Upcoming XBOX X10 Event… Could it be Battlefront 3?

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Back in December when Gamestop had Battlefront 3 on the “online” shelves for pre-order, our friends over at ssbf3speculation.wetpaint.com had gotten wind that Battlefront 3 will be released sometime in February of this year, as well as Gamestop listed their shipping date for Battlefront 3 shortly around the same time.

Microsoft officially announced the they will be putting on the XBOX X10 event on February 11th, 2010 in San Francisco:

According to a report on the Seattle PI, Microsoft sent out a media advisory on Monday afternoon announcing X10. The company has previously held several ‘X’ events that have all followed the format of showing off and announcing upcoming Xbox 360 games and add-ons.

The event began in 2001 with X01 and ran right up to X06 in 2006. X07 was canceled and was the last we had heard of it. The new event is scheduled to last only four hours and will take place on Thursday, February 11 at the Terra event center in San Francisco.

Games you can expect to see demoed to the press will undoubtedly include Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Fable III, Splinter Cell Conviction and Project Natal. There should also be a few surprises announced at the event too if previous formats are anything to go by.

Source: Edge-Online.com

Now while there is no official proof that Battlefront 3 will be announced at this event, it’s nice to have some hope. A lot of people I have talked to seem to think it may be a possibility.

Let’s here your opinions!

Thanks Ryan for the heads up!

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  1. someguy says:

    it would be cool if it was like cod mw2 but star wars

  2. cyvaris says:

    Oh Battlefront 3 news, BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER, if its true. My birthday is the next day so that would be awesome, not getting my hopes up though.

  3. Bassplaya101 says:

    If this happens, i hope it will be for PS3, because i get one soon, and my brother is taking his 360 to college with him 🙁

  4. menudo man says:

    the other day i was at gamestop and i asked the employee about battlefront 3 and he said that it does exsist and it is in production right now and it may come out later this year

  5. haha says:

    lmao yeah right, you wont see swbf3 there you got to be kidding wait for e3. stop making false hopes you just get let down to much.im not saying give up but you cant expect an announcement all the time at every event lol.

  6. Vini says:

    Many games are announced years before its release, but many are announced just a few months before, keep hope

  7. Battlefront Online says:

    If you’ve seen the recent rumor about “Battlefront Online” from Slant Six, the SOCOM devs. It’s true. It’s a multiplatform online-only take on the franchise, with full assistance from LucasArts using some of the ideas and assets from the BF3 remains. The tech is all new though, since that was Free Radical’s property.

    A close friend of mine was working on the game for the last 3 months of 2009 before he quit for personal reasons. It’s just getting out of pre-production in the coming months.

  8. Ivan says:

    Haha im with spudders, i have up to $100 waiting to buy the ultimate special edition (hopefully they have something like that) haha
    but all this secrecy on this project? Id think they would advertise it hella so they can get all the fans attention easy and new people. So many mass effect, and bayonetta commercials but the day i see a Battlefront3 i will shed a tear.

    • Jake says:

      I might also shed a tear, a tear of joy. It’s been 5 years since BF2. If BF3 exists, and it comes out this year, I’ll be so happy I’d do anything to get it. 🙂

  9. Spudders says:

    The secrecy is killing me… come on, give us the game! My cash is waiting to fly to the nearest store to help boost the economy 😉

    Maybe it will be out for xmas, tho I don’t want to wait that long, and I bet there will be optional downloads available online with the 360 that we have to pay extra for… WHICH SUCKS. We pay for the game, so give us the downloads for FREE, as we will have already shelled out for the game and console. Capitalist scumbags.

    “If you are in advertising or marketing… Kill yourselves. No, seriously. Suck a tail pipe, shotgun in your mouth… whatever, kill yourselves. Seriously. Just planting seeds…” BH

  10. Highly unlikely says:

    I will be attending the X10 event, and know for a fact that LucasArts will not any presence at the show. It’s a short, 4-hour event to showcase first-party content and major third-party software and exclusives — hence Conviction and FFXIII.

    Plus, Epic games will be there, too.

    This is not the time where BF3 will make itself known. But keep hope alive for 2010.

  11. Tony says:

    I’ve started to wonder if they are just getting some more first person shooter feedback for the moment before they finish up.

    As we all know, Battlefront 2 on top of having cool jedi type abilities and vehicles and whatnot was even just as a first or at least third person shooter pretty good.

    Perhaps the game guys are sitting around getting a good feel for what they like/dislike as far as how Modern Warfare runs, and incorporating it, especially for the online play.

    It’s what I would do, anyone think this is feasible?

  12. Scott says:

    Gotta say I’m doubtful. Battlefront isn’t a big enough franchise for Microsoft to buy the rights and Lucas Arts has never cared to market games as exclusives. Also almost always, games are announced months to years before their release. So with that in mind, I wouldn’t get your hopes too high.

  13. EddieTheYeti says:

    I seriously doubt that the game will be announced here and that it will be an exclusive for the 360. Especially with the fact that it is one of the best selling Star Wars games of all time. I believe that the game WILL be announced at E3 however, it wont even come out until 2011 because of the TFU2 which we all know will be just as awful and stupid as the first one. If they continue to release bad games they’ll eventually have to listen to us and give in. STBF3 WILL COME OUT I PROMISE!

  14. tom says:

    guys,you may want to look at this. I dont know how long this has been up for, but it seems lucasarts and lucasfilm are recruiting people for various projects. jobs include a multiplayer engineer (ps3/xbox 360); artists; graphic engineers. could this be hope?? =D

  15. Ironman21 says:

    Sounds cool, but does this mean that it won’t come out for the ps3 then???

  16. Space Geek says:

    (although i know they will) jk
    _Space Geek

  17. plokoon761 says:

    i doubt that it will be announced at this event. because from the conversation with lucasarts hq made it seem like they hadnt figured out everything with the game just yet. so they probably at this moment are still editing the game to make it run better online or something along those lines. if i had to guess, i would think it would be announced at this next e3 so it dosnt steal to much thunder from tfu2

  18. DorkTrooper says:

    Dont think so. I cant imagine it would be released without any kind of prepublicity or anything either unless it completly blows and they know it.

  19. Sarge says:

    Yes. Let us pray that we see an announcing of Battlefront 3. However, would it really be released in February. That’s so soon and I don’t think who ever is making it would be so cruel.

  20. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Good find @admin!

  21. Revan Shan says:

    Hohowwwwwwww. SUperkill! ULTRAKILL! Yes please!

    1!, 2!, 1!, 2!, hope!, hope!, hope!, hope!…

  22. P dump says:

    Xbox X10 appears to be the MICROSOFT game expo. And if BF3 was released as an Xbox only… Yeah, no good. Above all, we DON’T want to mess it up. Battlefront 3 should be on PS3, Xbox 360, PC. PS2, I think, will be phased out this year.

    But I got a little question for all. It was asked earlier-

    Who do you want to develop this game?

    a: LucasArts- Of course. I trust George.
    b: EA- They have the resources.
    c: Rebellion- They did OK with the spinn-offs.
    d: Crytek UK- We need the Cryengine! (This one may not be realistic.)

    • Cbaoth says:

      It would be freaking awsome if Naughty Dog developed this game because they did am awsome job on Uncharted 2

    • Recneps says:

      well I would love it to be from Crytek UK to make it, but realistly speaking LucasArts or EA would be the top people to take the cake wether or not we like it.

  23. Recneps says:

    well Guys I just had a nice chat with the guy at game stop and well in a stupidly way I asked if I could pre oder BF3 and well all he said that that came is not officially out so no you can not pre order it but he did say it will be coming in the near future and well ether he was just being nice, or game stop people know stuff that most other gammers don’t know. and btw I know this is way off topic but I can’t wait till the next Legend of Zelda game comes out.

    @ admin does this mean BF3 would be exclusively for the Xbox 360? or it’s just being announced through them?

    • admin says:

      Not sure. Could go either way.. if they’re even announcing it at that event.

      • Ryan says:

        well, the original BFIII was a timed exclusive, i bet the new one is too …… so it would make sense for it to be announced here…. Not to mention Gamestop listed the dates so that the Xbox version comes out sooner….

      • Well Recneps if anything it could be a timed exclusive. As the 360 will only have BF3 for itself for maybe 4 months. Then the PS3 version will come out.
        If that is true, hopefully the PS3 version will be like a PS3 exclusive, no ports!

        • P dump says:

          No ports would be good. Another thing, why does it always take a game, a longer amount of time to come out for the PS3 and PC than it does for the 360?

          • mitzfah says:

            because the 360 has been out longer than the ps3 so the developers have the method down a bit better on the 360, and some studios are still figuring out the ps3.

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