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Battlefront 3 is in Development says Battlefront 3 Actor…

So, I received some promising news this morning in my email, which may bring a couple smiles to a few Battlefront 3 fans. On December 10th, I came across a link on the LucasArts forums (Thanks: robpolman) which included a link to an actor (Chris Marazzo) who has recently done some work with LucasArts on the secretly rumored Battlefront 3.

I thought this was very interesting, so I took the liberty of sending Chris an email. Basically, I asked him if he had the time to discuss what he had done with LucasArts and if he could disclose some information on the Battlefront 3 project.

So, this morning, while checking my email, I had a glorious response from Chris.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Hey Aaron,

Thanks for getting in touch. The Original Title was Battlefront 3 but it evolved into Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption”

I though that this was fairly interesting, I had no idea that this was even considered to Battlefront 3.

This was the highlight of the conversation though:

“However Battlefront 3 is also in development. It was by far the Most Fun and Coolest Casting I ever worked on.”

Sweeet! Can’t get much more direct than that! Naturally, of course, I can’t confirm that this is truly accurate, but by the sounds of it, it looks like we will get our Battlefront 3 eventually!

Chris was also so nice and very cool to add that he may be able to dig me up some Battlefront 3 storyboards, by the end of the week!!

So stay tuned!!

Check out the Battlefront 3 speculation chat as well: Battlefront 3 Chat

Be sure to check out Chris Marazzo’s website!

Chris Marazzo’s Portfolio
Chris Marazzo’s IMDB

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  1. Wow ! extraordinary job! i would like to read your post frequently.Its make me to dig more information. Thank You !

  2. this is my comments ! thx for all !

  3. Any news on a Star Wars Force Unleashed 3 yet? Or a monthly fee pricing for Star Wars The Old Republic, and if it will make it’s way on to any consoles in the future? Any news on more DLC for SW Force Unleashed 2?

  4. Everytime Someone said your posts I feel like your writting is improving, see it in the day one.

  5. where do you guys get lucasarts employees email’s from
    cause i’m sick of all the rumours
    i want to know if battlefront 3 is coming out or not!

    so, if any of you fans, or writers of this website could help me out
    that would be much appreciated

  6. I just want to say to whoever is making Star Wars Battle Front 3
    Pay Attention to the Details! Expand! and Be Creative!

  7. wait wait wait there is already a forces of corruption its on the pc????

  8. just read that BFIII will be released in 2010 in Playstation Oficial Magazine.

  9. I am still not believing this until they announce the damn game!

    Yeah ok concepts here and there… not very convincing IMO.

    Why doesn’t lucasarts behave itself and maintain the awesome franchies like other companies do (fallout, final fantasy, mario and others) instead of playing russian roulette by developing I massive VO’d game???

    I think FU 2’s name really stands for itself (!). I played FU 1, its controls were horrendous, story was stupid and force powers were sh**! I hate it when they invent new characters and just insert them into random areas of their lore… in ep 4, 5 + 6, we only know of Luke, Kenobi and Yoda as the remaining jedi… there was no mention of starkiller, X2 or Rahm Kota.

  10. Hola saludos desde Peru,

    Ojala q star wars battlefront 3 salgaa para todos !!..

    STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3 Please !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. How many rumor sites like this are there for bf3? lots. How many for FU2? none. nuff said

  12. Yes! I really hope this is true!

  13. I can’t wait till summer 2010, that’s too long.

  14. Can an actor share info such as storyboards?

  15. Maybe because they want a really perfect game, otherwise it wont make any sense, why they took BF3 away from redical. It WAS nice wasnt it ? :-(. But they should hurry, 5 Years are long enough 2 wait for a game 🙁

  16. The friendly guys over at forums.lucasarts have been calling Gamestops for the last hour or so since the news broke. The news has all been the same — coming from independent Gamestops from all over the country (even in Canada and Europe), Lucasarts hasn’t told them much, but when asked about if this could be happening, all the Gamestops are answering the same: there is, quote, a “100% certainty this is coming out, summer 2010.”

    As a double check to make sure this is recent, I checked the Gamestop pages’ creation dates, and it turns out these pages were very recently created indeed.

    For more breaking info, people at forums.lucasarts have discovered some more in the last bit, check out .


  17. with a realese date of jan 6 2010!

  18. gamestop (canada) already has listed battlefront 3….. sorta like how amazon did….

  19. But Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption” is an already existing game, for like two years. Anyway, pumped to finally see some light on the awesomeness that is Battlefront 3.

  20. IMO LucasArts made a fool of themselves. Not the game that got announced, but the overall playing it out like we were going to get a huge title. If your going to make a big deal about it, don’t come out with a game no one wanted. I’m not talking about everyone here, but non SW fans aren’t going to go out and buy this game.

  21. I think BF3 is out there. It has to be. But why is this game taking so long? And why is Lucas Arts so secretive about this? I actually wasn’t that bummed because I knew this game wasn’t coming out. It won’t be long until the next Big BF3 rumor comes up and we can all get excited again. I really thought tonight was the night.

  22. Big dissapointement tonight on the video games award. They announced Force Unleashed 2…. WTH! It’s an alright game, but star wars fans need some assurance that there will be a battlefront 3. Hopefully, the game is taking this long due to the amount of work they’re putting into it, hopefully.

  23. At least this email gives us promise, and now we will just need to wait for this guy to email the admin the EAW-FOC story.

    Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this, FU2? I thought we’d see the rumored Legends game. When I was watching the premeire, I thought it was a Clone Wars game because of Yoda’s voice. I wonder what the story will be about, it looks like the story will take place in ROTS. IDK.

  24. i could have sworn that i read something somewhere that said that there will be two games for starwars being announced at the vga’s. i dont think its true but im not sure so i dont know whats going to happen. highly doubt it though

  25. they anounced it will be Force Unleashed 2 big let down WOW looks cool tho…

  26. Was just watching VGAs and *sigh*
    its force unleashed 2
    someone give me a nuclear bomb so i can drop it on lucasarts

  27. i hope this is true i just saw the star wars game premiere and it is force unleashed 2 if this article is not true George Lucas has lost his balls i so pissed he can’t announce battlefront 3 i mean he’s a smart man but grow some lucas and announce battlefront 3 the past three battlefront have been on PSP or DS or a cell phone (AT&T) i was yelling at that at the TV i still believe in him but announce battlefront 3 and IT BETTER NOT ON A PORTABLE SYSTEM AGAIN i am so pissed that it’s not battlefront 3 i don’t elite squadron for the DS and i don’t have the money for a PSP

  28. NOOOOOO they announced force unleashed 2 🙁

  29. the new game is, Star Wars the force unleashed 2!!!!!!!!!!

  30. grr, SPike should have started the live stream since 15 minutes, and nothing happened 🙁

  31. alrighty. today is the day. prepare to be excited or prepare to be dissapointed. does anyone know by any chance approximetaly wat time they will be announcing the new game??

  32. IMO, what I think the guy meant by the EaW:FoC reference was that the first BF3 version he worked on way back in 05(or 06 Idk) had a story like EaW:FoC(which wasn’t released yet at that time).
    Then they took that version of BF3 and converted the story to EaW:FoC and started a new BF3 which that guy also worked on, with a new story like the one we all have seen in the leaked footage by free radical.

  33. its 8PM EST (east coast time). at east it was on my cable. i checked the program schedule on spikes channel, and it said it started @8…

    anyone knows wich time they mean ? they wanna start it 8 pm, but Amarica is REALLY big Oo when do they haev 8 ?

    for those, who will wait with me 4 the life stream :

  35. I really hope that they give us battlefront 3 because I’ve been waiting a long time. That doesn’t make cents to remake EAW.

  36. OMG I CANT WAIT!!! wonder when it will come out

  37. Isn’t BF Rouge squadron technically BF3? If it is then I can see why they would call it EAW-FOC. Personally I think that is a long title for a game, EAW or FOC would be good for me. Now that I know SW Legends won’t be a BF game, it takes slot of excitment out of tonight.


  39. I cant wait! Hope it’s Battlefront 3. If it is announced im going to pre-order it right away;)

  40. This is all very interesting news……
    I guess the only thing we can do is wait until tonight for the VGAs…..
    How does a game like BF3 evolve into EAW: FC?
    Battlefront 3 would have been a much better choice for them to release…..

  41. well…. tommorow will be interesting. i think we will be happy or dissapointed about which game will be announced. i have hopes for bf3 but no one can be sure. dont get your hopes up to high just incase we r let down(not trying to be negative).

  42. I actually want to calm down from my earlier comment. Sorry about that. IF it’s an actual sequel to Battlefront, on the consoles, with online play, I’ll be as happy as I was above. Any kind of handheld crap again and I’ll be pissed.

    Thanks for the news though.

  43. ZOMGWAFFLES!!!! I’d put 10zillion exclamation points if I could! This is great news. I felt like this when I saw that leaked footage. 10 minutes later I read about the canning of the project. About a year later, it’s finally happening!


  44. It looks like SW Legends will be announced tonight. Although there is that chance of it coming out! At this point I don’t know what to believe anymore, all I know is the VGAs are 19 hours and 57 min

  45. yea I have empire at war, and its expansion forces of corruption. FoC came out a year after EaW…and its an RTS genre, not shooter, meaning completely different game strucutre and game engine…so how could bf3 “evolve” into FoC, which is the exact opposite end of the game spectrum pretty much. there is nothin simliar, not even concepts or ideas between the battlefront series and the EaW games. i almost have the feelin that guy had no idea what he was talkni about then.. but anyway, ADMIN THANK YOU FOR BRINGING USTHIS NEWS!!! this still made my day even with the confusion about FoC! lol its nice to see frequent updates-much appreciated.

  46. This is really an awesome sight. Come here everyday to get a glimpse at news other sights are lacking most of the time. Nice work Admin.

    And as far as the developement for the VGA goes. I beleive the announcement tomorrow vould very well be Battlefront III. Seeing as it was discovered around this time last year to be in production(December 30th I think it was). Lets hope for a truly exiting announcement.

    Tempest Rage

  47. …This guy is obviously confused. Maybe we should calm down.

    “The Original Title was Battlefront 3 but it evolved into Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.”

    Considering BF3 didn’t start development until after FoC released in 2006, this is a suspect statement. I highly, highly doubt LucasArts would start development of a different game, using the trademarked title of another studio’s (Pandemic) IP.

    “However Battlefront 3 is also in development. It was by far the Most Fun and Coolest Casting I ever worked on.”

    — “I ever worked on.” Sounds like this isn’t/wasn’t a “recent” gig he had; perhaps he isn’t even aware of the whole Free Radical/Rebellion kerfuffle.

  48. 3rd Generation Grevious

    YES! But i’m confused. Is it saying BF3 is now Star wars empire at war forces corruption? Also is that free radicals version or Bf3 in general?

  49. Seriously. Thank you Wenis! What are they trying to hide? Does anyone think that there is still a chance that this game tommorow night could be BF3? Or does it sound like it will be this legends game?

  50. One thing that keeps coming to mind is that maybe he just didn’t know that SWBFIII might have “died” with Free Radical, at least that version that he worked on. Or maybe he is talking about a ‘new’ version, after Free Radical… Then again he did work on it so I’d assume he would know for sure. It would just be nice if LucasArts would just say if it is alive or not.

  51. Oh, guys I just found a little something. This connects Legends and Battlefront III by a very thin line. Here’s what wikipedia says on the Battlefront 3 page:

    “On October 2, 2008, OLFC listed Star Wars: Battlefront III for the Nintendo DS with a PG rating for mild animated violence. The classification had been filed by Activision Blizzard.[7]”

    That’s right, Activision Blizzard. The reference wasn’t a page anymore but something was there.

  52. @ admin
    Because I’ve run into other Nitros before, but I use this name where it meets the criteria. So if you’ve never seen a P dump then it doesn’t matter.

    Invite the actor to the site, and WHEN (I can say this with a clean concience now) Battlefront 3 comes out what will happen here?

  53. Just to clarify, what has some people confused is the EaW:FoC thing. From what I gather he meant that he was hired BEFORE EaW:FoC was released, which was some time ago, in order to provide voice overs for Battlefront 3, and then he was approached to work on EaW:FoC, meaning he worked on both games.

  54. Oh, it was just that short. Sorry.
    But hey IS you name Nitro everwhere you go, and does Marazzo intend on contacting you again? If he does ask him about the BF3 gone corrupt.

    • Yeah, he didn’t get into any deep details, I emailed him back with a couple more questions, so hopefully he’ll reply. Some places I use that alias, others I don’t. Why?

      • Admin, we’re all getting really bored with the screenshot page. Is there anything to report on? We all seem to have a depressed outlook on things after the release of Force Unleashed 2. Did this Marazzow guy ever email you back? Please just make a new page so we can get fresh comments. :/

  55. Admin, can you give us all of that email? The Battlefront III turned Forces of curruption thing is making my confused.

  56. K guys, just one time 2 sleep 4 me 🙂 CANT WAIT !!!!

  57. I totally believe that BF3 is still being worked on. The trailer of the game looked almost complete. Being that far to completion in a game, you can’t just ditch out.

    Someone said that BF3 will be announced, could SW Legends be a lie? Could it be BF3? The more I think about it, the more I think we could get BF3, but under a different name.

    Saturday night will get here eventually, this suspense is eating me alive!

  58. “Thats why I stay at, the Admin always give us nice news, and the guys on are just tealing it Oo.
    But thanks for that email 🙂 I have much new hope XD”

    The Guys discovered Marazzo on the 3rd, though.

    Also I don’t see any stealing, except that reference that they made about the email from EX-FRD, but hey all sites quoted you..

  59. Well sorry I’m a little late posting.
    @ admin.
    Something most interesting about this is the BF3 evolution into Forces of Corupption. This game was a expansion pack for Empire at War. And also was a completely different genre. Is there any way that you can expound upon this. It felt like your email was missing some spots.

    P.S. Out of curiousity, do you use the nickname Nitro for everything you post/comment.

  60. EaW FoC already came out. It was probably the same story as a BF3 version that came before even free radical’s

  61. INTESAPHOBIA!!!!!!!
    1 more day and conformation that BF3 is underway!!

  62. Now this cheers up my day a lot!!!


  63. Well that takes the surprise out of the VGA’s, but who cares? This sounds like some good news, for now. Once we all get our eyes on the storyboards, that will almost confirm this for me.

    Now for the title Empire At War, what time will that be focused on? It sounds like an OT storyline, which is good. Hopefully there will be a ton of planets with multiple maps.

  64. So admin this means that they are going to make a new Empire at War?

    I am so happy now I can’t wait but there are still so many unanswered questions like will BFIII be announced at the Spike Game awards or not?… I’m just so exited!

  65. At last! A NEW HOPE! Better hurry up though or the competition will make it too late.

  66. Halllellujah don’t like sound of empire at war though oh well!

  67. Sweet! Whats your name on the chat admin?
    Wow i’m soo happy now! Time to take my hopes up? yes it is. 😀

  68. Thats why I stay at, the Admin always give us nice news, and the guys on are just tealing it Oo.
    But thanks for that email 🙂 I have much new hope XD

  69. Thats awesome but whats with the Empire at War reference. That doesn’t make any sense.

  70. Thanks Admin!!!! WOOT WOOT!! Really good news man!!! I’m at school now… AND IM GOING CRAZY!!!! lol!! I look like a kid who just took a whole bunch of crack (ps. i dont do drugs 🙂 )!!!! OMG!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

    Also Admin! Thanks once again for publicizing my chat here!!! Thanks for linking them to it! The more people there the merrier! 😀

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