Battlefront Online? Sources say it’s true!

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Well this is some interesting new today, courtesy of They are stating, that their sources are saying that a Battlefront Online is in development, which sounds pretty sweet!

I’m not sure how everyone would feel about this because I guess it would be strickly online, which obviously means, no single player mode. I would like to have a single player mode but at this point, this news is better than the news of “Battlefront is dead”.

Check out what has to say:

Rumour: SOCOM Devs Working On “Star Wars: Battlefront Online”
By Luke Plunkett on January 29, 2010 at 4:00 PM

Star Wars: Battlefront III may have been binned, but we’ve heard from sources that the series lives on, in the form of currently-in-pre-production Battlefront Online.

The game, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is currently being worked on by both Lucasarts and Slant Six Games, the studio responsible for SOCOM Confrontation and SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3.

The title is still in pre-production, so there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever hear more of it – Battlefront having become somewhat of a cursed property after the recent demise of original developers Pandemic and buy-out of BFIII developers Free Radical – but Lucasarts’ insistence on getting a Battlefront game made in spite of all that gives us hope. A… New Hope, even (sorry).

Battlefront Online is, as the name suggests, planned to be online-only, and is tentatively slated to appear in 2011.

Whether this game was the source of that “Battlefront IV” concept art that turned up last year is unknown, but our sources tell us that it is the source of those voice actor rumours from December.”

Let’s hear all your opinions!

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  1. uriahwright says:

    the game got cancelled dont hurt me im just saying what i heard

  2. chaos245 says:

    People that want single player please listen…if you remember theres a instant action mode on 1 and 2 and also the only thing singleplayer was on battlefront 1 and 2 was basicly instant action with voice narrorations and video clips so calm the down…

  3. Ryleb89 says:

    Whether its gunna be Battlefront 3 or Battlefront online WE NEED A NEW BATTLEFRONT ALREADY.

  4. bf3want!!! says:

    NEED SINGLEPLAYER! what happens when someone comes along who has never played this series? they are instantly killed over and over! firstly you need it when nobody else is on the internet, to practice, to improve scores, if (god forbid) you have no internet connection and so on. I’m not dising online multi but it is not ALL of the series.

  5. SWBF_Fan says:

    I am not really following everyone on the SWBF news. When did it even become a rumor that it was being made? I at least hope it comes out for PS2 because I don’t have computer access (I’m dong this from my cell phone by the way). Hopefully I can learn more about this because it sounds great.

  6. gab flab says:

    I just like for Whoever is working on SWBF3 to
    go for MORE, what ever you are doing Now, think Bigger, More Detailed,
    More Weapons, More Up-grades, More Customizable, More Classes, More Ships, More Vehicles, More Heroes, More Rankings, More Online, More Star Wars…

    Oh and do Utapau a Favor.
    General Grevious’s Speeder Bike has a calling…to go on the Walls.

    Also stop treating Jedi like Infantry, instead they are “Heroes”, create game play around that. make blocking Light Sabers easier and Cooler for more “epic” Jedi Battles. More Combo Variations. Some More Force Powers (ex. Force Heal,Jedi Mind Trick, Special Force Powers) . Make each Hero More Unique…

    Just Go for Making each Hero Completely “Their Own”.

    and give infantry a Melee Attack.

    Star Killer will be a Fun new Villain or Down loadable Content. And Yes…
    we Desire Lots of Down-Loadable Content… This game is important, so it’s important to make it a Big Deal.

    this is definitly allot of information, but, pay Attention to the Details.

    Space Battles:

    Well I believe space and land battles have been joined.But we can always make it more interesting with “Squad Commands” such as:

    get a Wing Man or get infantry to follow (can get up to 4 or 5 with higher ranks),

    Attack Target/ Move to Location/ Interact With (get in turret/vehicle,
    close door ),

    Hold position/Defend,

    Spread out/Cancel Attack.

    Following infantry AI automatically engages enemies that attack you.

    In First Person,

    We want a HUD that makes you feel like the Unit your Playing As. Tell us what it’s like inside a Clone Troopers Helmet, or the First Person experience of a Rebel. make it Unique to the unit, interesting, subtle, and useful.

    -Pit View,

    show the inside of the ship your flying with a little bit of Dash Board that shows the Ship’s Health, Something on the Side with Ammo and a Targeting Computer that comes up when you Lock-On. and Holy you made somethin’ cool.

    and if you can make an Interact button, I’d like to press the button for the Elevator to go up please, or to Close the blast Door.

    Oh and guess I Would Like Pilot those Star Destroyers and C.I.S. Battle Cruisers, I don’t care if I crash them I just want to use the Big Guns or Flip it
    Up side Down.

    Important the insides of Big Star Ships need to be Big enough to explore a bit.

    Also at least Two or More Heroes on the Same Side I would really like my friend and I to be Obi-wan and Anakin(on the good side) Storming a
    Battle Cruiser.
    That sounds like a great end to “AAWWW, but I WANTED to BE a HERO!”.

    With that said, I expect a great Game, regardless.

  7. Captin Rex says:

    As long as it’s on PS2 I’m happy.

  8. Commando227 says:

    I really hope there’s a single player, but after playing through it once it gets old you know??? I love online BF2 and the footage for BF3 or BF online or whatever it was looked pretty dang good…..hope! It looked a bit more Halo-ish which would make it the best game ever, well the gameplay part at least. Even though it might not follow the BF series online will still be extremely popular and a huge hit! I’m hopeful but don’t wanna get too excited :/

  9. Sidious1264 says:

    This game just needs to be the one. Glitches can be fixed later just give us another battlefront game and online would be cool anyway. I never tire of Warhawk. Make it like they planned to make 3 and we’ll be sailing high!

  10. Tam-EL says:

    One word for BF online………… CUSTOMIZATION!!!!

  11. I’m a moderator on a similar SWBF3 site. When I saw this news, I was surprised. A Battlefront Online? I don’t know if that’ll fly. What I want mostly is a great roleplaying game. I don’t want a multiplayer centered BF. It doesn’t have the BF feel.

  12. The Saradominist says:

    the fact that a battlefront possibly worth its salt is being made is good news. however, they will have to do alot to compensate for the lack of singleplayer. firstly, cross generations? example: CIS vs rebels? secondly, way more maps. next comes way larger battlefields. and finally, new game play modes and more than 2 factions on battlefield at 1 time (EPIC!). having at least a couple of those would be a nice touch to compensate for the lack of singleplayer in my belief and would convince me to play it.

  13. Sidious1264 says:

    At least it’s something. Revive the Console title and there is more hope for a follow on! 😀

  14. Justin says:

    They should at least put and instant action mode in there to face bots or something.

  15. Buggzy BomberX says:

    I heard that battlefornt online will be like mag for ps3

  16. James says:
    list of E3 2010 and lucasarts are in it, ps this is february e3 not january.

  17. joe610 says:

    i dont think i like it………the ps3 part i can get over but i dont like the battlefront online part, if it is really this then it better b damm gud cuz itll take a lot 4 me 2 like it

  18. lukasm says:

    if this is true..PLEASE be good

  19. Fettlives says:

    I got to tell you I jave been jonesing for a battlefront for xbox360 ever since i bought the thing. I have been on this site ever since.waiting and waiting…i got to tell you that if it is online only….it blows. i don’t have the cash to pay for the online nor do i really want to. I am not a serious gamer like some and i think more people are like me than not. if this is the case, i imagine this game will be bare bones and not have a lot of the bells and whistles it deserves if they are going to leave a huge chunk of gamers “at the altar” so to speak. Plus, the Clone cartoons are getting better (with the Mandalorians etc.) but I don’t want a game based soley on any Star Wars era. That what was cool about the second one was it had the Clone Wars and the Galactic Rebellion. They should have built on that idea and included the Old Republic since i hate RPG characters but I am interested in the story and characters. Another reason I don’t want it attached to the cartoon series is that the animation of the main characters blows. Kenobi’s hair and beard looks like play dough and their eyes make them look like outcasts from the “Money For Nothing” video by Dire Straits.I prefer the more realistic rendering in the original battlefront series

    • P dump says:

      No, the console non-RPG MMOs are usually free-to-play, as long as you pay the money for the accual disc. Unless, of course, you’re referring to the
      Xbox live payments. Yeah, that made me not want a 360.

  20. P dump says:

    I looked up some other sites reporting on this, and I saw someone draw a line
    between that rumored Clone Wars free-to-play MMO and Battlefront Online. I don’t think (and sincerly hope) that this is untrue.

  21. metallicorphan says:

    well the single player of the past games were very poor,a quick 5 hrs (if that)of play with not much story,and the Online play was the main attraction

    i am fine with it being online only

  22. Jedichuck says:

    i dont like it. im a huge fan of the first two and the most fun i had with these games is rocking 4 player slit screen. online capability would be cool but not only online. i probably wont play it if its online only.

  23. Caos says:

    Well as everyone said it’s better than nothing. Well if it’s going to be fully online then the maps should be huge and have lots players. To keep things interesting they could copy MAG and set a mission to a faction. Also having multiple factions rather then the main 4. They should add a cover system to keep up with the games today. how will the upgrades work is it going to be the standard diffrent ammo improvement parts: Wtf will happen to going from land to space with no loading which they should try to do but who knows. I might buy the game if it’s for the pc.

  24. clone345 says:

    what happened to star wars battlefront 3????

  25. P dump says:

    Well I’m a bit late. Why didn’t somebody tell me? (Just kidding.)

    In the meantime I was looking up the new PlayStation 3 games. One that caught my eye was MAG. And then I see THIS.

    By the way, SOCOM devs were not only Slant Six games, but also Zipper Interactive. Yes the devs of MAG.

    Oh, how do I feel about it? Like was said before, most of Battlefronts fun comes from multiplayer. It better have splitscreen though.

    • Yea but it’s Zipper that owns the 256 player supported servers… not Slant Six Games…
      And Slant Six Games as a company, is very slow at updating games…
      I hope LA will back them up big time and take the initiative.

      • P dump says:

        For those of us wondering why LucasArts would choose Slant Six Games as the honored developer to continue the Esteemed Battlefront series, I ask you to think back to the olden days…

        2002. The on-the-rise Jedi Knight series is handed over to two companies to develop. They are Raven and Vicarious Visions. (Something interesting about this is the joint publishing between LucasArts, Activision, Aspyr Media, and CyberFront.) So Jedi Outcast puts alot of people on the map.
        At this time LucasArts publishes their first game by Pandemic, The Clone Wars.

        2003. The next installment in the series, Jedi Academy, is released. The developers remain the same, however LucasArts continues their publishing with Activision.

        2004. Ah, a Star Wars RPG is born from rather small, sideline companies, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment. (Sure Bioware was there, but not as notable.) However, Something that we see now is the start ever-popular Battlefront series, making Pandemic Studios a force to be reckoned with.

        2005. Republic Commando is published in NA by LucasArts, and in EU by Activision. (And I belive developed by Pandemic.) KOTOR 2 makes a good impression. Then in November Battlefront 2 comes out and totally breaks all sales records, developed by Pandemic.

        2006. Nothing inpressive.

        2007. Renagade Squadron made by Rebellion. We’re getting restless.

        2008. The Force Unleashed (woopie-whatever, it was alright) continues Lucasarts’ making of their own games. Leaked footage comes from the fallen Free Radical Developments.

        2009. We get Elite Squadron, a shadow of the space-to-ground gameplay we want. The Force Unleashed 2 is annouced.

        2010. Watch the E3. Very close.

        But Pandemic wasn’t anybody in 2004. Free Radical wasn’t all that popular either. Point is that LucasArts, because it’s a big name company, can take whoever it wants and make them big. And LucasArts filled their 360 PS3 networking engineer position.

      • Sarge says:

        But what if it doesn’t come out for the PC? Don’t get me wrong, but I’m pretty sure that BF2 was more succsessful on the PC then any other console. Plus, if it’s an online game only, like Counter-Strike for example, then why wouldn’t it be for the PC. Like a game you can play on Steam.

        • P dump says:

          I would like to point out to everybody that, right now, I don’t think this game is a direct sequel. I would say that this will be a sort of non-handheld spinn-off. I think it’s a good idea honestly. I would like a non-online slice of gameplay though. (so the game isn’t completely useless in the future.)

          I would also like to say, Slant Six would be the ones to work on the console versions, and that LucasArts may do a PC themselves. And I’m not sure how MMOs work but usually there is some sort of story, right?

          • Sarge says:

            Well I’m not even sold on the whole BFO idea yet anyway. Until we get word from LA that it is true than I won’t believe anything.

  26. Darth_Skywalker says:

    i need it for X360!!and a good campaign it’s aways good!!!

  27. 5thGenGamer says:

    I might give it a shot, after all battlefront is a lot more fun online

    • Riveon says:

      If it comes out on PC, and features LAN capability, then I guess I’ll get over the lack of single player capability.

  28. UACmarine208 says:

    Hey, where the hell is PC?

    We want PC to!

  29. Jeff says:

    If I may make a sugestion? A new poll – Should SWBF3 include single player mode…
    Does it matter?

  30. Nath wars says:

    i think it would be good like as long as it has a proper cover not one you buy over the internet like its still on the next gen and by he time it comes out ill have a ps3 and xbox 360 🙂

  31. I’m positive this game will have the same gameplay mechanics as we saw in BF3 (well the pre-alpha footage at least lol). So yea… the only thing I’m worried about is Slant Six Games… since its multiplayer only… SSG just makes games with horrible servers.

    But LA is good.

    And remember? We said that LA was publishing a Battlefront game, looks like we were correct! But now we know who the developer is, its LA!!! and Slant Six Games -_-.

    • clone345 says:

      is battlefront 3 coming before
      battlefront online???

      • Well, what I am about to say right now is just mere speculation…

        I think that Elite Squadron on PSP was in fact BF3, and this Star Wars Battlefront: Online is BF4.

        But on our site some person who claimed he worked for LA, said that in the near future that we will hear of a Star Wars Battlefront game, but it may disappoint some of us.
        He told us this towards the end of November if my memory servers correctly.
        And what do you know? Star Wars Battlefront: Online popped up on this 29th. Coincidence? I think not.
        And it is a disappointment in some respects.
        So according to that guy, this game, meaning Battlefront Online, will have nothing to do with the Battlefront series.

      • @P dump

        Ok well I created a site (if you click on my name you will go there), and on our Speculation Chat there was this unknown source that said that a Battlefront game was being made, but it will be a disappointment to some of us. Also, this Battlefront game may not have anything to do with the Battlefront series. So according to him BF3 may still be a possibility. If it is not, then worse comes to worse, Elite Squadron was indeed a failed version of BF3 and was passed on as BF3.


        Lucasarts and Slant Six Games are making Star Wars Battlefront: Online

  32. Riveon says:

    Sure it’s better than nothing, but if it doesn’t come to PC and if it doesn’t have LAN play I will be seriously angry.

  33. Cbaoth says:

    Man if this is true I have lost all hope in LA as a company.

  34. donhomerj says:

    W00T ??? THAT WOULD BE THE WORST NEWS I EVER HEARD !!! then just make it with steam and its the best game for my trash -.-

  35. Ironman21 says:

    Looks NICE!!!!!!!!
    Hopefully it has a singleplayer aspect as well as a dual person or 4 person capability!

  36. Burza'P says:

    guyz, I wish I could play in swbf3…. every rumour about this game is a hope for me. I’ve played in swbf2 for thousands hours and 99%of this time I’ve spent in multi so……. it’s a good move to make this game multiplayer only. I worry only about one thing- will it be on PC…..????

  37. Recneps says:

    hey admin I tried looking at the link you had there and it said that it does not exist. a little light on the matter would be appreciated?

  38. Recneps says:

    That makes me mad. so what? are they just going to trash the whole BF series now it is by far the best Star Wars game series that has been made! don’t get me wrong if they were just going to make it online it’s better than nothing but it would be hurting them in the long run I really don’t think to many people would just buy the game if it only had online play but yeah like admin said it is better than nothing.

    • Sarge says:

      I agree with you completely Receneps, why would anyone be so dumb but to trash the BF series. It’s too much of a risk to ignore it. Plus, with all the publicity this game is getting, why hasn’t anyone picked up the developement of the game!? It seems like an easy way to get a quick buck if you ask me.

  39. Dodanodo says:

    so, basicly online means only multiplayer. like battlefield. I can totally live with that. to bad it isn’t made by Dice though.

  40. Scott says:

    This sucks cause if it’s anything like the previous game it isn’t the greatest multiplayer.

  41. IthArosenivai says:

    I’m kind of upset about the lack of single player. I mean not only in a online game will they not have a campaign but they also will not have a conquest mode, nor will LAN probably be available either. It seems like they are removing a large portion of the BattleFront Franchise.

  42. Theman says:

    ADMIN ! add this a company called registered november 16th last year!big corporations tend to use smaller companys to register domains covertly

  43. Jeff Watkins says:

    I am hoping that the rumours of Console Versions mean that a Single Player mode will be a part of the package, but I shall hold my breath until something official.

  44. gab_sky says:

    No,I need a single player mode!!!

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