yanks Battlefront 3 already… DICE says no deal.

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Well, that got our hopes up for at least a brief while. Apparently have yanked all reminiscence of Battlefront 3 already, why? I have no idea, i’m presuming that it was just a mistake, but you never know, they may have put it up too early and were made to remove it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with those who have pre-ordered the game.

Also another interesting tidbit is that a DICE Rendering Architect has admittedly come out and said:

“We are not working on any Star Wars game”

Source: EA Forums – Thanks xezene!

Well, I guess this pretty well squashes that rumor.

I hope we get some solid news soon.. come on LucasArts!

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  1. Taylor says:

    Damn it, my parade is always rained on.

  2. 3rd Generation Grevious says:

    Hmmm. i wonder if they were trying to confuse us… its not likely because it just isnt and they wouldn’t do that just cause this one website was tracing their steps but i mean we were really really close to some straight answers. but of course more chaos.

  3. Admin.. you may really want to come to our site!!! Really good news!

  4. kiLLem duZ werkK says:

    Well, I’m not sure what to say about this

  5. mikill says:

    That’s not what I heard. I went back to the ebgames manager and he told me that rebellion, lucasarts and possibly ea was working on it right now. And he said it is still in there computer even though it is off there site. It was actually quite comical. It was the manager that i have never seen and he jumped 3 feet after i showed him the website ad!!! admin check your forum pms.

  6. ELMOisINNOCENT says:

    I was really pissed when they announced SWFU:2 but then this happened and got my hopes up and down in just a few days. All of these secrets are really bothering me. If it’s dead, just say so. If it isn’t, let us know. Why can’t a simple yes or no answer be said?

  7. 1R0cketeer says:

    although we’re back at square one, it’s not hopeless.

    SONY denies they’re developing stuff all the time whenever an item’s leaked, and most of the time the rumor was true.

    DICE could just be denying for the sake of holding true to any contract.

    OR, the DICE rumor truly was a hoax. No way to tell.

  8. collegefan77 says:

    Has anyone asked gamestop what’s up?

  9. collegefan77 says:

    Well anyone remember

    Free Radical then was gonna release the game.

    This could be the same thing.

  10. Nitro you may want to check out our site.

  11. The Saradominist says:

    this is very interesting…this supports my theory when i contacted gamestop and they said they were unaware of a battlefront3 being released. well, that putes gamestop out of the running i guess, or as someone said they were forced to take it off. but with dice also saying they are not working on it, i think for now our hopes lie with EA.

  12. Space Geek says:

    just when we think we getting BF3, we always get letdown.
    My hopes for this game have seriously gone down since the VGAs
    that was a failed attemped to convince us that your actually from lucasarts.
    If they wanted to say something, they would send it to the admin.
    2nd the wouldnt spell like crap

  13. MR MEAN says:


  14. donhomerj says:

    @P Dump if u have one, plz post. Maybe a good written letter from many people will convince them, just to tell SOMETHING. It dont need to be a date, just, are they developing it, and who does it. It´s the worst, 2 wait in completly darkness…

  15. Theman says:

    @ Donhomer Yes i have tried to hunt for along time to get it i would like it too

  16. P dump says:

    @ admin.
    I have a website here, the official LA blog. I was wondering if you could make a post representing this site, and ask them if they know anything we don’t?
    Also I can get emails for LA’s President, CEO ex, (or i’ll give you the site and you can do it yourself) but I doubt any of them would respond. I been wanting to find ex-employees of Pandemic, but their impossable to tract down.

  17. donhomerj says:

    lol @Lucas Arts hobbys ?
    after 2 days i recieved an email from gamestop, they answer me soon… they´re not the fastest are they ? Oo
    Could anybody plz give me a E-mail adress of Lucas Arts ? I could only write one to the technical support 🙁

  18. Ironman21 says:

    This sucks

  19. lucasarts says:


  20. Theman says:

    Hang On Then What The Hell Were All The Game stop Staff Talking About ??????? Could Someone Check

  21. P dump says:

    Like I said, did the same exact thing. These websites are misinformed frequently.

    What does EA have to say? What DID Pandemic have to say? More important though, what does LucasArts have to say. Vader, I’m looking forward to the results of your call to the LA HQ.

  22. donhomerj says:

    Perfect, just make it more confusing…. I think its time, that Lucas Arts give out some infos.
    I emailed Lucas Arts, Crytek and Ea, anybody will know ANYthing, ill tell, if there area some interesting news…
    but I think, I will just get an “maybe”…

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