December, 2009

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A big thanks goes out to “Wenis”, a member on our forums who has been relentless in digging up some XBOX 360 screenshots (originally posted by as well as some nice renders of Geonosis and a great little animation reel of the following: “An animation reel, which shows various games including Battlefront III. You […]

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This is quite intersting, a member of SWBF3 Speculation have actually contacted LucasArts support and asked them if Battlefront 3 is going to be released. Their response: “I am sure they’ll have it at some point, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, it’s not even really due out until, something like, November, 2010 or […]

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Well, once again (twice in the run of 4 days) Star Wars: Battlefront 3, has been confirmed to be development! Well at least this can get our hopes back up again after the disappointment at the VGA awards. Our good friends over at SWBF3 Speculation are reporting that they have been in contact with Gamestop […]

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Well, that got our hopes up for at least a brief while. Apparently have yanked all reminiscence of Battlefront 3 already, why? I have no idea, i’m presuming that it was just a mistake, but you never know, they may have put it up too early and were made to remove it. It’ll be […]

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Leave to us Canadians to bring in some good news. On my last post I presented a link to the Canadian Gamestop, which shows us Battlefront 3 for pre-order on multiple platforms, including PS3, XBOX 360, PC and PS2. I guess, from Gamestop’s perspective, it’s legit. According to a lot of people, who have been […]

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So yeah… as everyone probably already know, the new Star Wars game that has been released on the VGA awards on Spike TV is none other than, The Force Unleashed 2…. YAY!!!!! ….. just kidding, i’m just as disappointed as the rest of you guys. That was something that I honestly didn’t expect in a […]

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So, I received some promising news this morning in my email, which may bring a couple smiles to a few Battlefront 3 fans. On December 10th, I came across a link on the LucasArts forums (Thanks: robpolman) which included a link to an actor (Chris Marazzo) who has recently done some work with LucasArts on […]

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There have been a lot of propaganda going around that, this is what Lucas Arts will be releasing to us on Saturday during the SpikeTV Video Game Awards. At first, reports suggested that this, Star Wars Legends was some kind of trading card game, but it turns out that it is a video game after […]

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About a week ago, there were a lot of renders and concepts that were leaked and posted, that did not have any relation to Battlefront 3. After I had posted them as well, I got an email from a very nice gentlemen, requesting to have his work removed, which of course I had no problem […]

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Well, it’s now December 1st, which means that there is 12 days until we hopefully get what we are all wishing and hoping for… our Battlefront 3. What a nice Christmas present that would be for all of us from LucasArts. But again, many people think that we are just holding our breath for no […]