Force Unleashed 2 Annouced at VGA awards…

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So yeah… as everyone probably already know, the new Star Wars game that has been released on the VGA awards on Spike TV is none other than, The Force Unleashed 2…. YAY!!!!!

….. just kidding, i’m just as disappointed as the rest of you guys.

That was something that I honestly didn’t expect in a million years, especially when The Force Unleashed was such a flop. I guess there are going to be quite a few angry Battlefront fans out there, disappointed yet again. I’m actually kind of scared to log onto the LucasArts forums.. haha…

Well, it’ll be interesting to see The Force Unleashed 2 does in the long run, and don’t fret my fellow Battlefront fans, i’m sure we’ll get our game someday…. hopefully.

I would have been disappointed no matter the outcome, unless it was Battlefront 3, but I don’t think I would have been quite so let down, if the game was a new title like this rumored, “Star Wars: Legends”, we’ve been hearing about for the last few days.

The website that they announced was: but it only takes you to the main Force Unleashed site.

“Samuel L Jackson took the to stage tonight at the VGAs and revealed the next Star Wars ttile.

Revealed this evening by Lucas Arts was Star Wars: The force Unleashed 2. The first trailer which premiered this evening showed an intrepid Jedi backed by the voice of Darth and Yoda enter an arena to take on a mighty beast with duel light sabres and some nifty force powers.

We’ll fill you in on further details when the dust settles next week and more information is forthcoming.


Ok guys, send in your comments and vent your frusterations… just keep the swearing to a minimal please! Thanks!

Be sure to check out this link as well:

Battlefront 3 @

Very interesting no?

*Apparently some people have been accusing me of stealing the gamestop link from some german Battlefront 3 website, which I didn’t, it was posted on my forums by someone, go look for yourself*

Here’s a linkback to them anyway ->


Here is the Force Unleashed 2 trailer:


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  1. John Ateele says:

    Chris, if you’re a die hard Star Wars fan then, really, it’s weird you don’t like one of the best-selling Star Wars games in the world (The Force Unleashed). Just because some lame- retards on this kinda pointless site said it was bad, you’re wrong. How else could it sell so well? And don’t say that just cos someone bought it doesn’t mean they liked it, because that’s not true. Ever heard of recommendations? The only way my friends heard about TFU is because I told them what a great game it was. Then they all came back to me and said it was one of the best games they’ve ever played. Some of them were originally sceptical, especially because they weren’t Star Wars fans, but I never stopped pressing them and they eventually bought it. Apparently, even they thoroughly enjoyed the game and played the hell out of it.
    So it can’t be that bad, can it?

  2. John Ateele says:

    In TFU 2 Starkiller is a clone. I’ve got it and its actually really good. as good as, if not better than, battlefront! the campaign may be short and predictable, but its made up for by the dialogue, real romantic feel, graphics, and gameplay. it seems that cutting stormtroopers in half is more fun than you’d think!

  3. Will says:

    lets all get together and tell lucasarts ‘no we dont want this game’ if anyone buys this your only hurting the cause. WE WANT BATTLEFRONT 3. im all done buying star wars trash until i get BF3. and which ever one of you aholes says FU is better then BF them you need to get off this site and lick a wookie butthole

  4. Saul Escobar says:

    I am the biggest Star Wars fan out there I know the movies front and back quote for quote even the background but the biggest mistake is Lucasart not realising battlefront 3 and now that the force unleashed 2 is coming out I am happy but nervouse because since all fans know that most videogames lucasart makes are not baced on the movies but by the comics and books which is the but some people don’t enjoy star wars as its ment for and the thing I’m most worrie about is that lucasart cannot relese another clone wars cartoon videogame they suck bigtime and with the 4th lego star wars coming out there really making me wonder if they really know what the hell there doing and on this basis they cannot try to make a star wars tv show besides clone wars with real people as lucas intended that’s awful and shouldnot be done I am a huge fan and cannot take that level of crap on a great world called star wars

  5. GSPUnimpressed says:

    Even though I like TFU and I think TFU 2 is going to be great, I would rather have SWBF3 over them any day. So to George Lucas and Lucas Arts, I am unimpressed by your ability to handle marketings for good games.

  6. jcfreak says:

    dude what are you smoking? TFU was a great game, and TFU 2 is going to be even better.

  7. A0K Z0N3 says:

    Anyone that hates The Force Unleashed is an epic fail, play the game for ps3/360 and you will see what I am talking about.

  8. andrew says:

    im happy that there is a fu sequel coming because the first was DECENT but they just has to realise that battlefront 3 will be so much more succesful than fu 2, i mean that gameplay footage made me wee my pants and cry it was that good

  9. chris says:

    did anyone else notice the very similar face on the supposed bigger than rancor monster? it looks alot like that blue guy with the metal hand from Hellboy 2 the golden army or w/e? i agree this game should not have been made it has no relevance to the actual star wars trilogy. And 2 lightsabers? come on thats so pathetic even il say he was awsome using just 1. I am a die hard star wars fan and i think we should boycott this game…If lucas arts wants to give us only PS3 battlefront games and games like this we will prove to them we will not be swayed by this stupid idea. May battlefront rise and start a new age for games everywhere as the best one ever made. so whose with me?

  10. superman889 says:

    The Force Unleashed was NOT a flop, it was the best-selling star wars game of all time. Maybe some didn’t like it, be it critics or just everyone in general, but it was a huge success financially. For that reason alone, they are making a sequel. I have to admit, I was very disappointed seeing this as the big reveal, but it makes sense and if they make it a good game I’ll still buy it.

  11. Febreze says:


    That was a pretty stupid thing to say. Chill up. Its just a videogame you tard!

    That FU2 trailer did suck monkey balls. We’ll get BF3 one day anyway…

  12. Scott says:

    No offense but no one saw it coming? Really? I mean ya the first one sucked but quite a few people did enjoy it (somehow). Lucas Arts almost always has one sequel although few 3rd gen games. I think Battlefront is dead which is sad considering I was shaking I was so excited when the trailer started. Then I saw Darth Vader and my hopes were diminished. Battlefront 2012?

  13. collegefan77 says:

    Wut secret projects? Wuts yur source?

    Can you tell me the details?

  14. AndyFett55 says:

    Just thought of something. I thought I heard that LA had two secret projects?

  15. AndyFett55 says:

    Can you imagine what the crowd would of done if BF3 was on the big screen? The place would have gone nuts. Personally, I think LucasArts made fools of themselves last night. They got you all hyped up like this was going to be the next Halo or something. They fooled me. I was about to totally flip out if it was a clone wars game. The yoda voice was freaking me out. Oh well, let’s just wait another freakin 7 months to get BF3. For the record I’m not buying FU2

  16. ocelot says:

    sad news indeed…
    I just don’t know what possessed that company to just ignore the fan’s claims… anyway, I’m not getting this one: not because I didn’t like TFU, but because I want SWB3.

  17. collegefan77 says:

    check out these links if you don’t believe me:

    The wiki has new info and the first link has updates.

    Check out the chat and people will tell u.

  18. Oops sorrry! if you click this name here the link is correct!!! xp!

  19. Yea we are telling the truth! Just click on my name and check out website…

    Also, i am planning on calling some ppl tomorrow to find out.

  20. collegefan77 says:

    there’s been people who have called and employees say that the game is coming.

  21. […] The Spike Video Game Awards announced a star wars game. It wasn’t Battlefront III however, it was The Force unleashed II. This destroys what was the last hope for many people wanting Battlefront III. However with an actor who states Battlefront III is still being developed, what you want to believe is up to you. […]

  22. collegefan77 says:

    OMG xezene on the chat just called a candadian gamestop and said BF3 is being made as we speak, no joke.

    Dice is developing (Swedish developer, made mirror’s edge) And EA is publishing it. Admin. please spread the word on this.

  23. The Saradominist says:

    hmmm that is very interesting….might be a very real possibility, i did infact contact a US gamestop so mabe it was a mixup with the 2 countries. i never knew that the ca part meant canada. hopefully this is true 🙂

  24. Sidious1264 says:

    I’d be more satisfied to get something LucasArts official and I always will. As they say “It’s better coming from the Horse’s mouth!” That means the people behind the project must reveal it!

  25. Wenis says: is the Canadian site. $69.99 CAD is the price of every new game they get up there. The weird thing is the fact that the PS3/ps2 versions are set for June 1st while the 360/pc are set for February 1st, and that the PS2 and PC versions are relatively cheap.

  26. collegefan77 says:

    “The Saradominist” you could be wrong if you conatcted a U.S gamestop, like I said the Canadian Gamestop and the U.S gamestop must have a mixup somewhere.

    🙂 Tell me what you think

  27. collegefan77 says:

    But .ca is canada, maybe the U.S gamestop and the Canadian gamestop might have a mixup of what is going on at EA Montreal.

    “The Saradominist” You are probably right though.

  28. vadersdemise_93 says:

    @ MiKILL!!!

    can you post your receipt of your BF3 preorder? Thanks!

  29. collegefan77 says:

    OMG, I think I figured out the gamestop link:

    On it has the language option of French language, so ca.=canada. And Pandemic later was sent to EA Montreal in Canada. So this might mean that my previous comment could be true and EA is making battefront 3. The gamestop employee could have a friend who now works for EA Montreal and that gamestop employee leaked the information.

    🙂 tell me what you think.

  30. The Saradominist says:

    Hey everybody, i just want to tell you that the post on the gamestop website is a fraud. i gave gamestop a call and asked about it and they told me they were not aware of a battelfront 3 being released. the website address was diffrent from the actual gamestop website anyways so that got me wondering. anyways, just wanted to let u know but i still hope for a battlefront3.

  31. collegefan77 says:

    I tried all the ways you can find battlefront 3 on instead of .ca, One of the gamestop employees might of leaked something on there website that they shouldn’t have leaked. The employee was probably so mad that he risked his job to post some private information he knew from a lucasarts buisness partner on the gamestop website.

    This is just what I think might of happened, I doubt it though.

  32. collegefan77 says:

    Well we all can hope for that gamestop link.

    Here’s the forced unelashed 2 website:

    Who knows maybe Lucasarts will get the money from this forced unleashed sequel to make battlefront 3 and announce it in E3 2010.

  33. Recneps says:

    LA is getting trendier by the minuet! man this makes me mad!

  34. P dump says:

    Hey, maybe gamestop just got Battlfefront III confused with Bad Company 2. EA and DICE.

    Or they just jumped the gun, and posted BF3 in anticipation that it would come out.

    Or perhaps they got wind of the annoucement at the 2010 E3 and the 2010 release date is a typo. Maybe it’s supposed to be 2011 release.

    However EA may very well have the rights to Bf3. It was mentioned as a ip that they would continue after Pandemic closed.

    @ tincan.
    TFU sold 6 mil. units. BF2 sold 6mil in a longer amount of time. But TFU was released on what, 9 systems and in more places.

  35. Space Geek says:


  36. me says: are the ones that steal news so the accusation is a bit pathetic.

  37. Laticspieman says:

    If battlefront 3 on ps3 is released later I am gnna be angry! To be honest I new it would be force unleashed which will suck! Even the trailer looked naff! Anyone no what was going on in force unleashed 2 trailer I got confused!:) LOL

  38. BaneOfBison says:

    This is really stupid, they already made an ultimate sith edition which wasn’t that great and now they are still trying to push that tired title. What are they thinking?

  39. Sidious1264 says:

    Firstly this GameStop news is already confirmed unreliable. Another forum member of the LucasArts Community stated that what they are doing with Battlefront III is the same thing they’ve done with other games that never made it on the market. And they ain’t the only ones that do it. Its all a con for making money that serves no benefit to the customer.

    TFU2 is a bad move. 6 million copies in record time only means they thought the game would be great and most of the younger generation still do because they are kids. The furthest this game can go is the popularity of such brothers like clone wars, republic commando, etc.

    Really though BFIII must come about sometime and in the mean time they should be making games that can actually keep us entertained. Anyone hear heard of the SW: Legends Game that is apparently patented? Pop by the LucasArts Community Forum if you want to know more on that.

  40. nz says:

    My first comment here:”Go to hell la.”And no way can this “sequel” surpass bf3 in money,gameplay and the most imp. thing – satisfaction-I haven’t felt it since i played KotOR and BF2.

  41. donhomerj says:

    and could anyone plz tell me, whoch country .ca is ? doesnt list BF3 Oo

  42. donhomerj says:

    I think its the release date is very interesting : 01/02/2010
    (at gamestop) where do they have this ? And if it will really be released in some weeks, why doesnt Lucas Arts say ANYTHING about it ?
    And the “live Stream” of Spike was nice Bull****.
    But really, I think its a joke, look at the prices
    Pc: 29
    And the PS3 versions willbe released later, Whats is this ?

  43. Am I ... says:

    …the only one interested/concerned about how exactly Jedi Starkiller is the protagonist again?

    I mean, TFU sold extremely well and we’ve known a sequel was in development for almost a year, but no matter which ending you chose to pursue, Starkiller *died* in the first game. Interesting.

  44. dave says:

    @ vadersdemise_93

    i would like to know where u found this information about the person who called and found out that it was a mistake and bf3 will come out june. that would be awesome. i actually just looked on gamestop and typed in bf3. it says its suppose to come out january 6th 2010. this is weird. and its 69.99. what the hell is going on.

  45. Anju Vena says:

    Also the sequel trailer looked BA even if it made no sense…

  46. Anju Vena says:

    Agreed, personally I have to say I enjoyed the force unleashed and the sequel will give them a chance to fix wHat they did wrong…I agree that it is disappointing not to see bf III announced at the vgas…but they won’t just let bf die… It was their most successful series, prolly still maybe…

  47. vadersdemise_93 says:


    Dude can you take a picture of that receipt?!
    I want to see this. That is truly weird.. i wonder why they would let you preorder the game.

  48. tincan says:

    just because you didn’t expect The Force Unleashed 2 doesn’t mean the original was a flop. It sold 6 million units in a record time for LucasArts.

  49. mitzfah says:

    EA owned pandemic since 2007. And they said they would continue with their ip’s. so that gamestop link could be right and EA continued making bf3.

  50. P dump says:

    Alright. I’m confused.
    Now we see that this acursed company (I can’t bring myself to say the name) is just in search of our MONEY. They’ll have to do better than that, I was UNIMPRESSED. Sorry LA but ‘I WON’T PAY, I WON’T PAY YA, NO WAAAAY’. WHY ARE THE CROWDS CHEERING???

    THE E3 2010 THEN. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
    No wonder Starkillers confused.

  51. I WAS MAD NOT BATTLEFRONT 3 come on lucasarts think battlefront 3 BEST SELLiNG GAME and probaly half the people want battlefront 3 and they knew it but there like no and force unlesed 2 should have xbox 360 live and battlefront 3 with it

  52. Wenis says:

    Well Mikill, when it comes to preorders, they don’t charge any money until they actually ship the product. So if it is a mistake and you preordered, you’d probably just get an email saying that

  53. mikill says:

    You know what if everyone started to pre-order the gamestop error they would be in big trouble (if) they don’t have it and we demand it. Who wants to buy the game and stick it to the man? If we all did it then they would be in a pickle when we would come to pick up the game.

  54. mikill says:

    Yes……Yes I did. So I wonder what they will do now?

  55. Wenis says:

    Lol, I don’t get why someone would accuse you of ‘stealing’ from, it’s not like they own the link…

  56. cyvairs says:

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. vadersdemise_93 says:


    So you got a receipt for BF3????

    Yea the $69.99 is weird as well…

  58. mikill says:

    Oops i meant “I called them up and went into gamestop and picked up the receipt and it”

  59. mikill says:

    @micha was not the original poster i was. I posted it yesterday almost 1 whole day before them on another site before this one. If you want proof i will show you.

    I call them up and when in and got a recipt it says Battlefront 3 xbox 360 $69.99 so someone is going to be in trouble when they hear about this.

  60. Port 420 says:

    Another great letdown from the world of Star Wars, what’s new. Thank you for saving me from watching the stupid VGAs, I do appreciate it. 🙂 Wenis get back to playing SWBF2! LOL

  61. darktrooper9847 says:

    Wait wheres the source of this? whered u get tha info of the call from? how can that be a mistake cuz the trailer was TFU 2…
    don tell me there really is a bf3 coming for june 2010…..(thats what i wanna hear though)
    actually id prefer earlier cuz il lbe gettin mad busy

  62. Wenis says:

    yea whats up with the SWBF3 at And published by EA and produced by DICE? Maybe they got it confused with Battlefield 3 or something…

  63. ValenTor says:

    Sorry i’m still confused…. Are we getting BF3 for certain, we just don’t know when in 2010?? Or are they still rumours that it’s being made, but the realease would be 2010…..they sound similar but if you think about it there are 2 possibilities

  64. collegefan77 says:

    Here’s the force unleashed 2 trailer, still that gamestop link bugs me.

  65. ValenTor says:

    Wait, vadersdemise, are you saying they could have announced the wrong game?? Coz that would be so amazing!!!

  66. Micha says:

    thank you for posting as the writer of the artikle

    • admin says:

      No problem, Micha, I always give credit, where credit is due.. I just don’t like being accused of stealing. If I knew it came from your site, I would have linked it in the first place.

  67. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Wow this sucks.

    The BF3 thing is very weird indeed.

    Some one called them up, apparently, and its a error… BF3 is set to be released at June 2010.. idk the date though.

  68. Adam says:

    i really believe that lucasarts is going to regret this, because with God of War 3, Dante’s Inferno, and Bayonetta coming out next year, the entire 3rd person action game genre is going to be loaded, and I doubt that TFU2 is going to make any cash at all……

  69. ValenTor says:

    Absolutely ridiculous, The first one failed, now they want to do a second game that no-one needs nor wants, and for what?? Legions of fans are going to walk away from Star Wars games because of this I guarantee you….

    I swear, if BF3 isn’t on shelves by the end of 2010, i’m going to Skywalker Ranch personally with an AK-47 and enough ammunition to take out every single employee that thought up TFU and one bullet for myself because i don’t want to be in a world where BF3 is not a possibility

  70. collegefan77 says:

    I’m very dissapointed, i did like the force unleashed on the ps2 though but i liked the battlefront series on the ps2 even MORE!!!. Also i can’t find the force unleashed 2 site, can someone put a link up. Also at the end of that article why did they have a gamestop listing. I wonder.

  71. KILLJOY7794 says:

    dude what is up with the gamespot link? Should we keep our hopes up?

  72. Wenis says:

    Another FU game. Thats just what I feel like saying to LucasArts.. FU

  73. Alex says:

    Hi guys, well i sowas the information of gamestop on
    do you cooperate with that site?

  74. witchunter180 says:

    Definately wasn’t expecting FU 2. I haven’t played the first (my 360 fried before I ever got around to renting) so I didn’t know if a 2nd one would be a possibility. But yeah, its sucks to know its not BF3 being confirmed…

  75. KILLJOY7794 says:

    Dude that sux! i really wanted to see this game!!!

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