January, 2010

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Well this is some interesting new today, courtesy of Kotaku.com.au. They are stating, that their sources are saying that a Battlefront Online is in development, which sounds pretty sweet! I’m not sure how everyone would feel about this because I guess it would be strickly online, which obviously means, no single player mode. I would […]

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Back in December when Gamestop had Battlefront 3 on the “online” shelves for pre-order, our friends over at ssbf3speculation.wetpaint.com had gotten wind that Battlefront 3 will be released sometime in February of this year, as well as Gamestop listed their shipping date for Battlefront 3 shortly around the same time. Microsoft officially announced the they […]

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Well, ever since the announcement that LucasArts will be developing The Force Unleashed 2, all rumors about Battlefront 3, have seemed to suddenly dissipate. I havn’t heard a peep about anything really since before Christmas, which is kind of unusual. One of our forum members (Thanks Wenis!) did come up with a little bit of […]