The 12 days of Christmas.. Star Wars…. more waiting + New Concept Renders

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Well, it’s now December 1st, which means that there is 12 days until we hopefully get what we are all wishing and hoping for… our Battlefront 3. What a nice Christmas present that would be for all of us from LucasArts. But again, many people think that we are just holding our breath for no reason, that we won’t be getting what we want. All that we can do now is just wait, and what makes it worse is that there is absolutely no hints on what game it is, no one seems to be leaking anything.

While says:

Well, crap. Now we have a reason to watch the Spike Video Game Awards. See, while we can live without the WORLD EXCLUSIVE trailers for next year’s big releases, we don’t think we can skip out on the unveiling of a new Star Wars game in good conscience.

According to the latest teaser, viewers of the 2009 Spike VGAs will be able to find out “what’s next” for the Star Wars gaming franchise. We’ve got our fingers triple-crossed for a new Jedi Outcast entry.

A new Jedi Outcast would be pretty cool, but as long as there is a possibility of Battlefront 3, the hell with anything else!

Here’s the information on the new concepts and renders (which im sure you have already seen because i’m a little late posting them):

Last week saw the discovery of various concept sketches and in-engine renders, and now we’ve got a boatload of additional in-game assets including early concept rooms, texture layouts, and wire-frame renders, all unmarked yet giving off that ever familiar Star Wars glow. Not exactly the best looking images, but considering they represent early, unfinished development, a pass is granted. If the general look of the art doesn’t scream George Lucas, the unmistakable cantina (possibly on Tatooine), and Imperial turret might convince you. The work comes from the personal portfolios of Alistair Burn, former artist at Free Radical, and Samir Battistotti, artist for Crytek UK, both having worked on a “project” for LucasArts.

Thanks to and our good friends at

*These images have been temporarily removed*

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  1. Free PS3 3D says:

    Adding this PS3 info to my blog if thats ok dude.

  2. Laticspieman says:

    @p dump. Yeah the ps3 3d will use glasses and then with the new motion sensing that will be epic!!!!!!!!!

  3. Justin says:

    Scott, just because the game might get a late release doesnt mean that they havent already been working on it. For example, when modern warfare 2’s teasers came out it took them a little less than a year to release it. I could at least say that it would probably come out 2010 or at least early 2011 considering the time it takes to make most games.

  4. P dump says:

    @ Laticspieman.
    Yeah, I know those. But hows that work with a PS3, you wear glasses and dodge things flying out of the screen toward you?
    Hmmm. That would be cool and wierd at the same time.

  5. BaneOfBison says:

    I bet spike paid them to get the announcement on THEIR crappy show. But I will have to record it because I will be at Star Wars in Concert!

  6. Laticspieman says:

    @ p dump do you seriously not know what 3d is? You know 3d glasses to see films in 3d?????

  7. P dump says:


    What is 3d? I’m thinking of getting a PS3 for BF3 (and a couple others).

  8. Laticspieman says:

    ps3 is getting 3d in a few months so maybe it could be called battlefront 3d man that would be sweet! But as I said earlier by the end of the week there will be great news or terrible news e.g force unleashed 2! To be honest I would still enjoy knights of old republic 3 though:)

  9. P dump says:

    The teaser is tagged for Xbox360, PS3, and Wii.
    PS3 and Wii have free online play.

  10. Laticspieman says:

    I don’t see how xbox has any better online than ps3 but let’s not start a fanboy war! Anyone who has a ps3 and wants battlefront 3 is welcome on my friends list on psn just send me a friend request and I shall add you:) But only a few days till we know about battlefront 3! I think it will be battlefront 3:) or force unleashed 2:(

  11. Alderondestroyerer says:

    Some new developments? One site that outed some of the newest stuff interviewed a former FR staff member (one whose stuff was leaked and then taken down). Looks like not everything , as said, was tied to the game after all.

  12. mitzfah says:

    I’d rather play it on the xbox 360. online would be much, much better. I played bf1 and bf2 on the xbox. if it is announced on friday it will probably be multi platform.

  13. vadersdemis_93 says:

    @ P dump

    On ps3 if you press Triangle on your name you can press Leave Comment, which in other words is your Status. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. P dump says:

    @ Laticspieman.
    What do you mean by change our comments to psn?
    And what have you been doing?

  15. vadersdemis_93 says:

    Hell.. i just bought my PS3 for BF3…. and i bought the slim one.. thinking that BF3 would be made.

  16. Laticspieman says:

    For the last 2 months my ps3 comment has been make battlefront 3! I know lucasarts won’t see it but I am trying to make people remember the good times before rebellion mucked up the brand with the portable titles! Hopefully this will lead more people to sign petitions and such! I hope u could all change your comments on live or psn! I think I speak for everyone when I say lucasarts doing their copyrights is either promising or removing the fact it even existed! Is the announcement gonna be shown on any websites as I guess which ever game comes out will feature a trailer.

  17. P dump says:

    D. URGE is a negative vibe, that’s not good.(KH3 = Kingdom Hearts 3 for those who don’t know.) URGE, I’d rather have a BF3 and so would you and you know it. And KH3 will only be on PS3 FYI. And if they say that BF3 coming out, I’m buying a PS3 that second or sooner. (I’m gonna get one anyways, just a possability makes me wanna get one.)

  18. doe the pic thing work?

  19. Space Geek says:

    O yeah now im signed in again
    It was wierd i couldnt sign in…..
    7 more days….
    If battlefront 3 does get announced im emidiatly buying a X-box 360 for the game.

  20. 3rd Generation Grevious says:

    I tried to tell you guys bout the copyright… Oh well. But it would be pointless to remove because then we couldn’t see them anyway. But this is a good thing as P dump said! I finally got to see a commercial for the awards. I’m not looking forward to it but if BF3 is coming out, its not worth missing!

  21. D. Urge says:

    whoops I ment Cant in that last comment.

  22. D. Urge says:

    frankly, i think all hope for a Bf3 title should be forgotten. not to be a debbie downer, but the chance of bf3 being announced anytime soon is slim to none (let alone december 12th.) If anything at all from the looks of of it, a BF title PERIOD being announced seems illogical. Not to say i don’t wish for one. but anyway, back to fantasizing over a possible KH3.

    Oh! and that stuff w/ the copyright laws: I think little P Dumpity might be on to something there. You can kill the facts that someone doesn’t like it that we are snooping around.

    (typed on wii)

  23. P dump says:

    I’d thought I’d take some time to examine some statistics.

    The Force Unleashed boast the fastest selling Star Wars game of all time. It’s sold over 6 million units in about 9 months.

    Battlefront 2 has also sold over 6 million units. (I couldn’t get a date for that stat, but chances are it took longer.)

    *But now, lets think about this, that is that, The Force Unleashed was released on 7 systems. BF2; 4 systems.
    *TFU had a more extesive advertising, and was released in more places than BF2.

    So it makes perfect sense that TFU would sell more, and it was a cool game, but BF2 is better. I think that BF3 would outsell TFU even if it was on less systems.

    We all want it, LucasArts probably even wants it, so why don’t they make it? It’s only logical.

  24. vadersdemise_93 says:

    When I clicked on Sign in, it just went to the log in screen. It did not say “Sign Up” anywhere. Yea I may sign up on the forums here sometime!

  25. P dump says:

    It’ didn’t give an option to sign in, just log in. Yeah, thanks for taking my advice but it wasn’t very good after all.

    Anyhow, how’d all that whole copyright thing go for everyone.
    I noticed that images were removed from here and everywhere else they were.

    @ admin what did that guy who wanted to talk to you say? Who was he? And the portfolios of the artist’s that everyone got those renders from give emails.

  26. admin says:

    Yeah, I figured something was up. What did it say when you tried to sign in? Don’t forget, we do have forums you can sign up for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Thank you admin!!!!!!! The sign in thing did not work! I was like:”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” lol! its better this way ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. P dump says:

    Well, once again we see we’re hot on the trail of something. I mean with THE MAN filing us on copyright laws. (At least this means we’re notable.) Sorry ’bout the cool video vadersdemise_93.

    @ admin. I think you should have people file for an nickname, instead of just the subject of their comment. Keep track of who’s who.

    The 12th is only a week away- then maybe we can finally sort through some of this mess.

  29. vadersdemise_93 says:

    OK I think its ok now.

  30. vadersdemise_93 says:

    I just got filed for Copyright Infringement……
    I can get out of it though… a guy on youtube said I had to delete my video though.
    Apparently the guy who messaged me on youtube owned the rights to some of the pictures. I can’t give anymore detail than that, sorry.

    This is not a joke at all….
    So please don’t visit my video link, and Admin if you can please delete the link to my video for now… I really don’t want anyone on my channel until maybe later on in Sunday.


  31. Fenrix 35 says:

    I checked out the teaser for LA’s spike announcement. Didn’t
    really show much, lots of lightsabers. I did notice elements from republic and imperial eras though “Count dooku, atst” so thats is a good sign.

  32. Fenrix 35 says:

    I really dont think LA would be dumb enough to not make a BF3 eventually. BF2 was so huge and BF3 would be even bigger. Its just a matter of time. If they take extra time to make it right, then Im not complaining. I would rather wait a while then get a crappy game.
    Still fingers crossed for saturday.

  33. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Ohhh dang!!! I think i need to take down my video right?

  34. BF3_work says:

    The two comments just above were looked at but no one contacted me. Do I need to resort to other methods, to establish contact?

  35. BF3_work says:

    Please can a moderator contact me about the work above.

  36. BF3_work says:

    Work from the following website is not BF3 work, but personal work.

  37. You know says:

    You should probably remove the images from this site, and just link to them/their source. It seems some of the FR staff whose stuff was posted are getting pissed off, because sites are getting cease & desist letters ordering the images yanked. Would hate for that to happen here.

  38. vadersdemise_93 says:

    once again, For sure P dump (lol!!! xP). FR really made BF3 one of the best games, i have seen, as well as many others have seen. They really out did them selves. Lucasarts was very, very immature not to help them with money, not only did Lucasarts loose many fans when BF3 was canceled, a lot of people started boycotting their goods. Honestly, as I have stressed before, if this ain’t BF3, Lucasarts ain’t got me. I will boycott them… and think about it… this will be a second disappointment to those BF3 fans that want it… now you don’t want to see those folks angry.

  39. P dump says:

    I hereby say, in light of recent events, that the Battlefront III that we’ve seen be called FR’s (Free Radical’s) BFIII.
    Since anything we get won’t be the same. Maybe LA’s just afraid
    that anything they put out won’t be as good.

  40. 3rd Generation Grevious says:

    You know if Free radicals version is dead then they might as well leak everything they had.

  41. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Ohh yea for sure P dump… they said it was not a port from any previous Battlefront… BF3 was not part of that group… its a port from BF3… a horribly done one at that.

    Also, Rebellion did make a BF3 to present to Lucasarts, when they got the BF3 project, but they made BF3 using ps2 engine, and neither they nor lucasarts though it was good. Sooooo yea ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. P dump says:

    If we see any Bf3, it won’t be what we’ve seen. I agree that Rebellion put their Bf3 tec. on the PSP ES.

  43. Scott says:

    “BF3 is not completely dead; LucasArts took the title in after Free Radical collapsed and passed it to a new studio to help share the workload, Rebellion, but then they were taken off the project too. They got the contract because they pitched a demo of the game using BF2โ€™s tech, but were unable to deliver it in time, so LA took the game in-house, and what Rebellion were going to do became the PSP/DS release. Pandemic had the chance to work on it, but rumors of their closure after Saboteur prevented it.”

    As great as that all is most of it rumour. It’s unsure of what really happened to BF3. I don’t know. I just have a bad feeling about the franchise and I also think that it might be gone forever with the hopes and dreams of young mean Free Radical and Pandemic.

  44. vadersdemise_93 says:

    They are very secretive… its getting to the point when someone is too secretive, they are really obvious.

  45. Space Geek says:

    nice vid vader
    I incourage all to KEEP PLAYING SWBF2 ONLINE>!!!
    popularity of swbf2 will prove critcal; as to wheater lucasaarts make SWBF3!!!!!
    KEEP PLAYING I PLAY almost everyday.

  46. maybe they scracth it off 2 develup a new story line than ES

  47. 3rd Generation Grevious says:

    Why won’t Lucasarts just tells us whats going on? It would be extremely nice to know what they’re doing like once a month maybe every 3… Just to keep us informed and calm down some confusion…

  48. donhomerj says:

    yes ๐Ÿ™‚ they have XD.
    and PS : nice vid ๐Ÿ™‚ really nice XD

  49. What I've heard says:

    BF3 is not completely dead; LucasArts took the title in after Free Radical collapsed and passed it to a new studio to help share the workload, Rebellion, but then they were taken off the project too. They got the contract because they pitched a demo of the game using BF2’s tech, but were unable to deliver it in time, so LA took the game in-house, and what Rebellion were going to do became the PSP/DS release. Pandemic had the chance to work on it, but rumors of their closure after Saboteur prevented it.

    Whether or not we get a true BF3 is not a question, it’s a question of when. 2011 looks like it, since next fall is TFU2, but the game has absolutely nothing to do with anything we’ve seen/heard regarding Free Radical’s version. That includes the Dark Ben Kenobi stuff – all of that is gone.

  50. vadersdemise_93 says:

    OMG OMG OMG GUYS!!!!!!

    YOU NEED TO READ THIS… Tell me if this is pure BS or what not.

    Apparently this guy was part of Free Radical, most likely laid off this is what he said on a site:

    written by Former Free Radical, December 02, 2009
    “Haha…I use to work for free radical design and these images/assets are not from the Lucas arts project we were working on, the project that is rumoured to be BF III.The main reason why so many ex free radical employees has Star Wars related assets in their portfolio is because they created these assets when they were applying for jobs at Free Radical. =D”

    Go here to see for your self:

    Is this guy just a fake wannabe? or does this sound legit?
    I my self don’t want to believe it, and declare it pure BS.

  51. 3rd Generation Grevious says:

    Has Lucasarts even said a word about the new game?

  52. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Thanks guys!!! :D!!!

    Yes I do see the emails in fine print! Here I can read the flawlessly. But those emails may be shut down? I’m not sure.

    Once again thanks for watching my vid :)!!!

  53. 3rd Generation Grevious says:

    To Vadersdemise_93

    Wow. Nice video! Good way to keep people up to date with SBF3!

  54. P dump says:

    @ vadersdemise_93.
    Very good, much better than most of the other renders I’ve seen. (I would guess that it was Vjun too. But I wonder where dark Obi-Wan fits in?) However, I would like to know if you, or anyone else read the fine print on those photos. I picked out at least one email address, and several names. Might be worth a shot to email some of these people.

    @ admin. Would it be possible that you could email those addresses?

  55. admin says:

    That’s pretty good! If you want to send it to me, I’ll host it here in my next post, just in case Youtube yanks it again.

  56. James again says:

    I think this could be it lads. Free Radical in the majority was “absorbed” into Crytek. and don’t blame me, but these look sn awful lot like a BF3ish game to me. AT-AT, Slave 1, AAT and concepts for rooms, I’d say Dec 12th, we will be pleased….

  57. Paul Y says:

    Wave of the hand “you will announce BF3”

  58. donhomerj says:

    hmm, and one thing, the vehicles have very less polygons. When u see a car in crysis sandbox 2, it has much more… thats why I think, those concepts are really old, because the low polygons, and the shaders.

  59. donhomerj says:

    i just need the link XD or am i too silly to fidn it ? Oo

  60. DMC COMMANDO says:

    I’ve played the first BF, and BF2, man they better release this game. I’ve been waiting for a long time for this. Man it all started when Free Radical shut down, due to a reasons (which i can’t think at the top of my head for the moment), now Pandemic Studios was shutdown, the creators of BF 1 and BF 2. If there is going to be a limited edition or a box with stuff from BFIII including the game, I’m buying it. I’ve been waiting for this game ever since i played BF 2.

  61. Ironman21 says:

    Vadersdemise, do you have alink to it?

  62. That one guy says:

    Trying to be optimistic, I could see these turning into BFIII. However… over the past two years or so, my LucasArts faith has been shaken. Still, if we see BFIII on the 12th, my faith in the force will be restored.

  63. Scott says:

    0.3% 2010, 10% 2011, 30% 2012, 47.7% we will never see it

    You gotta take into account development time. Free Radical closed and everyone was pretty much destroyed. They gotta make a new game. So about 2 years if they start now.

  64. P dump says:

    @admin. Crytek UK = Free Radical. For the Record I mean.

  65. vadersdemise_93 says:

    GUYS!!! Check out my new video i made with ever BF3 RENDER!! Please rate or just tell me what you though about it :D! I hope you like it!!!

    Ohh yea and ADMIN! I linked them to this site :D! Because you update and get a lot of good info :D!

  66. admin says:

    @ P Dump. As far as I was informed, he was an ex-Free Radical employee.. perhaps he went from Free Radical to Crytek UK, either way the email is legit, it was confirmed by

  67. 3rd Generation Grevious says:

    I’m just wondering, but i would like to know what fans of SBF3 think the odds are of us getting to play it.

    I think 97% by 2011 2% by 2010 and 1% we won’t

  68. DarthKaszer says:

    I think i go on boycott and wont buy any more lucas art games until i know that battlefront 3 is being made.

  69. P dump says:

    Hey admin, on your last page you said that Red7 StandingBy contacted an EX-employee of Free Radical Design. Well I was looking at what had to say and here’s what they said:

    by Admin ยป November 27th, 2009, 10:02 pm

    A person known as Red7 StandingBy has emailed a Crytek UK Employee who worked on Battlefront III, who wishes to remain anonymous. In the reply the employee disclosed some information relating to Battlefront III. I have confirmed this information with my own email to the employee.

    Here, they say a ‘Crytek UK Employee’ was emailed by both Red7 StandingBy and Admin. A person CURRENTLY (I capitalize for emphasis, I’m not yelling) employed by Crytek UK. This may affect info interpatation. Could you clear it up?

    Also, my friend pointed out to me that LucasArts’ available ‘Multiplayer Networking Engineer’ must be able to work with PS3s and 360s because they may be planning to put TOR on those systems. I’ve heard this rumored when and before TOR was annouced. LucasArts said it would be a PC only release, but that may be the big annoucment.

  70. Battlefront III NOW says:

    These pictures bum me out. Im with adrian. Im not buying anymore lucasarts games until BF3 is on the shelves.

  71. P dump says:

    To vadersdemise_93.

    Will it be on youtube? Explain how… live action, clipped footage from 1 and 2, with the leaked footage of FR’s Battlefront 3.

    It’s a way to get LucasArts attention. I say we all do it.
    20 mil hits here we come.

  72. Battlefront 3 will be the best selling games of the year and vadersdemise where are u posting the video like u tube and can u tell me where you posted the bf3 video. BATTEFRONT 3 WILL RULE!!!!!

  73. vadersdemise_93 says:

    guys I am making a vid of BF3!! please watch it!!! Its a must see for the fans :D!

  74. 3rd Generation Grevious says:

    I can’t wait for SBF3 to come out! I f Lucasarts is going to come out with other sorts of games(not saying i dont like them but)they should do it later. I’ve been waiting. We all have been but still i think there is a small very small chance it will not come out. Only reason for that being what the ex-Free Radical person said… Still i think it will at the same time. It will make so much money. I can’t wait!

    Also i was looking for the leaked footage on other sites, and Lucasarts claimed some copyright, so mentioing this site has it in the petition might not be a good idea. They might claim the footage.

  75. P dump says:

    Argh! Propoganda, deception… and all that. Whatever, I think it’s real, and we have evidence that it DID exist. Hopefully I’m wrong and Free Radical’s awesome CryEngine 3 ran game didn’t get shipped to the PSP, and tranformed into some awful spin-off. But I sure hope that you’re wrong, and that LucasArts doesn’t mess it up.

  76. Scott says:

    As much as this might be considered blasphemous to Battlefront fans, I don’t think there will be a Battlefront 3. I mean how many years has it been since the last one? 4 or so anyway which is a long time but the developers did get closed down. IF they do announce it, there will probably be no Battlefront 3 until 2012. But again my hopes have been crushed. Prove me wrong Lucas Arts, prove me wrong.

  77. Adrian says:

    Battlefront 3 comes first:) Then they can consider any other Jedi outcast or Force unleashed 2. I wont buy any thing from Lucasarts before they have made Battlefront 3!

    God i love this site:)

    May the force be with BF3. The force will be strong on 12th. December.

  78. P dump says:

    For the record… there’s already kinda a fan made Jedi Knight 3 (Knights of the force) or something like that. But, you’re right BATTLEFRONT III and that’s ALL I WANT (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah :)).

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