More Battlefront 3 & 4 Cancelled Concepts + More Rumors

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Well, today marks a little over 100,000 unique visitors to and unfortunately I still don’t have any really good news for the Battlefront franchise fans, which really sucks. All that I have to offer is some more Star Wars: Battlefront 3 cancelled concepts and renders, courtesy of our friend rgleiber from the LucasArts forums. You can check them out at the bottom of the post.

In other news, we still have no idea whether there will be a Battlefront 3 or not.. personally… I think that there will be, I have been feeling it since I started this fansite and my hope is still out and up there! We still have some backups anyway, like Pandemics secret projects X & Y, which either could be Battlefront 3.

There is also a strange rumor that Nintendo and LucasArts have 2 secret titles in the works with company Factor 5, who have worked on such titles as Rogue Squadron, which, chances are that’s what they are working on.

Other than that, Elite Squadron hits the shelves today, where i’ll be picking up my DS version and i’ll be sure to post my review here tomorrow.

You can order your copy here:

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the PSP here: Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the Nintendo DS here: Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

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  1. Kudos for the insightful posting about this.

  2. Jimmy_Carter says:

    They better release it because if they don’t have a major console release I might have to go Rambo on LucasArts itself.

  3. joshallan says:

    to the guy who said about this game and cod mw 2 in my opinion now that mw 2 is out and i have played it a next gen port of bf 2 could probably kick the faeces out of mw 2 no offense to mw 2 fans but bf has the potential for so much more depth of gameplay except for the singleplayer which the devs hopefully wouldnt use up to much funding on in the first place.

  4. P dump says:

    Hey, another X-wing flying title! Can’t go wrong with that. I would buy a Rogue Squadron for the Wii. In fact, I’m all for it.

  5. Joey H says:

    Elite squadron is a total bust on DS. Don’t bother even thinking about it. If this was their Battlefront III backup, we’re screwed.

  6. GamerDude101 says:

    Exactly Jack Thats What Doesent Make Sense. If they have Battle Front 4 concepts they would have to create Battle Front 3. It Is Possible That When They Started Making The 3 With Free Radical. They Could Of Planned 4 With Another Company. So then Free Radical shut down. when that happened everything got held up. so basicly they both could have been cannceled which would suck or they will finish 3 with someone and release it. Then they would finish making 4. These Beter Come Out For PC!

  7. tincan says:

    the only thing revealed about Battlefront 4 is concept art and that doesn’t mean the game is being made. it is what it is (just a concept)

  8. Jack says:

    It’s sad 2 see 2 great looking games go down. But, there is something I dont understand. If the Battlefront 4 concepts were just released recently, wouldn’t that mean a Battlefront 3 is still out there. I mean, why would they make 4 without making 3?

  9. Tam-EL says:

    They will be losing a hell of a ton of money if they don’t bring it out, I mean look at COD Modern Warfare 2 that will break box office records and going with the popularity of the battlefront franchise then it could go that way aswell, easily. So Lucas Arts GET THE FINGER OUT AND MAKE IT.

  10. Jackson F says:

    it doesn’t make sense. why wouldnt they make it? it has been the most successfulgame of it’s time. dont they look at sites like these? i wish they would just give a straight yes or no answer to the question is battlefront 3 coming out? im getting impatient

  11. Space Geek says:

    I have been checking around the internet and research this pandemic projects X and y.
    What I found is not really good.
    It sounds like from all the forms i viewed that the page iwth project X and Y was put up a year ago and hasnt changed sence.
    I dont no wat to think.
    I almost positive Elite Squadron will be a complete bust.
    well not PSP version just DS.
    If that happens, the chances of abother Battlefront go down…
    _Space Geek

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