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Hey guys,

It’s been a rough couple of days here. About 3 days ago, the site got hacked by an unknown source. At first I thought I could remove most of the malicious code placed by the culprit, but I was wrong.

Eventually, I decided to do a complete wipe of my server, with a fresh install of all the files and a complete database restore, which seems to be quite successful. The site is running great and there are not more traces of the malicious code.

The forums will be back up shortly as well. The hack attack seemed to be this certain mysql injection – eval(base64_decode).

I have taken certain precautions and measures to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

I hope to see everyone back at the site! I’ve missed it!


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  1. sorry admin I didn’t realise you had 2 emails.

  2. @ admin did the the site have any problems that we as users could see?

  3. Have some news-

    A new Lucasarts video-game was just announced today, with “3” being in the title. Battlefront 3? Well, no, LEGO Star Wars 3. Apparently, it will be based on the Clones Wars TV Series. Being a Star Wars fan, I can’t say I’m devasted by the announcement of this game, albeit it is not Battlefront 3. But it’s disappointing to think that now, with the Force Unleashed 2, The Old Republic and LEGO Star Wars 3 on the horizon, it is unlikely that Lucasarts will reveal yet another Star Wars game, especially such a prominent title as Battlefront, anytime soon.

    • well thats just plain disappointing.
      the generation that enjoyed the first lego star wars game has most likely moved on to bigger and better games.
      well i admit that the first lego star wars game did break many bounderies in kids gaming, since then lego games have gone downhill, and i dont suspect lucasarts to be very succseful with this game.

      • It was only a matter of time. It has come to, if there is a lego set based on a series, the plastic blocks will appear in a video game also.

        • i guess your right, but lucasarts really needs to pay attention to what their fans want, or their going to lose most of their fans.

  4. Although I’m sure you would say otherwise, just reading the words SQL Injection makes my nerdy heart warm.

  5. @admin when the site was down I got an email from a guy named posing to be you. Who the hell is he?

  6. Was that what that whole help Battlefront 3 make money thing was about?

  7. Hey admin, some peoples computer got messed up.

    Also, I would say no emails allowed to post. Or if so it should be one of your fake emails. If this “guy” does it again he could get emails, and that’s not pretty.

  8. Anything happen during the hack-attack? Battlefront Online new perhaps?

  9. I bet the person who hacked the website was a person named drake theat used to go to my school!!
    once he said he hacked the navy/coastgaurd server lol
    _Space Geek

  10. The site went down? I didn’t notice.

  11. Are the forums almost ready to go?

    The eval function means it’s a php code injection. Eval interprets strings as php code.

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