Battlefront 3 or Battlefront Online at upcoming GDC?

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Well this sure has been a really bad dry spell when it comes to Battlefront 3 news! The last thing we heard was that Slant Six Games were secretly working with Lucasarts developing Battlefront Online.

Well the GDC 2010 (Game Developers Conference) is coming up and Lucasarts is listed as having a Exhibitors booth! Of course this doesn’t mean anything but people are speculating that they may be announcing this secret, “Battlefront: Online”.

The GDC’s start next Tuesday (March 9th, 2010) and run to Saturday (March 13th, 2010) and are being held in San Francisco.

Click here to check out there website. We’ll be sure to keep you all informed on the going on’s with Lucasarts at the GDC’s!

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  1. dr kzvosky says:

    With the success of other shooters like call of duty and even gay-lo 3, coupled with the over all star wars franchise they are stupid for not coming out with a new battle front all ready. I would have made a new battlefront priority one if I were them. To hell with crumby “the force unleashed” B.S. Give us an amazing Battlefront 3 with Call Of Duty-Esque multi-player

  2. hibbydude says:

    I hope to god we get a full battlefront 3 not an outside online experiance, fingures crossed cause ive been waiting for this game for years, also i want it to be multiplatform

  3. spanky says:

    if they make star wars battlfront3 i hope they dont screw it up becouse if they do it is not going to be pretty they better make it orriginal becouse thats how it should be

    • Damon says:

      yeah, but it wud be epic if the characters can be customized like in Black ops, like maybe choose the armor(phase1-phase2-stormtrooper and custom), Weapons(sniper rifle subMG regular rifle, chain gun and flamethrower) and special skills.

      wouldnt that be EPIC! ?

  4. Daniel says:

    What the hell is this? have the people at Lucas arts been taking drugs coz that is just weired.
    To be honest do you guys think battlefront 3 will be as good with EA making it? I mean the games EA have released have not been that great have they?

  5. robert says:

    Lucasarts just announsed monkey island 2 special edition

    I am going to pouke

  6. Valen Tor says:

    Oh and yeh, i hate to put a downer on everything but Lucasarts only has a Careers Pavillion at the GDC, so they may just be recruiting for Force Unleashed 2 or something. Only saying what I saw lol

  7. Valen Tor says:

    Just a heads up to anyone with Xbox Live, sent a message to their Q and A section (known as sentuamessage) asking for any details of something to do with Battlefront 3 as these guys are directly from Microsoft and have a good habit of digging up info on the most obscure or potentialy dead projects. Hopefully they will feature the question and give us some answers, even if they are just for the Xbox version of our beloved BF3 😀

  8. P dump says:

    Tomorrow we see what LA has planned.

    Final Fantasy XIII out today.
    Since it originally was developed for the PS2, the transition of getting the Crystal Tools engine to run on PS3 took awhile. But while Square Enix did that they decided to put it on the 360 as well. The best part about this is that FF XIII on the Xbox 360 runs on an incredibly low 560p, while the PS3 is still sporting the usual 720p. (This is cool to me because I’ve always liked PlayStation more than Xbox, and Blu-Ray more than DVD. Up to this point the PS3 always ran a 720p for most of it’s games and the Xbox ran a 1080p. So it’s like Sony was loosing the space race for awhile there. Newer games on the PS3 are starting to run 1080p.)

  9. P dump says:

    Check out this LOB.

    Guess what LucasArts may be wasting time and money on now:

  10. RAWDOG 262 says:

    the reason I asked admin was because there is a lot of things happenning for Valve games this week and apparantly a huge announcement at the Game Developers Conference will be made by them on March 11th.

  11. Space Geek says:

    If this is purly online game, the chances of it coming out on handhelds are limited.
    But if by some miracle it does come out for DS, nspace should co-develope/produce the game
    Nspace has done a fantastic job bringing the cALL OF DUTY series to handheld and has manage to sneak in online play on their last 2 installments.
    3D shooting GAMES ON DS=hard to make, nspace does very good job though

    • swbf3fan says:

      Why would you want a fps on the ds?? Sure it may be cool, but just because it IS out on ds doesn’t mean you should lower your standards….anyways the ds has a crappy graphics system…oh and what did nspace make on the ds?

  12. witchunter180 says:

    While I don’t mind games having online capabilities, I hate the way games are becoming online-only. Not everyone has reliable internet (my connection gets fuzzy when we get a phone call) and what happens if I want to play the game a few years from now? (although, with the way the xbox keeps breaking, that wont be possible much lol) ‘Cause I doubt it’ll do too well (anyone remember SW Galaxies? looked awesome but seems like it didn’t last).

  13. P dump says:

    Wikipedia page is back up. Feel free to contribute:

  14. P dump says:

    I’m looking over the program planned for this thing. No LucasArts yet, but there is some interesting stuff here.

    Square Enix is making a couple of appearences so far. One talking about the real-time HD cutscenes in FFXIII. Another talking about the storyline and future games that the storyline will effect. (Final Fantasy Agitio XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.)

    Naughty Dog has several slots talking about the Uncharted series. Everything from art to overall gameplay included. (One of these seem to hint that they were continuing the series.)

    Bioware- Putting they’re two cents in on the mass voiceover in TOR.

    That’s all that interest me. No sign of LA.

  15. clone345 says:

    I hope its battlefront 3

  16. P dump says:

    Well, I’m certainly ready for it. Chances are its TFU 2 demos.

    The MMO totally ruined KOTOR for me. I’m sorry but when I play multiplayer I like to have the person I’m playing with right next to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like online, just not when its all online with no splitscreen.

  17. swbattlefrontfan says:

    sure hope battlefront 3 will be announced, hate mmos, first kotor 3 is ruined and turned into a stupid mmo (not to mention the characters look all cartoony and there limbs aren’t proportionate with the bodies)and now it looks like the same will happen with the battlefront series.

    • Recneps says:

      not to mention that the wars have no place in the star wars universe… that is of corse if you are a Star Wars geek.

      • P dump says:

        Dang it Recneps. You ever seen another game with the battle of Kamino?
        How about the Jedi Purge?

        Come on, this doesn’t mean I’m a geek though.

  18. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Are you a fan of Valve admin? because there is a new ending to the Portal game and it is amazing….

    • admin says:

      What’s Valve?

      • Wenis says:

        Valve is a game developer, they’ve made games like Half Life 2, Left 4 Dead, etc

        I don’t know why rawdog randomly asked that though lol, they have nothing to do with Lucasarts or star wars or battlefront…

        • P dump says:

          They also made some of the Counterstrike games.

          If they’re on the list that means that they’ll have something to say. Who’s all on the program, anyone know?

          • Sarge says:

            Are freaking kidding me Admin!? You have never heard of Valve!? Valve is probably one of the three greatest game developers of all time!(The other 2 being Bioware and of course Blizzard). They are the developers of all of the Half-Life games, Left 4 Dead, The Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat Series, Team Fortress 2, Portal, and The Orange Box (probably the best deal you could ever find on video games). Valve is also the developer of the famous online engine Steam (which I do use). Man Admin your must be out of your mind!

          • admin says:

            Thanks for the input. Now I know.

  19. RAWDOG 262 says:

    I can’t wait until this and if LucasArts lets us all down atleast Valve is announcing something big.

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