Pandemic Studios Closes + LucasArts Hiring for Multiplayer Position

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Well, this came to me as a surprise, Pandemic Studios has officially been shut down by their owners, Electronic Arts. Apparently all of Pandemics current works will be passed on to another EA studio. I guess this rules out the possibility of Pandemic releasing Battlefront 3.. doh!

Here some info on the Pandemic Studios closing, courtesy of

Pandemic Studios – the developers behind Star Wars: Battlefront and Mercenaries – will today be closed down by owners Electronic Arts, according to several sources close to the situation.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard this – far from it – but we had previously been unaware of the timing of the move.

Though still unconfirmed, according to our sources almost all of the studio’s staff (around 200 people) in Los Angeles are to be laid off today, with those few remaining to be incorporated into other Electronic Arts development teams. The move is expected to be announced to Pandemic staff at 11 a.m. PT.

Pandemic were first formed in 1998, and for a while there, seemed to be on the verge of becoming one of the world’s premier development houses. Following on from the success of Full Spectrum Warrior, Mercenaries and Star Wars: Battlefront, they were purchased in 2007 by Electronic Arts, where things should have been on the up and up.

Instead, the company released a succession of lacklustre sequels, and took a body-blow when Pandemic’s Australian experiment failed following the cancellation of the costly – and doomed – Dark Knight game, which resulted in the closure of Pandemic’s Brisbane studio.

It’s believed Pandemic’s remaining IP (including The Saboteur) will be passed onto EA’s Montreal studio (Army of Two).

Remember, as of yet, this is all unconfirmed; we’d expect an official announcement on the closure later today. We’ve contacted Electronic Arts for an official statement and will update this post when and if they respond.

Here’s an updated post from stating that even though Pandemic is closing all the IP’s, including Star Wars Battelfront will “live on”.

We’ve got a little more perspective on the closing of Pandemic, which was rumored earlier today. Though the studio will physically close, and the majority of its staff (some 200 people) will be sacked, the brand and IPs (like Mercenaries, Star Wars: Battlefront and The Saboteur) will continue, EA representative Holly Rockwood told Joystiq. Founders Josh Resnick, Andrew Goldman, Greg Borrud will leave the company.

A lucky few from Pandemic will continue the studio’s work under the EALA roof in Playa Vista, reporting to GM Sean Decker. Here’s hoping that those who aren’t as fortunate won’t have to go too long without work.

On the plus side, LucasArts is currently looking for a Multiplayer/Networking Engineer, which could be good news if they’re planning on developing a new Battlefront game for us. The job description includes the following:

The Multiplayer Engineer will focus on multiplayer programming for upcoming LucasArts games. 3+ years experience in the area of Network & Multiplayer engineering specifically for console games, and prior programming experience on XBOX360 or PS3 is required. Broad understanding of computer and game networking systems, including DNS, NAT, firewall, security methods, peer-to-peer and client server models also a must.

Check out the job advertisment here.

Thanks for all the comments in the last post about the Battlefront 3 leaked footage and the Elite Squadron footage, and i’m not blind thank you, the footage looked similar to me. Keep the comments coming!

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  1. Scortch 2486 says:

    Ok first of all Pandemic is not completely closed its core ip team was moved to EA LA. The core Ip team will continue to make games under the name Pandemic studios. So physically Pandemic studios is closed but the heart, soul, and the name Pandemic will continue to live on for as long as the Original and intilectual rights for the games such as the mercanaries series lives on. But when the merc series ends and the saboteur dlc is over and done one of two things can happen either the name Pandemic will finally fade away into oblivion or EA will keep the core Ip and continue to use the name Pandemic and make games under what is left of the studios this is bascially comming from the adminostrator sledgehanner70 from Unfortuanatly only time will tell. Long Live Panemic Studios!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Hey I just found out that in Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron that the leaked cut scene of a clone fighting a jedi is featured in the game. But the actual gameplay is completely different from that in the leaked gameplay. Such as the lock on.

  3. Scooter says:

    There is going to be a new Star Wars game announced December 12th on the Game Awards at about 8pm”here is the proof.

  4. P dump says:

    I was thinking that maybe Lucasarts is concered about the anount of people that own next-gen systems. Doubt they’ll release it on the PS2.

  5. RAWDOG 262 says:

    I signed the petition as well! I think if enough of us create videos on Youtube we can get the public interested in the petition and get them to sign it. We just need someone who has a very popular account on it to start getting it around and maybe just maybe LucasArts will respond. I’m gonna try to make an account to do this but we have to get a LOT of people to do it. Go STAR WARS!!!!

  6. Well Yes, I too have signed the petition! Its going to be awesome.
    And George Lucas makes money off the toys -_-. I honestly wish Lucasarts will get this game done, they will make BILLIONS. As Battlefront 2 made Greatest Hits list withing a day. Now think of Battlefront 3? Some of my friends hate Star Wars, but they sure hella love Battlefront series.

    Battelfront 3 will just be sold out everwhere…. I can swear that. It will out sell any game in this here decade, if not so far till the present.

  7. RAWDOG 262 says:

    I really hope that Battlefront 3 comes out soon so I am trying as hard as I can not to lose hope. What is George Lucas’s problem? He seems to just keep making bad without even consulting the fans. Ever since The Clone Wars Saga came out the land of good Star Wars games has been dry and barren. If they release Battlefront 3 they can turn this that into something awesome.

  8. Space Geek says:

    The petition is up to 2700 or 27000 i dont know which.
    Putting it on a well known sight like this could significantly raise taht #>
    Thank you!

  9. P dump&Recneps (the combined forces) says:

    It’s time to find out some info.
    Lucasarts, Pandemic, Rebellion, whered it go? Let’s find out.
    Is there anyway to talk to ANYONE @ Lucasarts. There so hard to contact.

  10. admin says:

    I will speak on the petition on my next post. I also send out an email to Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion. Hopefully he’ll give some insight, but i’m not holding my breath over it.

  11. Space Geek says:

    Hey admin can you put up an article on the Star wars battlefront 3 peptition?
    Heres the link:
    PLZ PLZ PLZ put up an article about this.!

  12. Space Geek says:

    Battlefront just keeps getting pushed back farther and farther……
    I mean This game could’ve been out 2 years AGO!!!!
    I’m going to go to lucasarts and tell them to start reading all the comments here.
    THere’s even a battlefront 3 PETITION!!!
    If they dont announce this game in the next year, im never buying a lucasarts game again.

  13. P dump says:

    Here’s a complete list of the jobs Lucasarts is looking for:

    Level Designer San Francisco-CA-USA
    Lead Environment Artist San Francisco-CA-USA
    Sr. Character TD San Francisco-CA-USA
    Environment Artist San Francisco-CA-USA
    Sr. Tools Engineer San Francisco-CA-USA
    Multiplayer/Networking Engineer San Francisco-CA-USA
    Sr. Graphics Engineer San Francisco-CA-USA
    Sr. Core/PS3 Engineer San Francisco-CA-USA

    Their making something. But What?

  14. P dump says:

    I wanna find some Pandemic bygones to ask. Does anyone know how to find someone who can answer this stuff.

    And by the way Pandemic changed their website, doesn’t have ANYTHING about X&Y now. After the Soboteur comes out they might be in a position to give us some info.

  15. James says:

    I’m considering to contact Rebellion Developments since I live in the UK, and I know a friend who is actually a bus ride away from one of their main branches. Hopefully they’ll be able to give some insight into Battlefront III.

  16. Rebellion still has it how else would they made ES 4 psp and ds

  17. Recneps says:

    Well I guess that Pdump has a point to the extent that Pandemic would be have to work on something. I just hope that it is battlefront 3 is one of the two, but the funny thing is that there is still no hard evidence that BF3 is going to come out. The rumors have been around for maybe 1 to 2 year(s), but hey I do hope I does come out.


  19. P dump says:

    This ones for admin. Is there any way to ask Lucasarts what they think about Pandemic closing. Because there is no news for months about BF3.

    I did however find a Republic Commando 2 rumors, saying that it will come out spring 2010. And if Pandemic (or EA) is developing BF3 then isn’t that kinda strange, EA made the Battlefield series after all.

    Also, Pandemic may have ex staffmembers willing to talk.

  20. collegefan77 says:

    Pandemic was a good company, made a lot of good games. I own Destroy all humans 2, swb 1 and 2. They did good, very successful company in my opinion. Thank you Pandemic Studios for your success and sorry about shutting down.

  21. collegefan77 says:

    At first when I read this I was disappointed. But then I thought that SWB3 might be made and released quicker with the new vg studio itz placed. (if it is actually there) A few things bother me though, will the studio that the game may be at have any good reputation at all? Also I was wondering if the game will come out on the ps2, i know the system is old and worthless but i wonder if it’ll come out for the system. It really made my mind spin when I read the employer needed to have experience with ONLY “PS3 and XBOX 360” they should release the game with other systems or the game won’t get as much purchase. Think about the other swb fans, not all of them have a ps3 or a xbox360. We’ll have to see wut happens next i guess.:)

  22. Seriously? says:

    Free radical and pandemic? The game is cursed lol

  23. Pdump says:

    Hmmm, I read about Pandemic closing two days ago. I also read that there will be people working their remaining games in development (X&Y. Which I hope one of these is either BF3 or Republic Commando 2). But I am sad to see ’em go.

    But this still leaves us with the question of where did BF3 go?
    If Free Radical closed with it in it’s development, then when Crytek took them over it could’ve gone there. (I doubt that but it’s possible)
    It could be with Rebellion since they made ES, and plus it’s been dancing around the UK anyways.
    Pandemic or, should I say EA, could have it.
    Or it could be in the capable, overly-defensive hands of Lucasarts.

    You decide.

  24. Paul Y says:

    Well thats interesting. Hopefully LA hiring for that position doesn’t mean, they are just getting started on BF3. We have been waiting long enough. Maybe we will get some more game development footage from the sacked pandemic guys, if they were working on it.

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