lists Battlefront 3 yet again…

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Thanks to our good friend Wenis, we now know that has listed Battlefront 3 yet again for pre-order, this time though, it seems it’s only available for the Playstation 2.

The pre-order is set to be shipped out on June 1st of 2010. Interesting!

What is going on? Are they teasing us? Or do you think that something is really going down and that they are getting ready to make an announcement about Battlefront 3? You have to admit that the first may have been a mistake, but could they really make the same mistake twice?

Here is the link, check it out for yourselves: lists Battlefront 3

In they have taken the link down, here are some screens:

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  1. D.P.U says:

    Why can’t they just sell that damn game right now???
    they suck!!

  2. Todd says:

    now you can apparently trade in star wars battlefront 3 on 360 for $30, im so glad such a smart company has essentially a monopoly on game sales.

  3. moomkook says:

    it’d be funny if this is all just a big PR stunt by Lucas Arts. continuously changing the release date, it’s coming soon, it’s not in the works, it’s a possibility, “fake” concept art and trailers…. all this just to build up peoples hopes and desires, then they’ll release it sometime in 2012 with a huge price tag so that they can get more money from people not willing to wait further for it to go on sale price.

  4. Joel says:

    On my own personal opinion, I think that GameStop is just teesing us StarWars Battlefront fans. Also why trust GameStop.CA?? I mean isn’t that the Canada GameStop?? (no offense to anny Canadians on this site.) This is the second time this has happened on GameStop.CA, and I dont think their trying to tee of the releese date, I think we should stop getting excited over some bait that G.S. is sending out to make us go crazy.
    All this is, is False Advertising. (Happy I am not.)

    • moomkook says:

      they think they can trick us Canadians and Americans, they want our money, you know. the force that ben kenobi talks about in episode 4 does exist on earth, it’s just called money.

      the money is what gives a corporate fat cat his power. it is created by all working class suckers. it surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the planet together….

      my re-vamp of ben kenobi’s speech in a new hope

  5. Timothy Chapin says:

    CRAPP!!!!!! I am getting sick of this, just come out with the game already and don’t give us any crap like that stupid psp game!!!!!

  6. WTF?cs says:

    PS2.Seryously now, in what year they live 2005? did they hear About other Consoles like PS3? well maybe not 😐 (PS2 SUCKS)

  7. Recneps says:

    @ admin

    I just got done watching a Star Wars Video
    and well it was just about the upcoming Star Wars con. and at the later part of the vid it well pretty much says that there’re are going to be some first looks and video games so lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope that BF3 will be there!!!!!

  8. Obiwanbf3 says:

    Geez, you think they would announce it…. Why the heck would they not say “yes we are making it”, or “No we aren’t”. There is only so much a star wars fan can take.

  9. AkAce1996 says:

    It was obviously a mistake on gamestops part again

  10. Space Geek says:

    Im just really diappointed with every single living thing at lucasarts

  11. Ironman21 says:

    I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but in europe and i’m pretty sure in canada, the date goes “day, month, year” so the date is the 1st of June, not January 6th

  12. Swbf2+sweawfc=life says:

    They MUST make it for PC, and soon cause they’re really beginning to get me frustrated with their “let’s only make games for consoles” nonsense and then coming out with silly PC versions that don’t even compare. LA. MAKE SWBF3. NOW.

    That’s all I’m gonna say.

  13. chaos245 says:

    maybe they made a mistake thinking it said 2010 instead of 2011

  14. robertsims says:

    Its not there anymore. Battlefront 3 is no longer listed at gamestop ca. they need to get there act together

    • pyroguy420 says:

      oh man i just checked here to see if anything new popped up and wouldn’t ya know it….
      gamestop lists it, then removes it and i missed whole thing! i couldn’t even catch a glimmer of hope on the subject! and on that note i’mma go log into BF2 and school some ppl in the ways of the force, it needs to be done!
      maybe i’ll get lucky and one of them is a “big wig” at lucas arts, i’d show’em what they can do with their light sabre’s now!

    • moomkook says:

      it was probably a money grab by gamestop. wouldn’t surprise me. i bought a game from them and it didn’t work in my ps3, so i tried to return it and they couldn’t because it was “out of it’s original wrapping”. let me ask you something, how the hell can you play a game without removing the plastic wrap?

      • PCrammer says:

        Thank you! And why exactly will you not take a computer game back if I have all the original stuff? how exactly does that make sense

  15. swbf3fan says:

    I will never cease to wonder why in hell they would make a PS2 game when the PS3 has already been out for a while…

    • a pacifist says:

      Oh well i would still prefer PS2 then the Wii. I don’t know why but i find all the Wii shooters terribly fiddly as something such as sneezing can screw up your aim. Plus the Wii graphics arnt much better then the PS2 if not worse

  16. db022190 says:

    Ok, come on LA just make an announcment!!! We can only take so many of these “maybes” and “false hopes”, would it really kill them to just come out and say “yes it’s gonna happen” or “no it’s not gonna happen”!!!??? A Star Wars fan can only take so much… especially when it’s arguably the definative game franchise for the movie and LA as a company. I just hope we get a little more than TFU2 and the new lego Clone Wars game (which will probably be as bad as the last CW game, Republic Heros) in the way of SW games this year.

  17. swbattlefrontfan says:

    my bad on the date guys, sorry. well then heres to hoping for a decent star wars game on nex-gen consoles 😉 . seriously though, i want a good star wars game for 360, not corny force unleashed or lego games, just battlefront 3, kotor 3, republic commando 2, and a new jedi knight game.

    and like i’ve mentioned before, any game where you can use a lightsaber, i wanna see it cut like a lightsaber like in the jedi knight games, none of this glowing baseball bat crud, i mean i’d probably be somewhat psyched for TFU 2 and would still own TFU 1 if the lightsaber cut people up.

    the only reason i still play kotor 1 and 2 is because of the great story and exploration etc, but i’m still dissapointed that lightsabers are just fancy batons.

    anyone else with me on this? who wants to see authentic lightsaber combat in star wars games? no more of this hitting your foes with your all powerful and able to cut through anything (except cortosis lol) lightsaber and all it does is knock them back, they got it right in the jedi knight games, why not the others, at least the battlefrint games and TFU having legit lightsaber action would be great.

    and if they want to avoid an M rating, the jedi knight games were teen, so i don’t see why they wouldn’t.

    sorry for all this ranting, just bummed that there are no good star wars games coming out, i’m sick of the clone wars animated series crud, the lego games, and the force unleashed that didn’t live up to the hype (in that teaser, they showed him electrocuting the stormies for a few seconds in the air, we couldn’t even do that in the game), and i’ll say it again, the guy playing starkiller is a wimp, every line of his sounds dramatic in a dumb way and when he tells vader “you tried to kill me!”, he sounds so pathetic and nerdy, he wasn’t believable as darth vader’s apprentice, he needed an evil and rough voice etc imo.

    once again sorry for the rambling.

    • swbf3fan says:

      yep. That pretty much sums it up.

      • P dump says:

        What’s funny is I watch a really early version of TFU being played, and even though it didn’t have any textures it was still pretty gory. Starkiller blade acually did cut through the troops wherever it landed a blow. Limbs littered the field. The Jedi Knight series had the whole cut-your-arm-off thing but you couldn’t do anything more. The Gamecube version of Jedi Outcast didn’t have any slicing.

        Honestly, there’s still a chance that the Foce Unleashed 2 can be saved. Buut the gameplay would totally need to change. No more of the Dropped on one side of the level and get from point A to point B. That only works for FPS games. No more of a freeroam of the galaxy is what’s needed. LucasArts, take a hint from Infamous and the like. Would be so cool to select your Jedi target, travel to that planet, take him out, walk around, do side missions…

        I’d like that.

        • swbattlefrontfan says:

          i really like your idea of traveling and REALLY hunting/tracking down your targets. sadly TFU is the best thing we have right now in terms of active star wars series on nex-gen consoles/high-tech PC. i wish they’d make it exciting.

          i mean the levels in TFU were so boring, i agree that point A to point B is only suitable for FPS games (although that’s changing, borderlands etc). i dunno starkiller was a wimp, and the over the top powers didn’t feel powerful, i mean in kotor 2 when kreia describes revan controlling entire fleets above malachor V from the trayus academy, that sounded like power haha.

          i mean the darth bane books were tons more exciting than TFU, and i’m a 16 year old, that’s right, i found a book better than a game haha, just a comparison lol.

          i just hope they improve it, maybe get the assassin’s creed devs to make it, imagine the lightsaber duels!

          • P dump says:

            @ swbattlefrontfan.
            Exactly. Assassin’s Creed, inFamous. Just use the engine. Most books are better than The Force Unleashed. The Jedi Knight series took place after the movies. (Good thing)

            With tons of games coming out, between Multiplayer games and RPGs, TFU doesn’t have a chance against the compitition.

  18. Valen Tor says:

    01/06/2010?? Not going to happen I think?! Thats three months to release a game that was regarded dead to nearly everyone two months ago…. If it does get announced and then released on that date though, would be the best kept secret EVER….. and also a bit irritating…. LA never plays by the rules when announcing things lol

  19. ThatOneGuy says:

    29.99, and ONLY for the PS2? Give me a break. Plus it’s gonna come out BEFORE E3? Please, spare me.

    It might be announced at E3, and if it does, it might come out in 2011. There’s no way it’s coming out in June, gamestop simply F’d up again.

  20. Recneps says:

    You know I love this site but right now all BF3 stuff is just a big hoax and I think that it will come but we will not expect it 🙁

  21. Scott says:

    Lucas Arts and GameStop should really say something. Lucas Arts may just not know that GS is putting it up as a pre-order but it also may be because if they deny it then announce it, they would look fairly dumb (because they look so smart as it is). I’ll bet anyone that it doesn’t come out June 1. There not going to announce it 2 months before. Closer to 4-6 months previous to the release. Anyway I’m not saying there’s no chance it won’t be announced but I don’t think it’s going to be out by June 1.

  22. robertsims says:

    I think it is weird that it is shown on gamestop ca and none of the other gamestop websits. Also the realse date is wacky. the only thing i can think of is that is the date when it will be announsed maby at e3.

  23. swbattlefrontfan says:

    the pre-order sate says 1/06/2010, not 6/01/2010, january 6th has already come and gone, obviously a mistake, and it wouldn’t be for ps2 only, wish they’d stop making ps2 games they aren’t anywhere near as good as nex’gen and pc versions, they stopped making xbox games, why not ps2?

    • Wenis says:

      Thats the standard date format they use in Canada, and pretty much everywhere else in the world except here in the US lol (Day/Month/Year). So it is June 1st

    • RB1990 says:

      Yes, but it’s Canada, not the USA. The day and the month are reversed in the short form (they also do this in the UK). For example, Red Dead Revolver is dated for release on 18/05/2010 on the same site. So it does refer to 1st June.

    • mitzfah says:

      Most countries in the world put the day/month/year instead of month/day/year. thats probably why you thought it was january 6th.

    • nz says:

      it DOES mean 1st June and not January-take a look at other games and you’ll see.
      I don’t expect it to be announced on E3 either because you’d think they would have done it a million times by now,and I just don’t see it happening this year with the stupid online game

  24. db022190 says:

    ok how long will it take before LA makes an official announcement!!?? a star wars nerd can only take so much of these maybes and false hopes.. come on LA would it kill you to justsay “yes it’s coming” or “no it’s dead”?????? also @ admin the link just worked for me

  25. P dump says:

    Oh gee, THIS. AGAIN. Battlefront 3 Will NOT be released just for the PS2.

    June 1st 2010. When is the E3? Maybe someone running the site is just assuming that an announcement will be said at the E3.

  26. Timothy Chapin says:

    I HOPE ITS TRUE!!!!! but the fact that its only gonna be on the PS2 is kinda odd but still i will take anything!

  27. DorkTrooper says:

    Someones playing games. The PS2? REally?

  28. It’s most likely a fluke in their system.

    But I and a few others will call them up.

  29. clone345 says:

    If have heard people talking about a june 2010 release date.I hope that gamestop is honest about the release date and they wont postpone it or anything.Anyway,the game is comming out.

    • Hmmm… I never remember a June 2010 release date. I though they just said it will be released in June?

      And with the news of Star Wars battlefront Online, it sounds like it would be June 2011.

      I honestly think the Gamestop thing is a false alarm. Most likely a slip up. Because its PS2…. but on the LA forums I gave an explanation on how PS3 could play these PS2 games. soo ea.

      • clone345 says:

        If the whole battlefront online project is announced and released later then they would make a new main battlefront game titled(Battlefront III) to be continued another day. It doesnt make sense to just name elite squadron as BF3 and Battlefront Online as BF4 because they are just spinn-offs not a main battlefront title to name it this way. lucasarts havent even announced a game with the word (Battlefront 3).Anyway,I hope they get their asses from Battlefront Online and work on battlefront 3 instead.

  30. rubster says:

    probably just another mindf***. Glad to see some news!

  31. clone345 says:

    Battlefront 3 Strikes back!!!!!!!!!

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