New Star Wars Game Announcement… Battlefront 3?

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It’s pretty quite in the Star Wars gaming world since the release of Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Thanks to my loyal commentors, it’s been established that the leaked Battlefront 3 footage is not Elite Squadron, thank you all for helping me clear that up!

Over the last week or so, there have been a few interesting surprises, like the fact that EA has officially shut down Pandemic Studios, which was a big surprise to me. One of Pandemics secret projects has been rumored to be a new title called, “Mercenaries” or something, I didn’t really read the article.. haha.

So, today a bunch of sites have been posting that LucasArts will be announcing a new Star Wars game on December 12th during the VGA’s (Video Game Awards on Spike TV)

Courtesy of

Geoff Keighley, the King of Twitter, has just tweeted that the next Star Wars game is to be announced during the VGAs on December 12.

He even posted a link to a teaser, which can be viewed here.

The show goes off at 8pm EST on Spike.

Here is the teaser trailer courtesy of

Here are what people are saying could be the possibilities:

  • Battlefront III
  • Republic Commando II
  • Kotor III (unlikely)
  • Jedi Knight III
  • Force Unleashed II
  • Empire at War 2
  • Brand new star wars game

I stole that list from Grevious2.0 on the LucasArts forums (hope you don’t mind) 😀

If anybody else has any others to add to the list, let me know, I would also like to hear your opinions so comment away!

I also wanted get everyone’s ass in gear and sign the Battlefront 3 petition! There are almost 3,000 signatures! Let’s get some more!! There is now an active link on the homepage, you can also access the petition here!

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  1. -LeGeNd- says:

    I love star wars battlefront 2 but when i saw star wars battlefront 3 i was just suprised only too ask from where can i get it?

  2. Nick says:

    “How can they possible fob us off with any star wars crappy game. This must be the moment we have all been waiting for SWB3 next gen. If it isn’t I’ll make the bloody game myself”
    – Hubbs

    Well get ready to make the game yourself the announcement was Force Unleashed 2.

  3. db022190 says:

    not gonna hold my breath but i’m hoping for battlfront 3… however i wouldn’t be too surprised if it were the force unleashed 2, and if by any chance (although highly unlikely) it were a second and better thought out bonty hunter i can’t say i’d be upset either.

  4. Gametrooper says:

    Sorry arathad, but I’m with P dump. And to be quite blunt, if you don’t like Star Wars Battlefront, why are you posting a comment in a Star Wars Battlefront forum ON a Star Wars Battlefront website? Clearly, advice from you is inert and you lack any reasonable logic.
    On another note, I have no speculation as to what the announcement by Lucas Arts might include. I have many games that I would like to hear good news about, but I mean there are soooo many different directions that speculation can go in with arguments for each. A thought perhaps no one considered, what if it’s just a release date, since some already confirmed game’s release dates remain undisclosed (E.G. Star Wars: The Old Republic)? So as much as I would like to speculate on the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, I can’t. There is just too much information floating around the web and what not, some legitemate some not so much, to say with any certainty what the announcement will be. NONE THE LESS, THAT BEING SAID, I am all for Star Wars Battlefront III. Fingers crossed peeps.

  5. P dump says:

    @ arathad. Whoa, them is fight’n words. Needless to say, me and just about everybody else here disagree. Jedi Knight was fun while it lasted. While it lasted. The problem though is that it didn’t last long. Academy took maybe a little over 10 hours to beat. And Outcast took a good amout of time, but lacked the appeal of Academy. But Battlefront, both of ’em I can play either by myself or with friends over and over.

  6. arathad says:

    It’s not Jedi knight III because jedi knight III is out since 2003 ….. Jedi knight : jedi academy is 3 and Jedi knight : jedi outcast is II so wth??? It would be jedi knight IV but Raven software is making singularity so if they are busy with that and someone else would be doing it it wont be same game and probably consolized slasher like devil may cry….

    Also battlefront sucked so why u ppl ask for battlefront? Jedi knight series is the best SW series of all time.

  7. Joseph D. says:

    I hope it’s not that X-wing Remake I’ve been hear about lately.

  8. ELMOisINNOCENT says:

    Please no RPG.
    I absolutely do not want ANOTHER Star Wars rpg, isn’t a new one coming out anyway?
    But of course, me being the pessimist, knows that we will all be bitterly disappointed by this announcement.

    I really, really, hope that it will be Battlefront III (for consoles and not another lackluster hand held), but as we all know, hope doesn’t do crap…

    Please BF III

  9. P dump says:

    Alright, to pass the time I was thinking, “What’s the worst thing that Lucasarts could announce?” To me, the answer to that is all too real and scary:
    “Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. That, to me, is the worst that Lucasarts could do. But not far behind is the supposed
    “Star Wars: The Clone Wars free-to-play MMO”.
    So, pretty much anything concerning The Clone Wars or a Lego Star Wars spin-off would be terrible. (That free-to-play MMO would just about put Lucasarts under.)

    The best thing that could happen would, of course, be Star Wars Battlefront: III.
    Next in line would be a Force Unleased II or a Republic Commando II.
    We all know the old Bounty Hunter game didn’t do too well, but I think that it was a good idea. Idea, not outcome. It would be cool to do a remake of that on the next-gen systems except make it a kind of action RPG with lots of free-roam and side missions, and this time following Boba, not Jango.

    Well, thinking about what’ll happen makes the 12th come faster.

  10. yodasrevenge says:

    If this is bf3, I hope it’s good.
    Wouldn’t it be great if BF3 did to the Battlefront series what Halo 3 Did to the Halo series?

  11. darktrooper9847 says:

    yea second that. but in reply to P dump, just cuz a game wasn’t featured in the trailer doesn’t mean that it’s not an option. the trailer just supposed to be eye catching. so they take footage of the latest games that demonstrate good graphics and stuff for us to see. If we go alon with that idea, then the only possible games are the new ones featured in the trailer…meanin a new TFU or rpg game. the trailer just takes those clips, but it could still be anything. im going to say its either a Republic Commando 2, or Rogue Squadron(even though i heard its cancelled with factor 5) and being hopeful, Battlefront III

  12. joe says:

    The leaked gameplay footage back in January really resembles the psp elite squadron that just came out.I wonder if they made that version or story of the game with out anyone realizing.The Announcement can’t be SWTOR.I wouldn’t mind sequal to repulic comando.

  13. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Grr… its going to take forever to reacth the 12th… time goes slow when you want something to come in the future…

  14. dave says:

    I agree with p dump. the anticipation of the the VGA is killing me. there has to be someone with information about all of this. Lucasarts shouldnt be hiding info from us when we, as buyers of their products, want to know wen BF3 is coming out.

  15. P dump says:

    This is too much waiting…

    Too much. I can’t find any link to an ex-employee of Pandemic.
    Can admin, as leader of, find some info. to pass the time?

  16. Darth_Comrade says:

    Other than what has been listed, I do recall hearing a few months back that Lucasarts were in the works of a Star Wars dueling game.

    Keep in mind, that was just a rumor.

  17. P dump (reply to Space Geek) says:

    I don’t think that KotOR or Jedi Knight sequel is it. Niether was featured in the teaser. Nor was RC2. So where does that leave us?

  18. Wagz says:

    Okay Lucusarts is sitting on a gold mine, BF3. So why the hell wouldn’t they make it. It would be completely moronic for them not to make BF3. And the fact that Free Radical and Pandemic studios both get shutdown and both were responsible for the BF games just raises more suspicion. If BF3 is announced on Dec. 12th at the VGA awards I will explode! Let’s hope it is!

  19. Zazbab11 says:

    Even though the leaked footage of bf3 isn’t elite squadron exactly it was still like completely stolen. I have the game and the unmasked clone in the footage is the main character from the story and as for the chick in the red suit form the leaked renders…its just horrible. to anyone who owns the psp game look in the yavin 4 and dantooine levels then look at everything leaked from bf3 and youll see what im talking about. P.S. I really hope its either bf3 or republic commando 2!!!

  20. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Sdlmfosdjm, it can’t be TOR, as that game has already been Announced.

  21. sdlmfosdjm says:

    the old republic

  22. seven324 says:

    Anyone got a link to this interview with Darrel Rodriguez ?

  23. Rhys says:

    I’m praying it is BF3. I seems the most logical choice. I mean, they seem pretty hyped for just the announcment. But for all we know it could be a new game. I’m afraid I’m just refusing to get exited about this announcment. Until I see an official BF3 trailer I will remain neutral. Dont want to be dissapointed again.

  24. James 2 says:

    it better be Battlefront 3. I’d say KOTOR, Force Unleashed, Jedi Knight and Republic Commando are out of the running. I can see Battlefront 3 rearing it’s wonderful head, but Empire at War 2 seems like an interesting prospect. Or we could all jus be disappointed and get a newvieverse type game.

    But at the moment, Lucasarts are anyyoing me. They are saying we never was a BF3 when there was blatant footage of it. It it’s not BF3, they are making a huge mistake

  25. P dump says:

    We don’t know what’s next?
    What’s that supposed to mean. (Watch it be KotOR 3)
    We all know that it is just inevitable that they will make a BF3. However, I would say one of them is the Factor 5 game.

    I wanna know what happens to this site when BF3 does come out.
    (Commando 2 would be nice too)
    But if they annouce BF3 as an only PS3 and Xbox 360 release, I’m going out and getting one.

    Also, since when has Lucasarts ever made such a big stink about a game annoucment? I mean a trailer for an announcment?
    This is BIG. This is Battlefront!

  26. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Omg, I am praying to god its Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Please god, I will preorder that game, that exact day. Or I may wait for them to make a collectors edition. That would be amazing. I really want and need this game. PLEASE! I hope they are reading this, because if its not BF3, I swear this much, I will never buy a Lucasarts branded game again.

  27. j says:

    That just from old republic and the bits with luke and obiwon are from froce unleased sith edition

  28. witchunter180 says:

    Some of the scenes in that video are from the upcoming KOTOR mmorpg (I have seen the trailer for it and some parts of this vid are from it). BUT some were definately NOT! (The shots of Hoth Luke and New-Hope Obiwon look awefully peculiar) So there’s still a good chance! cross your fingers!

  29. Buggzy says:

    Hope it’s BF#3 they got all the movies comic books and audio tapes adn cd’s to make it work.

  30. RAWDOG 262 says:

    I literally just want to camp outside the award show until the damn thing is announced. SWB3 FTW!!!!!!

  31. Zack A says:

    Republic Commando and EAW were actually really popular and have a big fanbase. The Commando books are among the most popular star wars books so making another game in that series would make sense. But I hope its BF3

  32. Wenis says:

    I do hope it is Battlefront III. But I actually found a few months back, a trademark/copyright filing by LucasArts for a video game titled Star Wars Legends, which hasn’t been announced yet, so that could be it. But who knows.. looking forward to the Dec 12 at least.

  33. Huggs says:

    How can they possible fob us off with any star wars crappy game. This must be the moment we have all been waiting for SWB3 next gen. If it isn’t I’ll make the bloody game myself

  34. mitzfah says:

    lets cross all our fingers and toes that its battlefront III. I have a feeling its not though. Now I’m all ancy to see what it is. I was already tuning in to see footage of halo reach. I think I’m more excited for this though.

  35. Rivoen says:

    I can’t picture them announcing a new Force Unleashed so soon after the Sith Edition release. I hope it’s Battlefront 3, but getting my hopes up would be stupid.

  36. tincan says:

    I don’t think Republic Commando or Empire at War will ever get a sequel because they were just released to test the waters (FPS and RTS) for Star Wars and they weren’t that popular.

    There won’t be a KotoR 3 because The Old Republic is supposed to be that. And a Jedi Knight 3 is just too similar to TOR.

    I believe Rogue Squadron for the Wii has been canceled.

    It’s most likely an X-Wing remake, Force Unleashed game, or Battlefront III.

  37. Battlefront III NOW says:

    Its battlefront 3. Im an optimist.

  38. James says:

    There are a few other rumored games;

    Another Rogue Squadron from Factor 5.
    Those X-Wing remakes that Darrel Rodriguez mentioned a few months ago.
    That browser-based Clone Wars MMORPG (Christ help us all).

    However, I want Battlefront III over any other anticipated title and I’m almost certain it will be one of the two announced LucasArts games at the VGA’s this Dec. 12th.

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