Gamestop Headquarters confirms Battlefront 3 is in Development!

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Well, once again (twice in the run of 4 days) Star Wars: Battlefront 3, has been confirmed to be development! Well at least this can get our hopes back up again after the disappointment at the VGA awards.

Our good friends over at SWBF3 Speculation are reporting that they have been in contact with Gamestop HQ and even though all the information has been pulled from their site, they are still saying that Battlefront 3 is definitely still in the making!!! This is amazing news if it is, indeed true.

Check it out:

“BIG NEWS GUYS!!!!!!!!

We have just called the Gamestop HQ. This is what they said.

Us: Who is publishing Star Wars Battlefront 3?
Gamestop HQ: Lucasarts is publishing it.

Us: Do you know when we will be seeing this game?
Gamestop HQ: It will be coming out soon. Sometime around 2010.

Us: Who is the developer?
Gamestop HQ: We don’t know.

This is another quote they said: “This game will be out sometime in the early or middle of 2010.”

WE called 2, yes we said it, 2 (TWO) different Gamestop HQ employee’s and talked to both of their managers as well. And both of them said this.”

Also on of SWBF3 Speculation‘s members and also one of our forum members actually paid for the pre-order and got a receipt to go with it!

Check it out below:


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  1. Spy-clone says:

    2012 now, where is it. I NEED ANSWERS!!!

  2. Altenon says:

    YES! A confirmation!

    My friend saw the BAttlefront 3 trailer on some channel on TV…I’m guessing it was that ‘Elite Squadron’ trailer, saying BATTLEFRONT 3 instead of ELITE SQUADRON…go on youtube and they have two videos, same trailer, but saying different things. How do we know that this confirmation about BATTLEFRONT 3 isn’t just a misinterpretation of ANOTHER satar wars video game coming out?

  3. James says:

    Well it’s nearly november and still no sign of this game.

  4. brandon says:

    I think star wars battlefront 3 is going to be the best game of the year ,and it’s hands down better than 1 ,and 2.What i’m trying to say is that it going to be a good game ,and i am going to buy it on the frist day it comes out.

  5. zilla says:

    Star wars battlefront 3 will be released and if my reaserch is correct it should be out by the end of summer 2010. Lets just hope its true. reply if you find a release DATE.

  6. AwesomeAce says:

    I have been waiting for battlefront 3 for probably 1 year and a half. I’ve heard that it’s great so I would like to get when it comes out.I just hope their not lying about this, other wise i am going to be ticked off.

  7. commandercody says:

    i hope this will be on ps2 or psp because its the best games i got…for now

  8. Joey says:

    Is there anyone who has solid proof that the game is indeed coming out? all I keep getting is peoples opinions, so if anyone can conferm or at least deny thats it’s coming out I would like to know. Thank-you.

  9. Spock says:

    Hate to break it to you guys but I listened to the mp3 and its bogus. the dude on the phone (customer service) sounded like he was still in high school. And every customer service I’ve ever called the person i talk to never stammered as much as the guy on the phone. Trust me guys I’ve wanted a BF3 since the 2nd one came out but i wouldn’t trust the clip.

  10. Ian K says:

    I’d lost faith. I hope there’s till hope.

    I’m still playing SWBF2 5 years after it came out. The Conquest setting still rocks.

  11. Ethan Williams says:

    when i look battlefront 3 up on gamestop it gives me battlefront 2 and 1 what the heck

  12. TJ says:

    Iv monitered BF3 since 2007 and i’ve got to say this looks very promisisng. If ths game desn’t come out in 2010, it never will. Someone hass to go into George Lucas’s office with a ideo camera and beg him for some answers. We could also go on strike and not buy and Lucas arts items toys games and stuff. I want this game bad O,O. yet TFU2 will also be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Dredgon says:

    I love how everyone is confirming it now, it is going to be one of the best games ever! And, we get two great Star Wars games in one year, this and The Force Unleashed II! Come on 2010, bes year ever!!!!!

  14. Sidious1264 says:

    Anyone can print receipts so a shop ,no matter how widespread the franchise, gives no guaranteed confirmation.Unless we hear something from the LucasArts Spokespeople/Employees I can not assume this really is confirmed. It’s only hope in my opinion.

  15. Battlefrontrocks says:

    If you go to Wikipedia they have an article on it. And Wikipedia IS reliable because they have staff who moniter all the pages to make sure everything is true. Even some of my teachers tell us to use it. So I am SURE that it will come out. I could also email them asking if there will be a Star Wars Battlefront 3. But who would I email? EA games maybe?

  16. Bob yoder says:

    awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just talking to a freind about it

  17. da dude says:

    If that receipt is real, then the game will be released next month?!?

  18. Teancum says:

    Well of COURSE Lucasarts is publishing it. That means nothing at all. How does random conversation prove anything? I want SWBF3 as much as the next guy, but this isn’t anything at all? If someone asked me who’s publishing Halo 5, I can tell you in a heartbeat…. Microsoft. This proves nothing.

  19. Sidious1264 says:

    Sidious1264: “I don…” *GASP!* “I don’t believe it!”
    Yoda: “That!… is why you fail!”
    Sidious1264: “But why can’t we see more?”
    Yoda: “NO, NO! There is NO WHY! Must reckless you always be? Patience! In time, fate will fulfill BF3’s destiny! And if patient are you, then rewarded you’ll be!”

    Couldn’t resist the drama folks! Good news this dawns as but more proof I feel we need. Something to say “This is what the game is like so far, here are a few things to excite about.”

    I also hope that this isn’t details for the release of TFU2 turned into speculation for SWBF3 because they need us to believe SWBF3 is coming so that we’ll take our chances with TFU2 only to be told we’ve been tricked after they sell enough copies.

  20. Scott says:

    “Excellent, some good news! I hope its nothing like elite squadrons, because that was a major let down.”

    Yes not only Elite Squadron, but I personally had problems with the Battlefront 2 control scheme and the fact they actually lowered the number of units per team. Battlefront 1 is great and I still play it. Killer playlist is Dune Sea, Platforms, Docks, and Temple.

  21. joker says:

    I am very very happy to hear that Battle front 3 is coming soon. I will be ready at midnight the day it is released.
    I too was disappointed with the announcement of star wars force unleashed 2. I say buys anymore lucas arts products until they release battle front 3. May the force be with you…

  22. yodasrevenge says:

    The force is strong with this one

    Difficult to see the future is.
    -also Yoda

  23. The video you posted in your newest one is with LucasArts HQ ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. DorkTrooper says:

    Im still leery but am feeling excited. I will believe it when i see it i guess.

  25. David Macphail says:

    Awesome, i hope it does come out next year because i’m not really that excited for The Force Unleashed 2.

  26. Fenrix 35 says:

    Yes Yes Yes!!!

  27. donhomerj says:

    I think its EA, I wrote a email to tehm, and I just get a maybe, but when thy ere not developing it, they could have said it right ?
    email :
    Hi Michael,

    Always nice to hear from a genuine Battlefront fan.

    Until EA is ready to make an announcement, all games in development must be kept secret in case they fall into the hands of the Sith. I’m sure you understand.


    EA Support.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: ********
    Sent: Tue 15/12/2009 00:11
    To: EA Support
    Subject: Question about a Game

    Dear EA Team,
    IZd just like to know, are you working on Star Wars Battlefront 3 ?
    There are rumors, that you are, and IZd like to know, if thats true.
    Please answer me
    Friendly Greeting
    Michael j.

    what do you think ? now Iยดm waiting for cryteks answer ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Michael says:

    Best news in a year!

  29. The truth says:

    As taken from the LA forums. Someone finally gets it.

    “As confirmed by multiply ex-Free Radical employees, the BF3 version they worked on is gone. BUT Elite Squadron is in fact a portable version of BF3, made by Rebellion…LucasArts owns all the assets (models, storyline, etc.) that were made by Free Radical. ”

    The same thing applies to any work started or continued by Rebellion (or anyone else), if they have in fact been taken off the project as sources aid. LucasArts own the rights to any and all materials involved with the development of BF3, and every single employee at whatever studio has worked or is working on it is under a heavily enforecable non-disclosure agreement. Hence why so many assets that get put up by staffers, and are misconstrued as “BF3 items” are being taken down.

  30. Tom says:

    I hope this is not another hoax

  31. Lazyeye79 says:

    This is what i was hoping for when i watched the VGAs, also the reason i watched them. definitely some of the best news i have heard all year.

  32. Jonny says:

    I want Battlefront 3 to come out too, but c’mon guys!

    Since Gamestop said it, it must be true, right? Right? NOT. Half the crap they tell me isn’t even close to the truth. I need proof, not a preorder reciept.

  33. dave says:

    when is E3 being held???

  34. Starkiller1 says:

    My still-in-mint condition receipt from pre-ordering Duke Nukem Forever from 1999 says hello.

    GameStop RARELY ever are “in the know” about things in the game industry like they and their employees let on.

  35. darktrooper9847 says:

    wow!!!!! agian this made my day lol, the battlefront3 timelines like a roller coaster, a new hope comes in, then the denial strikes back, then we have the return of the jeid in bf3 again! thanks admin!

  36. Mace Windu says:

    I sence a great power in the force. I have never felt it before. This is amazing news. I am so happy.

  37. AndyFett55 says:

    This is what I want to hear. I was about to finally give up on BF3 and stop getting my hopes up until I saw something. Now I don’t want to be negative here but how can we believe this conversation actually happend. I guess what I don’t understand is that if FU2 is coming out sometime in June of next year, same with another alleged BF3, don’t you think they would of announced BF3 at the VGAs? Or do they want this to be a surprise? I can believe this news, but I am not by any means going to say that this is a done deal. I hope I don’t come hear tommorow and read how this was an error or a misunderstanding, cause I’ll be pissed.

  38. Admin!! OK nvm about us contacting Gamestop HQ in the above post… we already did that!!

    One of our members contacted Lucasarts HQ! We have a audio recording of it.. and we got a release date. Check it out!!!! :D!!! Soo happy now!

    • admin says:

      @ vadersdemise_93

      Is that a convo with Gamestop HQ or LucasArts HQ?

      • drizzy says:

        Thats with LucasArts but it sounds pretty ligit. I mean its pretty frigin ligit. Well there was one thing that caught my attention was that this website sais that gamestop hq said it would come out in summer of 2010. LucasArts sais Nov. 2010 or longer. Well anyways im pretty sure the game is gonna come out. The stuff is there to do it and there is no reason why not to.

  39. xezene says:

    Here is the confirmation of Battlefront III. Done by an anonymous caller to Lucasarts Support.

    This. Is. Great.

  40. NITRO OMG ADMIN!!!!!

    Update everything.. we got them to talk.. we got release dates… best of all.. Gamestop HQ.. we recorded it!!! GET THE NEWS DUDE!!
    People need to hear the call and everthing.. so that they know we are reporting legit stuff!

  41. ELMOisINNOCENT says:

    Wow, they have a receipt for it too… I absolutely believe it now! I’m so excited!

  42. Roboslob says:

    Excellent, some good news! I hope its nothing like elite squadrons, because that was a major let down.

  43. Justin says:

    finally… I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time.

  44. collegefan77 says:

    i’m excited, but who’s developing it?

  45. 1R0cketeer says:

    this one goes out to Lucasarts…

  46. Thanks guys!!! And thanks Admin :D!

  47. Cody says:

    Its about time. I was begining to lose faith.
    Ty for the news

  48. P dump says:

    This is CRAZY! Nice going. Maybe we can still expect an annoucement at the E3 this year.

    Those were pretty easy questions with safe answers, although, personally I can’t think of any better.
    OF COURSE LucasArts is publishing it.

    Nice News though.

  49. KILLJOY7794 says:

    this is crazy!! but in a good way!!

    • ScubaSteve says:

      Couldnt care less about battlefront never liked the games glad they coming out with a force unleashed 2 first. In my opinion The Force Unleashed was the greatest star wars game so far and no other games hold anything to the way you can use the force on it

      • drizzy says:

        Well of course the force is gonna be amazing in it cause of the name. But other than that aspect the game sucks. BATTLEFRONT 3 will kick it out the park.

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