Star Wars Legends? Is this what we’re getting…

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There have been a lot of propaganda going around that, this is what Lucas Arts will be releasing to us on Saturday during the SpikeTV Video Game Awards. At first, reports suggested that this, Star Wars Legends was some kind of trading card game, but it turns out that it is a video game after all (thanks Wenis).

Here is the trademark information for Star Wars Legends:

Click here

Also according to this classification site, it is most definitely going to be a video game:

Click here

This is definitely interesting.. I’m still hoping for Battlefront 3 of course, but I’m curious what this Star Wars Legends will entail.

Anybody have any idea’s on what we are in for, if the announcement turns out to be this, Star Wars Legends?

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  1. Oli says:

    Force Unleashed 2………………. 🙁

  2. Denal says:

    No BF3 or SW Legends… They made what I hoped they wouldn’t…

  3. Fenrix 35 says:

    LucasArts is going to turn a bunch of good fans to the dark side if they dont give us BF3. Give the fans what they want = lots of sales, thats not hard. Is it?

  4. AndyFett55 says:

    What do you mean code name thing. Could Legends be BF3 in disguise? Rouge Squadron was technically BF3, so this could be the next installment of the Battlefront series. Also the idea of this game being based on the TV show actally makes sense. Legends could be refering to the surviving Jedi. The tv show would most likely be on spike because the movies are played on spike monthly.

  5. vadersdemise_93 says:

    @ andyFett55… no that 3-D stuff was real lol!

    Yea I was BF3 as well… but I think the codename thing is not true anymore.. idk.. I really want BF3.

  6. collegefan77 says:

    thanks for clearing out the rating question I had, and I think you guys might be right Spike could just be announcing a T.V show at the awards. But why would they be talking about a T.V show on Spike? I think the show is going to be on Spike’s channel and there’s a video game based on the T.V show. Tell me what you think:)

  7. AndyFett55 says:

    This could all be a lie, like the supposed 3-D new trilogy. I have never heard of the site that this info came from. So BF3 could still be announced! But I’m doubting it now.

  8. AndyFett55 says:

    This really isn’t exciting me. I have a feeling that it will focus all on heroes and be like a Tekken game. Things were really falling into place for BF3 to be announced. All the hype and excitment really got me leaning toward BF3. I’m not going to bash this game till I see it, but that leaked footage of BF3 looked so amazing.

  9. Recneps says:

    Hahahaha!!!!!! I was just informed that that vid was for BFES

  10. Recneps says:

    Hey check out this vid on youtube I found it and it’s been around since October so some of you might have seen it but just watch it. It has really good graphics, but it just might be a fan made vid… so you decide.
    Here’s the link:

  11. Huggs1 says:

    Activision eyyyyyy? I hope it is going to be a call of duty battlefront type gam.

  12. Valen says:

    I’m so hoping this is a re-branded BF3 style game….. if we get another TFU game, I’m going to erect a Lucasarts logo in the middle of a pentagram and curse them for all eternity….

    Hoping this isn’t in a similar vein as X-Men Legends, the original Xbox game (and other platforms, I know sony fanboys). If it’s just another thing like that (i.e. Like republic heroes) another pentagram will be drawn up


  13. P dump says:

    Star Wars: Legends does sound like a T.V. show. But the OFLC has it listed as a video game. Maybe a game that follows the show?

    About the RTS thing I was talking about. I’m saying like with Halo Wars. What they did.

    Make no mistake though, I DO want BF3.

  14. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Well guys I found something very interesting out, if you did not already know. But…. <— This site is registered, but goes to a blank page.
    These 3 links actually redirect to the star wars main page… something is up. Did they plan to go ahead to a BF6????


    Also! Come to the BF3 Speculation chat!!!

  15. Jahad says:

    i’ve heard of this before..on my yputube account i subscribed to a user called darthvader12 and he told me that it was gonna be a project with lucasarts and activision….and if you look closely on the second link you’ll see..yes activision blizzard…listed as a developer…


    i know people can post random stuff but if you dont belive me just youtube the user..

    p.s he’s german so i used gogole translate to translate what he was going on about…

  16. vadersdemise_93 says:

    @ P dump

    The Live action star wars show is in fact not a rumor!!! Its going to be out sometime in 2011/2012! It will be set BBY during the dark times. Which sounds awesome.

    Also, an RTS MMO?! Lucasarts can not! and I mean NOT! Afford to do something that bad now. They need to pull out the BF3 card like I have said before.. or they are in deep trouble. If its not a good game, we can start by counting Lucasarts final days till bankruptcy, and the 12th may very well be the first day.

  17. Red7 StandingBy says:

    P Dump, the live action TV series is confirmed and will probably air in 2011. Maybe the title will be Star Wars Battlefront:Legends.

  18. P dump says:

    Blizzard has made some popular RTS games (Star Craft). They also do MMOs. So LucasArts has been looking for a multiplayer network engineer. And the rating of Fantasy violence coincides with a RTS game.

    So I’m putting my guess that it’s a RTS MMO.

    One thing I noticed on the OFLC site was that it was DEVELOPED by LucasArts, and PUBLISHED by Activision Blizzard. Role reversal.

  19. P dump says:

    @ vadersdemise_93. (Sorry I mispelled your name last time)

    I checked out that link, an I’m wondering what T.V. show they were refering to. There were rumors a while back about a live action T.V. show, but I thought those were blow out of the water. Also, regarding a movie, there are a kinda unofficial episodes 7,8, and 9. These were books written by Timothy Zahn (and really good books might I add), and would make a great movie or game.

    However, to Star Wars Legends. Let’s look at the rating by the OLFC. M for Fantasy Violence. This rating has been on (for the ERSB) Clone Wars: Lightsaber duels, and several other things. But one in particular was Star Wars: Empire at War.

  20. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Yea Wenis.. I forgot to tell them not to click it here.. on the lucasarts forums i specified other wise. But once again, go here
    That has a lot of info. And new star wars movie.

  21. Wenis says:

    And by the way, if you do what vaderdemise93 says, don’t click that “undefined” link, or your browser will go insane. Must be a glitch on Activision’s site.. but I had to ctrl+alt+dlt to get it back to normal.

    And also, keep in mind that an “M” rating from the OFLC isn’t the same as an M from the ESRB.. its more-so equivalent to a T.

  22. T-rain says:

    if Legends is anything like my fantasies for BF3 then I would welcome it as a replacement

  23. An_Anonymoose says:

    An M rating in the Aussie ratings system means essentially a T for teen rating… MA 15+ in the M for mature equivalent…

  24. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Guys check this out!!!

    New STAR WARS MOVIE?!!?!?! Maybe that’s what this is?

  25. P dump says:

    @ vadersdemise_92.
    The M to the OLFC of AU is different than our M. There it means that it = our T. But it is acually the highest rating to them that doesn’t have an age limit. It goes M, M15+, and M17+. So no limb hacking.

  26. Hey admin this maybe what were all waiting for free radiculs dead space 2 has been comferimed so battlefront 3 is next.

  27. I look up swbf3 at the website u included for swlegend and this is what i got!OpenDocument if they were to cancell this this would not be up.

  28. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Hey Admin and guys. Look what I found.|en_US|fid:legends&ftype:keyword

    Click on that link. There it will lead to a search I made, i searched the keyword “Legends.” It lead me to 4 results. 3 games being released and the 4th one, being “undefined.” Hmmm.. seems like that’s Star Wars: Legends. (if you don’t see that, just go to and search “legends”).

  29. Vuther says:

    If this the new Star Wars game is not intended to be part of the Battlefront series, I will yell out “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

  30. P dump says:

    Yeah, I said it was a trading card game. My Bad. Apperently I just didn’t dig far enough when I googled it. This is kinda wierd though, everyone thought that LA would just continue a game than make a new one. Oh well, I was wrong, I admit it… time to start setting up a wiki page.

  31. BaneOfBison says:

    It sounds like a very possible thing for Star Wars Legends to be announced, but then again it has been a year since battlefront 3 was lost, so Lucasarts has had plenty of time to start on a new one.

    admin if you are reading this just letting you know you have a great website!

  32. collegefan77 says:

    That is true and I actually played battlefront 2 today and I thought:

    Battlefront 1 has pros that battlefront 2 doesn’t have such as going prone and playing in the same worlds and having the same weapons.

    And the pros that battlefront 2 has is playing as a jedi and new worlds.

    Maybe “Laticspieman” is right if he is then I’ll be impressed:)

    Hopefully the game will come out for the ps2. Also the next gen systems.

  33. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Well that just sucks… But Star Wars: Legends does sound promising. As it is rated M, maybe they made it realistic in the sense that you can now chop off body parts? Just as a real ligtsaber would.

    Also, is a registered domain. If you click on it it will be a blank page, that’s because it has not been coded yet.
    But then again has also been registered as a domain… it just redirects to… so it could be something really big. Maybe.. WOW.. maybe Star Wars: Legends could be Battlefront 1, 2, and then 3. But Battlefront 3 will be M, as it will go down a realistic path with blood and everything.

  34. Laticspieman says:

    I’m sure legends was a game out ages ago but I think I got it confused with sw galaxies! Any chance it may be star wars battlefront 3 legends since battlefront 1 focused on galactic civil war and battlefront 2 focused on clone wars so battlefront 3 may focus on the whole saga as in legends!

  35. Ryan Barth says:

    well, i think/hope if it is starwars legends, it’ll basically be battlefront 3 but under a new name.
    of course bf3 will be amazing, but they could just sell it as a different game

  36. Ironman21 says:

    Wonder what its going to be like?

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