Is Battlefront 3 in the works? + Battlefront 3 concepts, not related to Battlefront 3?

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About a week ago, there were a lot of renders and concepts that were leaked and posted, that did not have any relation to Battlefront 3. After I had posted them as well, I got an email from a very nice gentlemen, requesting to have his work removed, which of course I had no problem doing.

Since there is only 4 more days until we find out what LucasArts will be giving us, you can check out what this ex-Free Radical employee had to say about his unrelated Battlefront 3 work:

“Any work that I did during my time at Free Radical on behalf of LucasArts was pure asset creation for them. Nothing that could be considered as a game was delivered upon the project’s completion. I do not know if LucasArts used/are planning to use these assets to create a game, however the possibility is there. … the project was relatively simple, and I feel that it has now been blown out of proportion by enthusiastic individuals jumping to conclusions on the web (although the company advertising at the time did not exactly help this situation).”

Our source continued, saying that Free Radical (now Crytek UK) “still just about exists as a legal entity [under administration by ReSolve LLP — ed.], however the liquidation of the company is now underway, so soon it will cease to be altogether. The death of this company is looking like it will drag out over the year mark.”

And that’s that. For that particular set of media — which you’ve seen — at least. From what other former employees have indicated, though, you could apply this to more of what’s been uncovered in the last couple of weeks. “These images are in no way linked to Battlefront 3 and were done in my personal time before any type of employment,” said another employee who contacted us. Not exactly what many would want to hear, but it’s always better to know what’s really going on. Unless the “Battlefront III” or “Free Radical” watermarks are in sight, view any dug up Star Wars art with a bit of caution. BF3 media is out there, just not in copious amounts as it would seem.


A great find by Cenon, a LucasArts forum member, is a project porfolio of someone who had worked on Free Radicals version of Battlefront 3 as an Animator. Check out a great animation on what “could have been” at his website here.

4 more days!!!! Who’s excited???

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  1. Delta_40 says:

    It would be sooooo cool and it would make the game much better if there was almost a call of duty type fighting and shooter concept. you know, kind of like of first person shooter but still battlefront?

  2. Recneps says:

    Me and some others have been working on a Star Wars Legends wiki page, and if you have any knowledge of official websites concerning Star Wars legends that would be much appreciated. You are also welcome to edit the page. This is the page:

  3. Laticspieman says:

    I wouldn’t mind if lucasarts re released battlefront 2 on ps3 and xbox 360 and just added online multiplayer like they did with origianal call of duty I would pay 20 quid for it:)

  4. donhomerj says:

    Maybe BF3 will be Mixture of the old BF2 and Force Unleashed, would be cool 2 right ??

  5. P dump says:

    Once again, sorry I misinformed everyone, I’ll try and make it up to you.

  6. RAWDOG 262 says:

    ME WANTz ZE BATTLEFRONTz 3z!!! Also Wenis (urge to make inappropriate joke rising) I do not beleive that Star Wars Legends is a game but if it is its probably going to be like that Fusion Fall thing from CartoonNetwork. I really hope they announce Battlefront 3 but if they don’t and it is SW Legends then I will personally organise a petition to boycott LucasArts until the decide to release it. Anyone who wants to join say so please.

  7. collegefan77 says:

    Ya if this Star Wars Legends is a video game i hope it’s for ps2 as well as the big systems. I may have read this wrong but is the game going to be rated M?

  8. Wenis says:

    Nope, Star Wars Legends is definitely a video game.

    Star Wars Legends trademark:
    “Interactive entertainment software and accompanying instruction manuals sold as a unit, namely, computer game software and manuals sold as a unit, video game software and manuals sold as a unit”

    OFLC (australian ESRB if you will) rating:!OpenDocument
    “STAR WARS LEGENDS Computer Games (Multi Platform)”

    Though there are some collectible action figures part of a Star Wars Legends series, but I don’t think there is any relevance between the two.

  9. admin says:

    Thanks for clearing up the Star Wars Legends P dump, I was curious about that.

    If Battlefront 3 is announced on Saturday, you all have to join the forums. 😛

  10. P dump says:

    To all whom are concerned.

    Alright, I looked up that Star Wars Legends, and, I would like to say, is not a VIDEO game, but a TRADING CARD game. (Again, I’m not yelling)

    Second order, if BF3 comes out in the light this weekend, it will be on PS3 and Xbox 360 for sure. The teaser was tagged for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. However, if they make a Wii version of BF3, then I don’t see why they wouldn’t make a PS2 release as well. For all practical reasons they’re tecnical capabilities are the same.

    I would also say that LucasArts would make the 360 PS3 versions, and they would ship Wii and PS2 out to Rebellion.
    They did this with The Force Unleashed, developing the more capable systems themselves and shipping PS2, Wii, and PSP to Krome Studios.

    Say it comes out on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PS2 which one would you buy on?

  11. collegefan77 says:

    I hope that battlefront 3 comes out real soon. We all have waited a while and doesn’t Lucasarts know what we all want? (BATTLEFRONT 3) Lucasarts would make a lot of money if they just got the idea of giving the fans what they want. I have a feeling whatever starwars game shows at the awards on spike is going to be good.

  12. Super geek says:

    Is lucasarts too dumb to relize we want battlefront 3 AND kotor 3

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lucas Arts is clearly full of morons if they can’t figure out we want battlefront, Free Radical was the best for the job, and we don’t care about some lame game that they want to distract us with.

  14. Wenis says:

    That animation looks nice. But I think the game thats going to be announced is called “Star Wars Legends”.

  15. vadersdemis_93 says:

    That guy they interviewed just said that those pictures were done after FR went bankrupt….

  16. P dump says:

    Hey, we all draw Star Wars for fun. But I do think that all of us just got a little carried away with these renders. But with these somewhat regular communications with ex-FR/Crytek UK employees, were staying up to date in a inderect sort of way.

    But whatever comes out Saturday, will effect LA public standing.

  17. Fenrix 35 says:

    Ugh, longest four days of the decade!!

  18. n00b81 says:

    ” Who knows. Maybe it means that LucasArts are prepping a snippet of footage for the Spike TV VGAs next week. ” –


    I hope so 🙂 But, honestly, I think the Spike VGA teaser trailer I watched looked more like a Force Unleashed type of game, more than a Battlefront – like shooter.

    Once can only hope tho 🙂

  19. Laticspieman says:

    Dangit I can’t wait! I am probably gnna buy whatever the lucasarts title is anyway:p

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