 game.

  27. I HATE LUCAS ARTS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I just want everyone to know that The Secret of Monkey Island was NOT made by LucasArts but it was Tim Schaffer who made it.

  29. until battlefront 3 is released, everyone should boycott lucas arts products. if nobody buys lego star wars 3 or force unleashed 2, then maybe they’ll get the picture.

    • Sorry but that won’t help. I will probably get TFU 2 in hopes that they redisigned the gameplay. Lego Star Wars just fails to impress though.

    • that wont work if no buddy buys there games how will they have the money to make SWBF3 but no matter the little group of boycotters is nothing compared to the amount of people that will buy the game,and i actually cant wait to see some game play footage of SWTFU2 i did like the first game not as good as they hyped it but i liked it,not the best game but it was decent.besides i can never boycott any thing starwars πŸ˜›

  30. Whuhu monkey Island, another game 4 my trash -.-. But honestly, the only thing we can do is wait, and after 5 Years I donΒ΄t really want to wait anymore :-/. I cheack this website just 1 time a week, and when it comes, ill be there, but it will take much time …

  31. There is E3 in June, and also there is the Star Wars Celebration V in August, so those are the two big ones that have the best chance for seeing SWBF3 or Online announced

  32. I just hope that e3 holds some good news for us star wars Battlefront fans

  33. I wish LucasArts would make up their mind. The keep putting out special editions for getto games like this, and then next thing you know they’re making LEGO games catering to the 6+ community.

  34. Dammmit!!! Im beginning to think itll never come D:

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