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More to come from LucasArts… What and When?

Well, ever since the announcement that LucasArts will be developing The Force Unleashed 2, all rumors about Battlefront 3, have seemed to suddenly dissipate. I havn’t heard a peep about anything really since before Christmas, which is kind of unusual.

One of our forum members (Thanks Wenis!) did come up with a little bit of information regarding the coming months:

MCVUK did an article about 50 things for 2010 as you can see in the link URL. Here is what I saw about Star Wars:

Star Wars strikes back

“As we get closer to Natal and Sony’s motion controller, I look forward to seeing what publishers develop with this new tech,” says LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez.

“At LucasArts, we’re hard at work on The Force Unleashed 2. I can’t wait to unveil all the great work the team is doing. We also have some unannounced products in the works and are building upon our beloved heritage titles. You’ll definitely hear more from us in the next few months. It’s an exciting time to be here at LucasArts.”


This, naturally, could mean a lot of things, but i’m still convinced that we will be getting our Battlefront 3.

Hopefully some news will surface soon.

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  1. admin.

    So yesterday i got a hold of lucasArts. I finally called and got an answer. Here is our conversation.

    Hello youve reached lucasarts Technical Support. My name is Jason. How may i help you.
    Hi im calling to see about a game.
    Sure. What game are you interested in?
    Well i was actually wondering about Battlefront 3. Do you know whats going on with it so far? I mean is it in developement?
    Yes. Its been in developement for a While now.
    Well do you Know who the developer is?
    Im not really sure. After Free Radical went out, we had to find a new developer. We have one but im not really sure of the name.
    Oh so the game is real.
    Yes. As real as me and you.
    Well do you know when its expected to be released?
    Well they havent set a date, so im not really sure. They kinda keep us out of the loop untill about three weeks before they announce the game.
    so will they be annoucing the game soon?
    Well do you know what systems the game will be out for.
    Let me check………………..ok its for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii
    Great. I guess thats it. I really appreciate it.
    No problem. Thanks for Calling.

    So hopefully this helps someone. It helped me alot. I am convinced that we will be get are game soon. IM PUMPED

    • there is 2 possible ways to look at this. either quote admeral ackbar “IT’S A TRAP!!!”, or, preferably, they are actually doing something down at LA.
      Thank you Jason from technical support!

  2. Check this out its a cool video of SWBIII screenshots!!!! (NEW)
    Dont blame me for posting this if its no big deal.

  3. Well one thing that ticks me off is that i have sent 3 emails to 3 different lucasarts email addresses and have not gotten a single reply. It has been three weeks since i sent them. I understand if they cant tell me about Battlefront 3 but please have the decency to send a reply telling me you got the email. It is very annoying when a loyal fan doesnt get an email response. Well atleast you got a reply.

  4. i’m looking forward to seeing bf3, but i would much rather see SW: Republic Commando 2. mainly because the gameplay was so unique and adaptible, and the ending left room for a sequel.
    the editor which comes with it (unreal ed) is also very deep and you can create almost any level you want.
    as i’ve said, bf3 would (and should) be amazing, but i think it’s clear where i stand.

    P.S. if you want to throw eggs at me, feel free. 🙂

  5. I might have an idea they might put up swbf3 after sw the clone wars finish’s

  6. Have patience, have patience, have patience, have patience, have patience, have patience, have patience, have patience, have pati-*HEAD EXPLODES*

  7. I think that they might at least consider the possiblility of releasing a starwars battlefront III. Because as soon as I mentioned space dog fights and the such on from battlefront II, people were going crazy and posting do you really think their will be a battlefront III?

  8. We’re months away from E3 2010, but the exhibitor list is already live. Currently 99 companies fill the bill with heavy hitters like Nintendo, Microsoft (named Xbox 360 on the list) and Sony in attendance as well tons of well-known developers and smaller studios.

    Each year, everyone waits to see who will have the biggest announcement. Will Microsoft rename Project Natal? Will EA finally announce the mystery project being developed by Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami? Will nobody announce anything that we haven’t already heard of from the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards ceremony? Maybe Starwars Battlefront 3 perhaps, only time till tell.

    Take a look at the list and see if you’ve got any predictions:

    E3 Exhibitors

    A.L.S. Industries/R.D.S. Industries
    Atlus U.S.A, Inc.
    Autodesk, Inc.
    Azuradisc Inc.
    Bethesda Softworks
    Blitz Games Studios
    Capcom Entertainment Inc.
    City Interactive
    Creative Mind Interactive Inc.
    CTA Digital, Inc.
    DDR Game
    Deuce Entertainment, LLC
    Disney Interactive Studios
    DXT Inc.
    Dynaflex International
    Electronic Arts, Inc.
    Epic Games
    EZ Games Distribution, Inc.
    Game Outlet Europe
    Game Source Inc.
    Gamepark Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Gamer Grub
    Gazillion Entertainment
    Grace Marketing Company
    Hollywood Archives Collectibles
    Hori (U.S.A.), Inc
    iBeta Quality Assurance
    Infernal Engine
    Innex, Inc.
    Iode, Inc.
    Iron Will Innovations Inc.
    JFJ Disc Repair
    K2 Network/GamersFirst
    Majesco Entertainment
    Marjacq Man
    MTV Games
    MusicSkins LLC
    nDreams Ltd.
    Nintendo of America, Inc.
    Nordic Game Resources AB
    Nyko Technologies
    OnLive, Inc.
    Paradox Interactive
    Pega HK Limited
    Penguin United
    Perfect World Entertainment Inc.
    Performance Designed Products LLC
    Prima Games
    Proximo Games
    Royal Electronics Inc.
    RTI Disc Repair
    Sakar International
    Scanavo North America Ltd.
    Sega of America, Inc.
    Sony Computer Entertainment America
    Sony DADC
    Sony Online Entertainment
    Square Enix, Inc.
    SureDisc Disc Repair Service
    Take-Two Interactive
    Taiwan Pavilion
    The Get-Well Gamers Foundation
    The Video Game Club
    Trion World Network
    TRITTON Technologies Inc.
    Turtle Beach
    U-Way Corporation
    U.S. Games Distribution
    Ubisoft Entertainment
    Univenture, Inc.
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    XBOX 360
    X-Games Inc.
    Zeroplus Technology Co., Ltd.

    • After reviewing the list above, here’s what caught my eye.

      And of course, LucasArts.

      EA, with how big it is could be publishing anything. (And I mean ANYTHING)

      LucasArts’ will definitly interest us. (Even if it’s not BF3.)

      But Rebellion… They surprise me. Given LA previous work with them, their Battlefront making experience, and their appearent lack of response to an Email that admin sent them, I’d keep my eye on them. I’m gonna look for anything to back up my theory.

      @admin. I made a little promo ad for this site. (Fun with windows movie maker.)

  9. You know? It’s a damn wonder that with all the publicity this title is getting, no-one has picked it up. Are people that dumb? This game could be made a hit. However, I do not think Activision would be so daring to take it up. They’ve got other games to worry about.

    @Admin, who do you think is the best possible company to design this game?

  10. So Lucasarts replied to my email a second time:
    Dear Customer,
    We do not have any information on this but we recommend you stay tuned in the future to, and here for the latest updates.

    What does that mean? Will they be releasing more info? And he/she said that there will be updates on the situation, and said that there will be more updates….I think that’s a subtle “yes”

  11. @ admin did you get what I said when P dump explained it better?

  12. I wrote an email to lucasarts customer support about swbf 3
    here is what I said:
    As you may know, fans have been going crazy with the possible release of Star Wars Battlefront III. I was just wondering if there is any information that you can give me. If it is top secret, tell me, and I will honor that. However if you do feel the need to tell me top secret information involving the most publicly anticipated game of… all time really, feel free to do so. Please just tell me everything you can.
    I can speak for the whole of Battlefront fans and community to say that if you ever did (or do) decide to release Star Wars Battlefront III it would be the highest $$ grossing game of all-time.
    I’m also very disappointed in the collapse of Free-Radical game studios, for apparently Star Wars Battlefront III was in development for 2 years before it collapsed.
    Just thought someone should know my opinions,
    They replied:
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting!

    Although has been integrated into the new website, we will still be responding to any existing issues you may have from

    Your e-mail is very important to us and we will respond as quickly as possible. We are only able to answer your questions about the store and items purchased through us. You only need to send your e-mail once. We appreciate your patience.

    Oh well, maybe I’ll try a different contact then… and on this one I can’t tell if it’s an auto response just to verify that they got my email, or an actual written one from a human being.

  13. I already posted this on another topic… just wanted to get some opinions. I may be stating the obvious but the conversation with Shara and the other guy X2 is from battlefront: elite squadron… I’ve also seen other leaked footage with references to battlefront elite squadron… the leaked footage of swbf3 has the clone with the energy staff thingy fighting a jedi… this was incredibly similar to the scene in swbf elite squadron with falon grey against X1. Also you see the blue jedi with no lightsaber decimating an imperial squadron with the force… this reminds me of Master Ferroda from swbf elite squadron.
    Are the characters from swbf: Elite Squadron going to make an appearance in swbf 3? Or was the leaked footage swbf: Elite Squadron ramped up and more complex? Or am I just insane?

    • clarification:
      I’m just commenting on the animations that Wenis contributed

    • The PSP BF:ES was Free Radical’s BF3. After Free Rad’s death rumors pionted to Pandemic, then to Rebellion Developments. Rebellion has a reputation of porting games to handhelds. It was also rumored that Rebellion had made a BF3 using PS2 tech. My guess is they made this after FR went down, but LucasArts didn’t want to ruin the title with old tech (smart move), but let the story go to Rebellion. They allowed Rebellion to use the PS2 tech they’d already spent money making, and had them put it on the PSP as a continuation to Renegade Squadron.

      Later we hear a former FR employee saying that any Battlefront 3 we get won’t be the same as what they made. I belive that unquestionably about their story, which was reused in Elite Squadron. However, Space-to-Ground gameplay I hope makes it into a Next-Gen Battlefront 3 title.

      • huh… interesting
        I agree, space-to-ground would be amazing… even if it only was for single player. They could use the Halo: Reach engine which would allow them to fully populate the battlefront with AI… oh well. If they somehow managed to do multiplayer ground-to-space it would cost big $$

      • P dump you should really stop spreading false rumors. Rebellion was making the PSP version of Battlefront 3 with no involvement from Free Radical because they were making the next-gen version of Battlefront

      • Just a reminder! A few articles ago on this forum it was confirmed by a former employee that the BF3 storyline was officially scrapped. REBELLION’s story is not at all related.

        • Hey, people just my thought. The CrytekUK admin also says that they recycled the story into Elite Squadron.

          I agree with makethree in the since that Rebellion could’ve just been developing a PSP edition and LucasArts let them publish it instead of wasting all that time and money. However, unless anyone of us works at LucasArts or Rebellion we won’t know for sure.

        • Great, now I’m just more confused.

  14. its a marketing strategie, “accidently” give info and then let the hype built up then suddenly… BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its announced and everyone goes crazy and buys a copy, makes them a heck of a lot more money

  15. I so wish there would be at least another teaser with promise of the title in the works. Free Radicals Collapse has had me disappointed twice because not only did this game fall through but so did Timesplitters 4. I saw a magazine this week and it had Timesplitters 4 news! So I read and all it was, was a small article in a TBA chart saying how it Free Radical collapsed, Crytek is yet to comment… that was it! Never buying PLAY magazine again!

    I thought you could trust magazines but PLAY has proved me wrong! 🙁

  16. The lucasarts chief producer said herself in an interview about elite squadrons;
    and I quote: “Battlefront is our most sucessful franchise here at Lucasarts.”
    They would miss out on a HUNK of cash if they don’t develop BF3. Other franchis’ES’? other ideas as well?
    Jedi Knight Series? Galactic Campaigns? Empire at War?
    Do you know what would be incredible? a force unleashed-like game (ie 3rd person adventure) set during the 6 movies (relive the movies) like that PS1 and PC game ‘The Phantom Menace game’. I think we will have BF3 by Christmas this year 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more!

      • E3-E3. It would be nice if DICE made this, or-I can’t belive I’m saying this- EA. I say that only in hopes that the small part of Pandemic that’s still alive would be the working force making this.

        About EA. Though according to a pole of the day, EA was the most hated publisher and developer, they have been doing well in their choices. Using their size and finances, they have struck deals with smaller developers struggling in the economy and shared mutual successes- SOMETIMES. If for some reason a smaller developer ends up costing more money than what their worth, like pandemic, they are rearranged, replaced, desolved, reduced- whatever. However, smaller developers that perform well, like Bioware, end up making good money- all the while being backed by the publisher powerhouse EA, who at this point, would be all the more willing to sink money into a good, growing developer.

        All in all, my choice for developer, Naughty Dog.

        • I like the idea of DICE a lot. Anyone who can make games as sick as the Battlefield series has got my vote. Even if they are Swedish. I’m not so sure about EA though. I find their only good games to be EA Sports games. If DICE takes it up the game would be amazing!

          • Naughty Dog did so good with the Uncharted series I’d pick them over anyone right now.

          • It drives me insane how Naughty Dog went from making “ok” games like Crash and Jak & Dexter, to amazing games like Unchartered 2. I wouldn’t mind seeing them design the game either.

          • Yeah, I never even noticed them until Uncharted. I mean, those are some of the best games I’ve ever played. And would be great for a movie. (Which I hear they’re making.)

  17. Soon we shall have Battlefront 3 my friend we just have to wait. Oh and @admin i saw a video of George Lucas on the Daily Show. heres the link

  18. @ P dump
    thanks for the explanation

    btw once I get 7 on my computer I will get BF2.

  19. I refuse to buy anymore lucasarts games until BF3 is released…unless xwing & tie fighter is remade again then i im afraid i will have to cave.

  20. Afer all what I’ve heard from Lucasarts I think we could even spect a Jedi Knight IV instead of BF 3. First the old Lucasarts’ games and the Sith Edition, now TFU 2… This might be it but I dunno.

  21. honestly ? It´s just the same thing Lucas Arts is doing since … uhm… since ever ?
    They always say, we have something cool, and then they give us crap (Lucidity !!!!!). Im sure BF3 will come, but I wón´t hear to anything Lucas Arts is saying until they give us facts

  22. I started following bf3 when the alpha footage was leaked. I was so excited for it until my friend told me it was cancelled. Recently I searched to see if it was true. I thought so until I found this place. My prediction is that we at least get an anouncement before E3. What do u think admin

  23. WOOT WOOT!
    That’s promising news!!!


    Admin I think you meant “mean” not “me” in the second to last sentence :D!

  24. @ Admin
    you know soon you should think about having members to your website… your choice,
    of corse!

  25. well this sounds great. and if they are building on some of their other titles then it must be battlefront 3 cause its like their only good game!

  26. we have waited and we will receive my friends 🙂

  27. Atleast some good news maybe

  28. I feel that we will have some info coming very soon. I think activision will be taking on the much awaited battlefront 3. The new call o duty has a 3person view. I think they are defonatly testing the water.

    • I heard from Game Informer that the original STBF 3 game engine was scrapped due to too many restrictions. I am guessing this is old news, but I agree that Activision should make the next Battlefront 3. They will probably take their time and focus on quality.

    • Actually its Infinite Ward that developed COD:MW2, activision just published it.

      Besides if activision would have anything to do with bf3 they would completly ruin the game.

      They would probably give no dedicated server support (just like mw2 on pc), they would release a half done game so they could sell you the rest as DLC to milk the franchise even more.

      And mw2 wasn’t all that great that some people seem to think,the single player was short, the online was glitchy, unbalanced and didn’t need any team work whatso ever. online on mw2 is a total campfest.

      The last reason why activision should never ever have anything to do with bf3 is that they as greedy as a company can be. Their CEO Bobby kottick is one of the gaming worlds most hated people just because the stupid stuff he has said like

      – Prices on games are too low ( he said this one week after he complained about the ps3 console price and threatened to drop support for the ps3 if they didn’t make a price cut.

      – Games should’t be fun nor evolve ( well hes just after the money after all).

      other stupid stuff can be found online 🙂


      Well thats it 🙂

      BF3 should be developed by DICE or some other good studio.

  29. OMG FINALLY ANOTHER ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding)
    Thats some interesting news…..
    although we have got interesting news they did mention
    “hertage title”
    This could be battlefront 3 or…… well almost anything because lucasarts seems set on disapointing fans
    Any way ty wenis!

  30. I have my bet on the E3. Battlefront 3 should be well on its way by this time next year.

    @ Space Geek (and everyone else concerned).
    I got Battlefront 2 for the PC. Couple years late though, no one online. Mods are great- I got 2.0, but for some reason the KotOR era didn’t come through.

    Get back to me on this one. Thanks.

  31. I just started following the BF3 rummers thanks to P dump and well I never really was a big BF fan I mean I would play the games but I have never owned one but I have all ways loved to play them over the last months or so I all of a sudden (again thanks to P dump) had a bigger love of BF. so what I’m getting at is first thanks P dump and thanks admin for this great site! and I can’t wait till we get our BF3!!!!!

    P.S. @Admin what happens when BF3 officially comes out?

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