XBOX 360 Battlefront 3 Screenshots from Free Radical + Geonosis

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A big thanks goes out to “Wenis”, a member on our forums who has been relentless in digging up some XBOX 360 screenshots (originally posted by as well as some nice renders of Geonosis and a great little animation reel of the following:

“An animation reel, which shows various games including Battlefront III. You can even hear a little bit of the voice acting of that Shara bounty hunter, and some other guy.”

You can check out that animation at this link: click here.

Check out the shots of Geonosis here and here.

And last but not least, here are the XBOX 360 screenshots from Free Radical’s version of Battlefront 3.

“The Loading Screen of BFIII was a hyperspace sequence, which showed information about the planet you were about to do battle on. It featured animated ‘warp’ effects based on those seen in the Star Wars movies.”

“One of the most complex screens I concepted for the front-end of BFIII was the ‘Select Spawn Location’ screen, which was intended to illustrate the ‘Vertical Battlefield’ concept (encompassing ground, sky and space), across all 12 different planets.”

“‘Select Spawn Class’ was intended to allow the gamer to choose from a dynamic list of classes. This concept (with placeholder art) envisions a scenario with many class options for the ‘Heroes Vs Villians’ game mode.”

“The ‘Galactic Conquest’ game mode was one of the highly anticipated modes of BFIII. This concept illustrates the visual approach I defined to the main ‘chess board’ screen. The animated camera would zoom in on your planet selection.”

“Many of the front-end screens were projected as ‘holograms’ onto a battle table, which was situated on a Star Destroyer bridge. This ‘Control Configuration’ screen concept shows how we were planning on realising that goal.”

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  1. I do not leave a ton of remarks, but i did a few searching and wound up here XBOX 360 Battlefront 3 Screenshots from Free Radical +
    Geonosis – Star Wars: Battlefront 3. And I actually do have
    a couple of questions for you if it’s allright.

    Is it only me or does it look like some of the comments look as
    if they are left by brain dead visitors? 😛 And,
    if you are posting at other places, I’d like to follow
    anything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of the complete urls of all your social pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  2. StarWarsfan says:

    I hope the game coming out whit split-screen

  3. […] out last month. Looks good to me.  You can see some more pics Here, Here, and even some video Here.  I’m still hopeful for this title, but I guess only time will […]

  4. […] which looked pretty frikkin’ spectacular. (See for yourself, below.) Xbox 360 screens later surfaced showing some impressive loading and menu screens. Sadly, it was all postmortem leakage, since Free […]

  5. obi-wan* says:

    Hello, I am a great fan of the star wars battlefront series and have been playing online with them since 2004. Can you tell me if this game will be coming out on all the game systems including x-box? I was hearing it would only come out for the x-box, which if that is true, it wouldn’t make any sence. Why wouldn’t you want to market this game on all gaming consoles?? Will this be coming out on ps3, ps2 and psp? Thanks for listening.


  6. I own an Xbox and a Playstation and both are really good game consoles. Let’s see what are Microsoft’s future updgrades on its Xbox game console.’.’

  7. RoninYen666 says:

    Is swbf3 coming out on the PS3? This is taking way too long I’ve been laying in wait playing warhawk. Getting sick of it, give us what we want. STARWARS BATTLEFRONT3 on the PS3 not another good imitation (STARHAWK).

  8. Assassin1 says:

    Why? Just why is my qustion to how could this game just die like that? I say they are just liying and I would so hope they are. I would buy this game even if it were a $100 or more if I had to, it is that awsome to me and to many others aperently. SO PLEAS FINISH MAKING THE GAME ALREADY OR TELL USE THAT IT IS DEAD SO THAT I CAN GET ON WITH MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tony says:

    You know what would be awesome if they also let the wild creatures come out and attack everyone else at random like pretend your on kashyyyk and at one point those huge creatures that Obi-Wan fought by himself on Star Wars the Clone Wars came out and a lot of them and it would be it seems more real or if rancors came out instead kinda like that you know and the surrounding of other planets effect players and troops like how everything on all the planets had its own living surrounding that would kill troops I think that would be AWESOME!!!

    • Tony says:

      and it would always be random you know like plants killing troops and creatures and even laser blast and everything that was going on interacted with each other that would be AWESOME!!! STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3 🙂

      • Assassin1 says:

        I think what Tony’s reply is just plan old stuped. I just like to have epic battles and shoot stuff or even better if they put in melee for closs inconters. But that is just my idea of making a better game.

  10. Connor says:

    AWESOME!!!!! You people better make Battlefront 3!!!!!!!!!!! The Battlefront series is like I stated before, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you get to make your own classes!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You people better make this!!!!!!!!!


  11. Nathan says:

    george lucas would not of given this up i think that now star wars the force unleashed is done now i think is the time for battlefront 3 like why would he give it up imagine how epic it would be

  12. blueyedlion says:

    will it be avalible on ps3

  13. swbf3fan says:

    I may be stating the obvious but the conversation with Shara and the other guy X2 is from battlefront: elite squadron… I’ve also seen other leaked footage with references to battlefront elite squadron… the leaked footage of swbf3 has the clone with the energy staff thingy fighting a jedi… this was incredibly similar to the scene in swbf elite squadron with falon grey against X1. Also you see the blue jedi with no lightsaber decimating an imperial squadron with the force… this reminds me of Master Ferroda from swbf elite squadron.
    Are the characters from swbf: Elite Squadron going to make an appearance in swbf 3? Or was the leaked footage swbf: Elite Squadron ramped up and more complex? Or am I just insane?

  14. yodas stick says:

    ok guys lets be realistic here, lucasarts is working their asses of with
    the force unleashed 2. if bf3 is still out there i dont think it will come out at least until tfu2 is released wich i heard is in late 2010.=(

  15. Mike says:

    So I went on YouTube and there is this video of someone talking to customer service for Lucas arts and he said that the game is real.


  17. mitzfah says:

    we need some new posts. i know the news on bf3 has been kinda slow lately. just thought id say something.

  18. Justin says:

    wow.. no updates in awhile… someone call lucasarts or gamestop again for more confirmations

  19. Someone says:

    will it be for PC ?

  20. LUKANATOR says:

    The “other guy” is X2, the main character also in Elite Squadron

  21. @ Admin

    This new layout is cool. But its really hard to find posts, especially replies, because the reply goes under the comment (which is on top of newer posts).

    Also there should be a page jumper, instead of clicking new comments several times. But if you cant you can always go to the url and right next to “page-#” and put in the last page for the “#”. lol.

  22. So me this saying its dead with proof of it then i’ll agree. if not it’s alive.

  23. SICKGAMER says:

    how do all of you guys know if this info is real,they dont just say btf3 is coming out and it never did and i think it never will

  24. P dump says:

    @ Sidious1264.
    Yeah, I’m there too. (If you thought Chewbacca’a death was bad, just wait. No, I won’t spoil it for you if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Accually I’m on Force Heretic I: Remnant. Seems to me like they drew the series out too long, but then again, it seems like the all the others series were prepping for this one.

    @ vader.
    If you read Zahn’s book Vision of the Future, there were a race of aliens in there called the Aing-Tii. I am really waiting for a book to elaborate on these. But also featured in Jedi Academy, were a species we all know and love, the Nogri. Unlike the chiss, they were accually incorperated into the story.

  25. @ Sidious

    The Yuuzhan Vong are an alien race ;). They hurt Han Solo a lot, I would tell you how, but it may spoil the fun of reading those books. But if you want I can.

    But I know the book you speak off! I’m not reading it… it will be sad! Chewbacca dies on an exploding moon trying to save the people on it 🙁

  26. Sidious1264 says:

    The one I’m reading is about 30 years later from Return of the Jedi. It is based on a clan called the Yuzahn Vong who are evolved from ancient creatures and the technology they fight with is truely remarkable. Unfortunately Chewbacca was killed! 🙁

  27. @P Dump

    Yea Zahn definitely is one of the biggest names in Star Wars novel history. That guy has written some great books.


    How many Young Jedi knight books were there? Like 6 right? 6~7. But yea, those books never get boring, even for a re-read. Its just so well written.

  28. P dump says:

    @ vadersdemise_93.
    Yeah, that was Jedi Academy. I heard that George Lucas personally directed the games Shadows of the Empire, and The Clone Wars. (The one made by Pandemic) And Shadows of the Empire is a novel.

    But Timothy Zahn’s books are what made me wanna read the novels. Thrawn trilogy is what got it all started. And I mean, all the novels. Zahn acually named Coruscant.

    • P dump says:

      Hey I’m thinking about getting Bf2 for the PC (I have it for the Xbox and PSP already, but the Mods for the PC are insane!), but it’s so expensive just to find it on the PC for a resonable price, so I was thinking of getting it from Does anyone know if the Mods will work with this version? Please reply. Thanks.

  29. Mitzfah says:

    @ vadersdemise_93

    I got like 4 or 5 books in then stopped for some reason. I should reread them.

  30. @P dump

    That would be a awesome to have a novelist to write a video game. It’s been done already for a few games, and they turned out pretty good so far.
    But I believe in one of the Jedi Knight games you could play as the Chiss (which Thrawn is), so does that mean LA plans to incorporate the Chiss into a video game?


    Yea the “Jedi Shadow” is one of my favorite ones. It combines 3 of the books in one big book. When I started the series I could not stop till the end!

  31. mitzfah says:

    @ P dump


    @ vadersdemise_93

    I read some of those young jedi knights tales they are pretty good. i liked them alot.

  32. P dump says:

    @ vader.
    I never read the young Jedi knight series because they didn’t come very recomended. I thought that all timothy zahns stuff is really good.
    He should write a video game. Think what would happen if LA hired novelist to write a video game. Good idea eh.

  33. Outbound Flight was ok… not great. A good one is: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor!!!

    The Star Wars Young Jedi Knight tales are amazing btw. 😀

  34. P dump says:

    @ Mitzfah. Here’s the link. It’s acually a comic, their kinda hard to come by.
    I would really recommend this one if you haven’t read it.

    Hope I helped.

  35. Mitzfah says:


    Which novel did this happen? I would like to read it.

  36. seth says:

    i really hope this game comes out

  37. P dump says:

    @ Sidious1264.
    Too complicated for a game. I just think they’ll make it to where he was presumed dead, and went into exile on Nar Shadda. (That’s what it looks like in the trailer.) And supporting himself as a arena contestant. We do know it seems like he’s having allegiance problems.

    @ admin. I noticed the new page format that you had here for a moment. It was great that you could reply to each others comments, but it just took so long to find the latest comments. Maybe that same thing exept a FirstLast page option.

  38. Sidious1264 says:


    It is just about possible for him to return apparently. In the novels that tell the stories of Luke Skywalker fighting the Imperial Seperatists there is a point where Palpatine’s own Ghostly spirit reincarnates himself a mortal body at a Cloning Facility in the Sith worlds. Luke apparently fought him and then turned to the darkside with the intention of learning the dark forces from Palpatine to destroy him properly. But his tasks take him down a dark path that Yoda warned him about and it is up to Leia to face him and turn him back.

    Point is if the Jedi and Sith are able to find their way to the part of the force that Qui-Gon did, then STARKILLER can try and reincarnate himself like Palpatine apparently does.

    For information on these novels check Luke Skywalkers profile on WOOKIEPEDIA.

  39. P dump says:

    @ vader. As I said before, you can create pages. But the main reason is cause its so easy.

  40. DEREK says:

    Battlefront Forever.

  41. @P dump

    What are the benefits of an account besides the hiding of my iP?

  42. collegefan77 says:

    thnks wenis

  43. BaneOfBison says:

    Wow. When you view a close up of the control scheme picture it shows you just how updated the controls are. They were apparently using the left trigger to zoom in, but I wonder if it is the same “zoom in formula” as Modern Warfare 2. With that game the only way to shoot was zoomed in. The leaked gameplay for BF3 appeared to have not have that though.

  44. donhomerj says:

    it´s to expensive, to let it die, i think more, they dont want to tell us, because it would couse problems for them. Means, either its embarrassing 4 them, or they self dont know what happens.

  45. P dump says:

    @ vadersdemise_93. You can edit pages but can’t start them, and you IP address will be seen by everyone. It’s easy just to start an account though.

  46. coru says:

    I don’t think it’s dead. Why???

    I don’t think it is dead because they are trying to keep it away from us. They want us to think its dead so we will settle down and forget about the footage and crap. But it will come i hope

  47. I dont have a wikipedia account lol! Can i just edit it as a guest? or no?

  48. P dump says:

    To whom all it may concern.

    So far I have Space Geek, vadersdemise_93, Recneps, and myself. Would someone like to start the page for me?

    Then just start editing like mad.

  49. Theman says:

    Whoops what i meant to say is that if you watch the light ending he just lies there on the floor none said he was dead he is just presumed dead

  50. TheMan says:

    Well Everyone Is Confused About Star killer Living Well If He Managed To Pull Down A Star Destroyer I Am Sure He Had No Trouble Stopping A Star fighter That Fell On Him

  51. Space Geek says:

    I have a wikipedia acount, what can i do to help?

  52. Wenis says:

    The force unleashed trailer isn’t in 1280p or anything. It is 1280HD, meaning 1280×720 (720p), and a lower “720” version, meaning 720×480

  53. EID444 says:

    Force unleased 2? Yeah right, Dont u know that starkiller is dead at the end. Im sick of the cartoon clone wars games and the other ones. We need a new BF3 for PS3. We had BF2 for PS2. I just hope they make it as good or better than kotor online. Elite said it had lots of custom stuff. YEAH RIGHT all u got was everthing from the last game. All u got that was new was a force pike and staff. What happend to lightsabers and force powers and 1000 guns, ships, custom clothe?,gender and species?Plus all the maps

  54. EID444 says:

    Also we need lightsabers for our own characters/units with lots of different force powers. So we can create a jedi/sith with all kinds of lightsabers with different colours, so if u want u can have 2 single lightsabers or curved hilt like the count with lots of clothes and stuff. Also I miss destroyer droid and super battle droids built in blaster with rockets. And why cant we have 2 blasters in both hands? But they should add gender change and more species. Not everyone is male in starwars or human.

  55. @ StarWarsNerd

    Its always a possibility, as Sony is soon to launch a 3D tv.

  56. P dump says:

    @ vadersdemise_93 & admin.
    Well, the wiki was deleted because it wasn’t considered a notable site. So before I recreate the page I need, 1. Another noteable site refering to you or info. this site found, and, 2. Everyone who has a wikipedia account here to help.

    I’ll let you know when I get the page back up. Thanks.

  57. Space Geek says:

    I suppose all we can do right now is wait.
    Keep signing the pitition!

  58. Wenis says:


    Nah thats not me. I don’t even have an ipod or iphone lol

  59. StarWarsNerd says:

    A little off topic, but if you look at the Force Unleashed 2 website (, there is a trailer for the game available in 1280 HD. Could it be that the Force Unleashed sequel will be in 1280p? Since the Playstation 3 and X-Box 360 can’t play at that definition, are we looking at a new line-up of consoles in the near future? Maybe an online update to play a new host of 1280p games? Maybe Lucasarts is trying to pioneer 1280p games, beginning with the Force Unleashed 2 and possibly Battlefront 3. But whatever the case, we’d probably have to see a new line of 1280 TV’s become widely available first. Anyway, just speculation.

  60. Recneps says:

    Friends, BF3 Fans, countrymen, lend me your ears!

    I and P dump are right now in the middle of recreating the page! All help is much appreciated! PLEASE HELP! the deletion was caused by the lack of people working on it and just the fact that wiki is just so strict!

  61. EID444 says:

    Also u should get the class jedi/sith with lightsabers and force powers. And the type and style of lightsaber, like double, single, curved or 2 single. Change the colour of it. Cloaks hoods u name it. And mix yr army, instead of clones vs droids u can have stormtroopers and jedi vs droids and sith or jedi vs sith like kotor. Hell why not jawas and every other being in starwars in more heros with no timelimit just health and if he dies u have to wait ages before u get them again.

  62. EID444 says:

    Hope BF3 does come out and that theres more features in it, plus new storyline based not on rebels but maybe on a jedi/darkjedi who is in all battles just before battle for naboo to the downfall of the republic and the empire. Plus bigger maps many different starfighters/tanks e.g. and all maps from old games plus more. More capitial ships and different ones, see them blow up and other stuff to that u can repair with r2 units. And finaly a large customisation of units appearances like species, gender.

  63. @ P dump

    The wiki is deleted… why?
    I could have edited it :'(

  64. P dump says:

    Hey if we want to keep the page on wiki, we need lots of edits from different people.

  65. P dump says:

    Here, someone please delete the speedy deletion box. I can’t do it because I made it.
    Correct anything I got wrong. Thanks.

  66. @ P Dump

    Can you link us to the wiki!! Thanks in advance 😀

  67. collegefan77 says:

    Hey Wenis, not to be off topic but do you have a “Vampires Live” account on the iphone/ipod touch from the maker “Storm 8”

  68. P dump says:

    @ admin. Can you give me a link to that logo you made again? Thanks.

    P.S. wiki page is up. Edit as you please.

  69. @ Recneps

    That site is old dude. That info can not be legit as thats been up for a long time, and we know that bf3 is not a 360 exclusive game.


    There is definitely hope! We will find out this 2010 if BF3 will be born and fill our fantasy’s to what it once was during the rule of BF1 and 2.

    VIVA LA BF3!

  70. irelavv says:

    lol seems like the BF saga won’t die in my opinion.Thanks for the link Buggzy – it looks like the bf2 and bf3 websites were created in October 2004.However, bf4 , bf5 AND bf6 were created February 2008.
    Don’t know for you all but I’m glad that at least they registered the sites – there’s some hope right?

  71. @ Buggzy

    Thats old news dude lol!

  72. Recneps says:

    well I was just on this site and well it must be just big fan or… well you tell me!

  73. P dump says:

    Thanks admin. Could I ask some info ’bout the sight though; when was it made ex. or once I set up the page you can just enter it yourself. Also if I could use that logo you photoshopped up (Bf1 cover with the stars around it- looks pretty cool). Thanks.

  74. I was trying sherching the internet when i typed took that to and found that link

  75. Port 420 says:

    Free Radical did not finish SWBF3, just because you saw a video doesn’t mean squat. Free Radical went bankrupt during their failure-to-complete problems, forcing LucasArts to go in there and completely remove it from this defunct company. Most likely, Rebellion games UK (not EA or near-extinction Pandemic), which made the PSP Battlefront games will be the designer now, and in all likelyhood it had to be re-done from the ground up.

  76. The Man says:

    where did you get that infomation from ???

  77. Secllipse says:

    cant we just acknowledge the fact that the bf3 we know turned into Elite Squadren… and it seems to me that the would be storyline of bf3 is also in i personally can imagine that they have already/will start this game from scratch. With a different storyline and perhaps more or less features..i am extremely optimistic because i find it hard to believe that they would just give up on bf3 after the first *try* being so far along. Also, maybe they did decide to put in on the back burner for a while and have been re-invigorated to renew the project and therefor in my opinion Nov. 2010 seems very, very realistic to me. Lucasarts is making some bad decisions right now but i imagine they would be so stupid not to cash in this game, lol its like activision never making a MW game again. And also i think we should give credit to Pandamic for making fantastic games (-LOTR Conquest 🙁 ) and while i think Pandamic should never make another battlefront game, i do think we lost a great developer. R.I.P. Pandamic. Bf3 Free Radical Style FTW!!!

  78. The Man says:

    How and where did you get that info from ????

  79. hot dam this is the only thing i ever ask for and it will out august 5, 2010 i guess since they said in the fall.

  80. Taylor says:

    It’s a shame the project went down the toilet

  81. Ben says:

    I would really hate for this game to die. I have ES for psp and it is awesome and battlefront 3 is supposed to be much better. but i dont like the 12 map deal though

  82. PVC says:

    i remember first seeing the leaked video and thinking…screw MW2! then when free radiacl died and SWB3 was Supposedly trashed, i was totally put down. Now hearing all you guys speculating that it could all be a huge cover-up just gives me a little more hope that this game will come out. I mean it is a possibility that it is being covered up because if we saw any part of the game before it was released, ourminds would explode from the pure awesomeness!!lol

  83. P dump says:

    @ admin. Yes there is but I’m asking to set up a wiki page for this website.

  84. Ana says:

    If the game ever comes out hope they finally add melee attack button. 🙁

  85. Ace says:

    …I just want this game to come out already…For the Wii :)…Will be better than MW:R…

  86. @ admin. Actually the BF3 wikipedia page took down a lot of info on BF3 sometime this week… I wonder why…

  87. P dump says:

    @ admin. Would you mind if I set up a wikipedia page for this site? I understand if you don’t want that so I thought I’d check first.

  88. Dredgon says:

    OMFG, so badass! 2010 will be the best year in gaming yet!!!!!

  89. Scott says:


    Not sure why but on the home page all the titles to the different articles show as the normal version and the HTML. Instead of italics is the word is with open and closed italics like is. Anywho it’s not a problem for me just letting you know. I’m running firefox 3.5.5

  90. AndyFett55 says:

    Cody, it doesn’t look like it until well into next year. It’s very disapointing.

  91. @ Cody

    We will find out next year dude 😀

  92. Cody says:

    SO is it gonna be comming out or no

  93. Scott says:


    Otherwise I agree, as long as they got the game mechanics and level design tighter. BF 1 was great but I had problems with the second. The Jet Trooper in particular was terrible in the second. But I guess we should wish for the game 1st a good one second.

    Ya, I remember that. I used the odd time in Mos Eisley because I liked to fly around in First-Person but other than that I preferred 3rd person. Plus if it was marketed as a FPS it would be competing with Halo and Modern Warfare. Which it would then most likely fail.

  94. witchunter180 says:

    @da dude: Its not quite the same as Elite Squadron (yes, I was crazy enough to buy it, though I do enjoy it strangely).

    Although, on that note, the space level-layout on Elite is a little more complex (3-4 spawn points on the ships) but more plain planet-side map. Also, and this ticks me off about Elite, is that the ships are set in quick battle (always frigates, and fighters and shuttles, no Venators, Sd’s, no bombers… just Acclamators and Nebulons, and ties and v-wings)

  95. @ Tom

    I feel your pain dude. But dont play the Battlefield 2142 mod.. i have and its not that good… at all lol!

    Get COD4 for pC and get the new Battlefront mod for it.. it should be out soon.. im not going to get it but im just saying it because its a good equivalent.

  96. da dude says:

    Maybe there is a reason for delay besides the collapse of Free Radical, maybe they are trying to add content since some of the same maps from BF3 were packaged in Elite Squadron such as from the screenshot of Courascant, it was the same map for the psp title from the looks of it.

  97. Tom says:

    Man, screw this battlefront 3 game… I have waited long enough and I am just through with this… there are so many other games that can keep me busy

    If you really want a mediocre equivalent of BF3, try the first strike mod, which is a battlefield 2142 – star wars total conversion, with space battles and even flyable frigates… this along with other decent (announced) games would keep me busy for a long time… until lucas arts arrives on the verge of bancruptcy and eventually releases a BF3 game… be it a mutated FR POS or some random portable game

    Why lucasarts…WHY cancel BF3??

  98. Revolver_Ocelot says:


    Note marked. I think I was too specific: so, okay, this would have been one of the best shooters ever released.

  99. witchunter180 says:

    I wonder if these were from an in-house demo (like the one we see from the leaked video). Som demos’ loading screens use template screens in leiu of normal ones. Just a hunch though.

  100. Sidious1264 says:

    These screenshots were nothing more than a template. The actual game had a way to go and that is why LA chooses TFU over a more promising series. Like Vader they choose the quick and easy path (Focusing on a game closer to being released.)

  101. says:


    BF2 it was optional. You could do first or third person. i prefer 3rd, but my friend prefers first person.

  102. Ryan says:

    But think about the change in name. Are they trying to through us off the trail of the game. I think lucasarts faked the games death and are working on it where we(the fans) Can’t track its progress.

  103. Scott says:


    The thought of battlefront being based as a FPS scares me. I would hope that you don’t know what an FPS is or just didn’t realize what you said. Not to be rude but battlefront is a 3rd Person Shooter. It’s the way it was intended and it was the way it was made.

  104. Scortch 2486 says:

    Honestly I do not think this game is dead because Lucas owns the rights to the game. All they had to do was either get Crytek to work on it or buy the game and the technology off of free radicals hands and either finish it themselves or get someone else to do it. I think when we finally get Battlefront 3 it will be very similar to the version we see here but with a few different alterations most likely with the amount of planets, multiplayer, and the amount of classes. But now I figure it is only a waiting game until it is announced and we see some sort of gameplay.

  105. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Thank you very much @admin and I think these screen shots look legitamite and I hope they will be featured in our long awaited Battlefront 3

  106. Space Geek says:

    12 plantets?????
    I would like at least 25!!!!
    then space maps+additional maps for campagain and stuff!

  107. Wenis says:

    Hey admin, I don’t know if you saw this one either, another animation reel (it was at the bottom of my post so you may have missed it).

    But to everyone asking why LucasArts didn’t release it, I remember reading an article from an ex Free Radical guy back in January. He said he wasn’t too sure why LucasArts never gave them a release date either, though he said it might have been because of all the money it would have taken to market the game. Because keep in mind this all happened right after the stupid recession began… and it would have taken $millions to market such a big game like this.

  108. silverdart says:

    Someone posted a youtube video compiling these screenshots:

  109. Bf fan says:

    This sure is awesome, but where’s the battlefront III they’re making now?! And can it equal this?

  110. DorkTrooper says:

    Looks kinda crappy.

  111. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Awesome find and @admin some reason I am not getting the confirmation email to get on the forums

  112. Tyler says:

    Lucasarts better be working their @$$ off on this, i doubt it though they are just after the money.

    • Tony says:

      Hey I love Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 and I really want 3 and I have never played any other game more then the Battlefronts and it looks cool as hell the way they are making it but what I think would be super awesome is if they let you upgrade the armor and guns like you could make your armor have camouflage or upgraded armor and also put like a scope or cool other effects and attachments on there weapons and it would cost like points to unlock and get them and how to get points is by taking planets, killing troops and doing objectives and minor objectives and that would be like FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! I would so be a Clone Trooper with upgraded armor and with a burst shot blaster and you could completely customize the troops and all the other classes but not the jedi or sith though I think that they are awesome the way they are doing them and to completely customize the class you use would be AWESOME!!! but thats just my opinion I love STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3 🙂

  113. donhomerj says:

    lol interresting, I wrote Crytek an email, whether they work on BF3. I got a clear no. Now another Crytek employees´s writing me, the same as EA, that they cannot talk about those project they´re working or not working on. Hmm is EA putting Crytek under pressure, to say nothing about EA is working on it ? hehe bad one EA, a Crytek Employees already told me, that Crytek isnt working on BF3, so why write me again ? Oo

  114. Revolver_Ocelot says:

    Well, after seeing this awsome pictures the only question in my mind is: WHY? This game had everything to rock and, with some luck, to be amongst the best FPS games ever released. I can’t help but try to imagine why would LA can this project when it was about to be finished… It just doesn’t make sense!

  115. Ryan says:

    Even though its a small thing, I’m am ecstatic on the controls. Not only is it left button aim, but it’s customisable! Its a shame it went, but I shan’t give up hope. Wherever it is, lets hope it lives up to these expectations.

  116. Ryan says:

    I think that lucasarts is afraid that star wars could be getting boring. But how could they let this game go into a coma.

    The game Forces of Corruption was an expansion pack to the computer strategy game star wars empire at war.

  117. P dump says:

    Hey 12 planets in this and ES. That screenshot is of Coruscant. Seemed to break away from the past installents style a bit, but hey, it’s next Gen.

  118. Mark says:

    I dont get why they didnt release the one with free radical?
    I mean they have screen shots videos picture. If the only reason they didnt release the game is because free radical went out their out of their minds!!!
    unless they never finished the game.
    but two years in production I should playing the game right now!!!

    Kmon LucasArts HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Mr.Waiting for SWBIII says:

    I hate the fact that this game was not released back in march.
    or that they couldnt finish it and put up on the market before free radical went out.
    but with pandmeic refuting the game I dont how its possibly going to look good when it comes.
    even though most of LucasArts games come out great, with pandemic gone I have very LOW expectations on how good this game will be.
    I love Battlefront and the day it comes out (soposivly nov 2010
    as this site said.) I’ll probobly be first in line.
    but still im not going to expect alot out of SWBIII.
    but keep on updating this site because like I said “first in line.”

  120. That salvador guy who did that small BF3 animation… he had some drawings… that had ladies… naked…. Should we trust this guy? Looks like hes a P E D O.

  121. mitzfah says:

    Why would they cancel a game that is this close to being done. If FR’s version was so close to being finished why would they cancel it? Maybe the are just saying its dead and its really not. It would just be stupid to completely redo the game from scratch.

  122. mitzfah says:

    they were so close to being done. how could LA cancel FR’s bf3. it would of been so awesome. Maybe they say its dead but its not. I mean why would they cancel a game that is so close to being done?

  123. Jacob says:

    Twelve planets? Really? That’s all they can do? I’d be more satisfied if they had, say, 15 planets. Not counting the vertical battlefront capital ship stuff.

  124. andyfett55 says:

    How did this die? A game that comes this far just can’t die. It almost makes me wonder if EA got nervous that this game would be too good so they bought it themselves.

  125. Yodasrevenge7 says:

    This looks awesome! too bad Free Radical’s BF3 is dead. This could definitely compete with COD or Halo

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