says we’re getting Battlefront 3? What do you think?

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Leave to us Canadians to bring in some good news. On my last post I presented a link to the Canadian Gamestop, which shows us Battlefront 3 for pre-order on multiple platforms, including PS3, XBOX 360, PC and PS2.

I guess, from Gamestop’s perspective, it’s legit. According to a lot of people, who have been calling Gamestop asking about this, it’s for real.

Check out what our friends at swbf3speculation are reporting:

“A few of our membres have called Game Stop and have talked to its employees to reveal, in fact, that the release dates are very true. The game should be slated to come out sometime in June 2010.

Here is what a Gamestop worker told one of our members (xezene):

First guy said that it has been delayed and was nearly completed at Free Radical, but then Free Radical sank and it “floated around lots of different studios” for a while before, he said, it has now found a home. Said it’s been delayed and they weren’t sure whether to put it on Gamestop’s website for the last 2 YEARS but now they quickly put it on. He didn’t say what studio, but it makes me think that Lucasarts really wanted BF3 to happen but they were having bad luck. Now he said it is happening.

Second Gamestop said it is happening, either release or pre-order in Feb. Lucasarts apparently hasn’t told them much, just to get ready.

(Thanks xezene for your calling help!!!)

Gamestop also speculated that Dice Studios is currently working on Battlefront 3:

“DICE Working on yet another game? SAY WHAT!!!!!!

Well as you know on the Canadian Gamestop webpage it has Battlefront 3 And one guy called and talked to costumer support and asked about the game and Sure enough it was being worked on by DICE Studios The publisher is Eletronic Arts and the Producer is DICE, a Swedish company. It could be DICE (Digital Illusions Creators Entertainment), they produced Battlefield: Bad Company, Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield 2142. The support informed us that an export to Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Here is the link again to the Gamestop listings: Battlefront 3

Definitely some interesting news, obviously it will be amazing if this is true, we shall see anyway. Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. Tom says:

    err… the listing is not there anymore…(sigh)

    …Mace Windu, I think they were screwing with us indeed

  2. Ironman21 says:

    Its all gone!


  3. Adrian says:

    Maybe Lucasarts wanted to give us more hope, that they wanted Gamestop to have that BF3 on the pre-order (June) because it will come and then delete it. Just to get us to know that they “dont” want it there yet. That they will announce the game in an upcoming E3 or something. Hopefully that might be happen.

    Is there any upcoming game shows where it could be announced???

    (Sorry for bad english, im from Norway:P)

  4. Huggs1 says:

    It just sounds too good to be true. I don’t think they will release two star wars game in one year so close to each other. Why would they announce force unleashed 2 and not battlefront 3? I’ve got to hand it to you guys doing all your research and updates but we have been left in the dark for more than a year lucas arts have given us f~#k all nothing! they could have a least confirmed that it will happen, I will believe it when I see it.

  5. collegefan77 says:

    To: “New?”

    Thanks for the video, where did you find it? And who put it online?
    Can you give me some details?

  6. collegefan77 says:

    Well I heard from this forum (thanks xezene) that Dice ain’t making the game.

    Can someone please tell me what’s going on.

    I know the bf3 listing is gone.

  7. RAWDOG 262 says:

    uh admin link isnt working and I have decided to stop the boycott. I think I leaned to far to the dark side on that one

  8. donhomerj says: took Bf3 out 🙁 just wanted 2 say !
    surely 2 many emails XD

  9. Wenis says:

    Looks like removed the listing now… I wonder if this was because it was just an error, or if they just weren’t supposed to put it up yet… lets hope for the second

  10. collegefan77 says:

    They removed it, can someone tell me why plz?

  11. nz says:

    2nd post :”Unfortunately, there were no matches for battlefront 3.” (no joke)
    -Can someone please tell me is the error from my machine’s search engine or is this a mistake from

    Why the hell would they pull out the titles-if it’s suppose to be out June then they got nothing to hide-unless someone ordered them to do it.

  12. solidsnake says:

    lol we had our hopes up i just checked again and listings for battlefront 3 was removed prob lucas arts said told them to…

  13. About that new video says:

    If i may make a suggestion, perhaps someone here should download it from youtube and host it on another account, in case it winds up being requested to be removed. The same thing happened with the gameplay remember, but so many different sites had it posted that LA gave up trying to block it. Just a thought; it’s something new to add to the media list and we’d hate to lose it!

  14. New? says:

    Dunno if this is considered *new* or not, but one of the sites that was responsible for the (now yanked) art assets over the past few weeks, well, they came across a new animation reel of BF3 from a former employee.

  15. dart6g88k says:

    ok i looked at that gamestop site 3 times but when i tried it at 8:30 dec. 13 sunday it says cannot find “battlefront 3” but before it showed me ps3 bf3 and xbox 360 bf3 and pc bf3, that wierd, maybe they tok it out,check it out for yourself folks

  16. AndyFett55 says:

    The game was almost done at FR. Dangit, that trailer is what got me all excited about this game. I hope They use FRs platform for this game and make it better. This is some freakin huge news. The only thing that sucks is now we need to wait until June.

  17. just for ze’ record they should bring back the battlefront laat instead of the BF #2, BF RS,and BF ES laat cause i miss just flying it by moving the control stick foward to go that direction in stead of it moving by it self right guys.

  18. Pj says:

    I have emailed lucasarts, dice studios, and gamestop about this. I will see what they give me as a reply.

  19. this is getting interesting hope thiers map maker in it to spice things up

  20. Scott says:

    isn’t DICE working on Bad Company 2? Seems fishy and misleading…

  21. mikill says:

    do you see it? and what transparency did you use on the stormtrooper?

  22. Secllipse says:

    not to be a buzz kill or anything but why would LA tell gamestop Canada or otherwise “to get ready” for bf3 and gamestop follow through with uploading info on there OP, when gamestop hasnt even uploaded info on FU2? I know BF was the best selling Star Wars game of all time but still it makes no sense…

  23. mikill says:

    look closely at the top two stars see the difference half way down?

  24. 1R0cketeer says:

    I’m shocked, I mean, Lucasarts will be FLOODING the market with top titles if this is true. With the Old Republic MMO, now SWTFU2, i thought they’d space it out a bit…not that i’m complaining hah.

  25. P dump says:

    I like that symbol admin, no offense but it beats the one you got at the top of the page. Here’s some fan done box art:

    @ vadersdemise_93.
    Thank you for doing what all of us are either too chicken or too lazy to do. “Do what must be done, Lord Vader. Show no mercy.”

    Also, there have been other trigger happy sites who posted Bf3 for sale, including, at one time, And it doesn’t sound like ANY Gamestop ANYWHERE to speculate.

  26. mikill says:

    May i use it? The picture?

  27. mikill says:

    looks good did you make it? Just to mention if you look closely at the stars they are blue (some of them) and I can really see the stormtrooper maybe 30%-40% opaqueness. Otherwise looks very good!!

  28. xezene says:

    Great, if I can I will be emailing someone at Crytek to see if they know anything about this.

  29. mikill says:

    Anyone have photoshop? Or know something that can combine two pictures into one? I wanted to make a symbol for a group to bring battlefront 3!! These are the two pics: and just to get an idea of what i want to do.

  30. Yea dude!!! You can post them here! I may have to upload them on youtube for people to listen.

  31. T-rain says:

    Man I got so excited with the VGAs and now I’m right back to excited as @%$##

  32. mikill says:

    This looks like a week for news!! Glad to be a part of it!

  33. Well guys if it makes you fell better! I will be calling a bunch of Gamestop stores tomorrow! I will be recording everything. And for the finale.. im calling Lucasarts HQ.

    I will be putting up the conversations up on my site.
    you can get there through the link in the article or by clicking on my name!

  34. Ironman21 says:

    Hopefully this turns out to be legit and doesn’t blow up later. However, I do know some people have ordered it already and this could be bad if it turns out that this isn’t real

    Life, Liberty, and Battlefront

  35. augist says:

    Have you ever thought about puting your articles on N4G. there picky people but the word might get around faster 😛

  36. Mace Windu says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I was so upset when it was not the game announcment at vga 2009 on spike. Is this real or are you just screwing with me.

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