A Conversation with LucasArts… Battlefront 3? Yes!

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This is quite intersting, a member of SWBF3 Speculation have actually contacted LucasArts support and asked them if Battlefront 3 is going to be released.

Their response:

“I am sure they’ll have it at some point, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, it’s not even really due out until, something like, November, 2010 or so. It’s certainly aways off from what I understand, nothing official obviously”

No whether or not he’s just speculating or he’s trying not to give too much information away is unknown.

He was also asked straight out if the game was real…

His response:


He also was asked if LucasArts was the publisher and the answer was yes, but he could not identify the developer.

Also we have an email response from EA, courtesy of donhomerj:

“Hi Michael,

Always nice to hear from a genuine Battlefront fan.

Until EA is ready to make an announcement, all games in development must be kept secret in case they fall into the hands of the Sith. I’m sure you understand.


EA Support.

—–Original Message—–
From: ********
Sent: Tue 15/12/2009 00:11
To: EA Support
Subject: Question about a Game

Dear EA Team,
IZd just like to know, are you working on Star Wars Battlefront 3 ?
There are rumors, that you are, and IZd like to know, if thats true.
Please answer me
Friendly Greeting
Michael j.

That definitely wasn’t a no! Nice work donhomerj!

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  1. AdmiralTano says:

    what console do you think it will come out on

  2. dk says:

    it novmber it in 10 mouth

  3. Drizzy Drake says:

    I really hope that this is for real. Me and my stepbrother still play the first and second battlefront and they both just stopped workin…lol So hopefully this game comes out. I will play this game everyday.

  4. darth Jeri says:

    i’ve got a bad feeling about this …..

  5. Geek says:

    @ D.urge

    jk jk

    thats exactly what I have been saying we need some rock hard evidence! right now we have sand like evidence… and I say this because at any time this all can be washed away… I hope I’m not sounding like a downer. but… what ever!

  6. D.urge says:

    I sense a little “seeking glory” in your last comment. Have you mentioned our idea on B.Y.B.F? Wait nevermind, someone could take the idea. whoops.
    too lazy to backspace all that on the wii.

    Great to hear about battlefront3. I personally would like a Positive Date of release but who wouldn’t?
    Another thing, FU2 (not what your thinking Pdump) is what i see to be some type of attention thief. That game should have ended on the first edition.

    Staying Not Lame,

  7. The Saradominist says:

    IF pandemic had swbf3, and were a stuido of EA, EA would most likely have gotten the game after pandemic had closed its doors. Lucas arts is smart (i know thats debatable), they most likely are developing the game and just want it to be a big suprise. they know it would sell great on the market. so whats standing in their way?

  8. AndyFett55 says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that BF3 is being worked on somewhere. Everybody knows that BF3 would sell like crazy even if the game somehow sucked.

    Why would FU2 be being worked on, in place of BF3? It can’t be. Someone out there has it.

    I’m just waiting for some news. These last couple days have been killers for every BF3 hopeful.

  9. Grievous 2.5 says:

    They removed the phone call video. I guess they don’t want people knowing that they’re working on bf3.

  10. @ Everybody…

    I got the newest GameInformer, January 2010 issue, and there was something about EA and Pandemic.
    And as we know, Pandemic was the last know to get BF3, and since they closed, EA has BF3 now for sure.

    What is that? I hear you want proof?
    Well well good dudes! I snagged a pic of it and uploaded it here:

    Give it a quick read and tell me what you think.

  11. ggctuk says:

    @ everybody: Pandemic point-blank told us they did not have BFIII, and that Project X was not BFIII. I’ll tell you who got BFIII: Rebellion and N-Space. It’s now called Elite Squadron.

    I hope BFIII does come out. But I don’t see it in the near future. LA is too busy with TFU2.

  12. Tyler says:

    What if this thing is just a “frankenstein” just a hideous attempt at what free radical did.

  13. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Project Y was the new mercs game called Mercs Inc and Project X was the doomed Dark Knight title. EA wanted to make a free roam Dark Knight game but they rushed the staff at Pandemic and when they missed the movie’s day view and the dvd release EA shut them down.

  14. Khaos killR says:

    I really really really really really…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Really hope this is true!

  15. wenis says:

    Project X was announced earlier this year, not in 2005… And if pandemic was making it, they wouldn’t have necessarily lost the contract, they may have had to renegotiate it with the new guys at EALA but I’m not sure.

  16. tincan says:

    why do you think EA has SWBF3?

    1. Pandemic never had it even though they wanted it.
    a. Project X was announced in 2005.
    b. Project Y was Mercs Inc.
    c. Battlefront is a licensed property (just like Lord of the Rings: Conquest) so even if they did have it then they still lost the contract and EA would not have the rights
    d. DICE employee confirms they are not making any Star Wars game

  17. Battlefront 3. now stay with me on this…… Level editor or level creator on land and in space with vheical or starship creator as well.

  18. donhomerj says:

    k, thx @wenis
    but EA didnt say anything about project x didn´t they ?
    so, it was called on project x :
    “We’re so amped up about Project X that it’s hard for us not to tell everyone everything about it today. But we can’t. When we can talk about this project, we’ll have all the exciting news here on this site.”
    I don´t think it was FU2 on the start of 2009, Fu1 wasn´t finished yet. SO this must be Battlefront 3, everything is matching. So lets ask Ea for project x, and whos developing it now(which studio)

  19. wenis says:

    donhomerj, Project Y was confirmed to be a new Mercenaries game, called Mercs, Inc. EA Los Angeles is now working on it. Project X still hasn’t been announced, but I’d assume EA Los Angeles is working on that as well.

  20. AndyFett55 says:

    Yeah, great point about project X and Y. If FU 2 at this point is X or Y, then what is the other. It has to be BF3. I don’t want to wait until Nov of next year.

  21. starwars says:

    this game will be the best

  22. Teancum says:

    Why would some lowly employee on the tech support side of Lucasarts tell some random person that SWBF3 is in development? They don’t get told that stuff if it hasn’t been released to the press. When stuff like this is going on, lowly hourly Joe Techsupport doesn’t know squat.

    I’m keeping my hopes up, but these “confirmations” are beyond laughable.

  23. donhomerj says:

    but another thing, does anyone knows, who gots project x & y from pandemic ? They can´t just be stopped. If one of them really was Bf3, it must be gone somewhere. and I cant find anything about that 🙁

  24. Yea, I’m pretty sure EA is making it for sure.

  25. Adam Ross says:

    You know what, if BF3 ever comes out, I hope everyone from this site gets a bloody big mention in the credits. Keeping the dream alive boys /thumb’s up!

  26. donhomerj says:

    Hi,so I asked Crytek, and they´re not assoziated with bf3.
    And I also got a email from Lucas Arts that includes…. nothing….. thanks to Lucas Arts support. 🙁


    We are not associated with SW Battlefront 3.

    Kind Regards,

    Tom Ebsworth
    Crytek – Community Manager
    Hanauer Landstrasse 523
    60386 Frankfurt, Germany
    E-mail: tome@crytek.com

    —–Original Message—–
    From: ******
    Sent: 16 December 2009 18:41
    To: Tom Ebsworth
    Subject: Question about a game release

    Dear Crytek Team,
    I just wanted to say, that you did an amazing job with crysis, and there one thing, I want to ask you for.
    Do you work on Star Wars Battlefront 3 ? Or are you anyway helping out there ? I®d just like to, know, whether Star Wars Battlefront 3 is on Cryengine 2.
    friendly regards
    Michael Janz

  27. Port 420 says:

    Ok it’s been a year since they pulled the plug at FreeRadical so next November sounds pretty accurate to me. It’s going to take Rebellion or whoever secretly has it 1-2 years to complete a polished title since they most likely kept little or nothing that had been done. Might be another year but it’ll be worth it! Until then keep playing SWBF2 maynard.

  28. collegefan77 says:

    “Buggzy BomberX” thank you for the g4 vid.

    Now i think that EA is developing it.

  29. collegefan77 says:

    “Buggzy BomberX ” Thank you so much for that video. It cleared up a lot for me.

    So even though Dice is out EA could have a big chance of finishing what Free Radical started from Pandemic.

  30. @ Buggzy BomberX

    Dude that video is old lol! its from January 16, 2009.

  31. starwars says:

    if ev 1 is sayin battlefront 3 is reall i wish lucas arts would say in works but we all know how game dev work and publishers work

  32. not dice but it will say pandemic

  33. collegefan77 says:

    Dice ain’t developing it to my knowledge(read on a formum)

    Lucasarts is Publishing it to my knowlege(just heard from people)

    Remember this is a guess. The only thing i’m sure of is Dice ain’t developing the game.

  34. Adrian says:

    What we should do (then i mean you guys) is to make a new video, almost the same just at the end you can write “If someone remove this video (someone is LA) then it is a confrimation that they are makin the game, merry christmas every body”. Something like that:P Just a thought from me.

  35. xezene says:

    hmmm. This makes it really sound like EA’s is doing it.

    “All games in development must be kept secret in case they fall into the hands of the Sith. I’m sure you understand.”

    Sounds like he is telling us in between the lines right there.

  36. donhomerj says:

    did anyone load this “video” down ? then we could set it online, and wait what happens, then we could prove, if it was really Lucas Arts, who´s hiding something

  37. @starwars…

    Well.. we will just mention some small detail on the video. As the LA is in California. And there are some legality issues.

  38. ValenTor says:

    Lol, this is such a “yes, we’re making it, but we can’t tell you that” from EA….. Why mention the sith if they aren’t playing to the Star Wars fanbase…. of course you could argue it’s just reference to the Battlefront series, or that the guy contacted is a SW fan, but I like to think he’s just nodding to our superior devotion and need for this game 😀

    As long as they don’t give it to the section of EA that screw’s up games, we should be fine lol

  39. Space Geek says:

    like the santa annimation admin!

  40. Space Geek says:

    well this is first good news weve had since….
    wait weve never had good news…….
    Any way if they do make BF3 im expecting These threee key features:
    1: an entirly new campgain/story line
    2: A new era to play in, perhaps Kotor
    3: galactic congquest over the internet
    that would be intnese
    of course i want regular online play too though

  41. Tom says:

    I’m not going to believe this until an official announcement by lucasarts in a press conference/E3 is made. End of story.

    For now, Fallout 3, ES 4, GOW 3 and many more others would keep me busy for a long time.

  42. Justin says:

    someone else here should try calling lucasarts

  43. starwars says:

    why would he romove vid hmmmm

  44. 5thGenGamer says:

    It has to be real after the gamestop website and now this it has to be real

  45. Scott says:

    I’m not going to get my hopes up yet…This “Battlefront 3” might be another hand held through away. One can only assume what the future beholds. Ha ha sounded like a Star Wars quote…

  46. Admin we need to talk about that video… we posted a new one.. but still.

  47. arashi says:

    the video has been removed…

  48. dart6g88k says:

    ok, i need to be clear here, is EA making this game and also which EA is making battlefront 3, DICE EA or which one??
    please reply

  49. AndyFett55 says:

    I’m not going to trust this either. Anybody could do this. Just because it says thank you for calling lucasarts doesn’t mean anything. I am personally sick of getting all excited every other day, only to get let down the next day. But I’ll decinantly will be here tommorow for the news because speculation is too much fun:)

  50. starwars says:

    actually i did listen to whole vid i do belive vid is reall now but couldnt any one say this luc

  51. starwars says:

    u know wat@colleg ty for getin my spirits up u know its hard to trust internet people

  52. KILLJOY7794 says:


  53. Once again… if you pay attention to the end of the video.. which you obviously did not starwars… it says “thank you for calling lucasarts.”

  54. collegefan77 says:

    ya. who’s developing the game. I have a bad feeling this might not be real because he didn’t say who the developer was.

    Tell me wut u think.

  55. @ starwars….

    This is what I said on lucasarts… ok.

    “ok look.. The reason the video is called Code 3 Code 3 and that the description says lol, and there are no tags.. is because we don’t want Lucasarts taking down the video. We want enough ppl to see it, before, if it does, it gets taken down.”

    If you can’t believe us you will need to call yourself 😉

  56. RAWDOG 262 says:

    that video is from my friend call cadattack123 and he told me he was going to call LucasArts so no its isnt fake

  57. starwars says:

    1frst it sound like a kid is calling
    2 the guy on the other line sounds like hes either a kid or a guy with a deep voice
    maby true maby not who knows but i do have a feeling its a lie call because of description

  58. starwars says:

    u know wat i cant tell any more

  59. starwars says:

    i have a fealing that this mite be a fake i saw a utube vide it said lol in description wich means its prob a lie

  60. ChaosLord says:

    “It’s a trap!”

  61. AndyFett55 says:

    Noveber 2010? That sucks, i guess I should be thankful that this game is even coming out. Nice work Cody.

  62. donhomerj says:

    Just write as many concerns of ea as possible, this one, which will make the same answser , does it 😛 quite easy XD

  63. a new story line hmmmm.

  64. Yep this is the LA HQ one 🙂

  65. collegefan77 says:

    can’t wait, who’s developing it? that’s the big question ain’t it?

  66. P dump says:

    Hey, quick question to admin. Did my emails help you at all. I saw you didn’t post them, which is fine I can understand why you wouldn’t want them here, and I’m wondering what we’re supposed to do now. It’s done pretty much. I mean it has been confirmed directly, now what?

    Thanks alot to whoever made that call.

  67. DorkTrooper says:

    Please be true. I cant take another COD game to tide me over.

  68. An_Anonymoose says:

    This is all very exciting news!!!! hot damn this just made my day 😀

  69. P dump says:

    Nicely done. Thanks for taking care of this admin. Also nice to here it come from you.

  70. 1R0cketeer says:

    “All is proceeding exactly as I have forseen” -emperor cackle-

  71. Ironman21 says:

    Yeah, A New Hope has arisen from the shadows of saturday’s disapointing failure to deliver upon the inititive that we all show towards wanting BF3

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