Free Radical’s Battlefront 3 is dead. Period. – Says ex-Employee

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Some fairly interesting news that will be a big disappointment to a lot of fans.. apparently the Star Wars: Battlefront 3 that was in production with Free Radical will never be released. One of our forum members (Thanks Red7 StandingBy!) found an email address of an ex-Free Radical employee and decided that he would shoot him an email asking about what happened with the production of Battlefront 3.

Here’s the email that was sent:

From: my email
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 13:23:54 -0500
Subject: Big Fan

REMOVED I hope this email finds you well.When you were at Free Radical you did an awesome job at re-inventing the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. It was so sad and upsetting to hear of Free Radicals collapse. Myself and thousands upon thousands of fans were so pumped when we saw the leaked footage of the supposed alpha meeting in November of 2008.

We finally had something to look forward to after years of lackluster titles from Lucasarts. Now BF3 is in development hell and the fans want answers but as usual Lucasarts doesn’t listen. I was wondering if there is anything you could tell me about the whereabouts of BF3 now, how far along it was and I would be interested to know where you are currently working or where you last worked. Thanks again and may the force be with you!

Here is the response that came back to him:

Thanks for your kind words, BF3 was truly awesome.

The whole idea with BF3 was that is was going to have a storyline, following two clone brothers that was cloned from a Jedi. The game also had a vertical battlefield, so you could fight on the ground, jump into a x wing and fly up to a star destroyer, firing ion cannons from space to ground or from ground to space, all this without any loading times.

Sad to say that about 6-8 months from completing the game, Lucasarts canned it, I don’t know all the details about what happened but it got cancelled and that was the death of Free Radical, we couldn’t get a publisher in time for Timesplitters 4 so the directors where forced to make 80 % of the company redundant. Then later on they got bought up by Crytek and are now developing some AAA titel. I was one of the guys that was made redundant so I am not working at Crytek anymore but at a different games company.

The status of BF3, well the BF3 I was working on will never get released, however I believe that Battlefront being one of the major titles for Lucasarts, you will no doubt see a battlefront title at some point, what format, what type of game it will be, that I cant answer, because I dont know.

May the force be with you!

Talk about a major bummer, but this still doesn’t confirm that we won’t be getting our long awaited Battlefront 3. This just means that version that Free Radical were developing, won’t ever surface. So basically all of those leaked renders and screens are what could have been and never will be now.

This really sucks because Free Radicals version looking absolutely amazing. Even if LucasArts are working to recreate Battlefront 3, they’re going to have to work really hard to match what Free Radical had done. It makes me wonder why they would can the project when it was almost ready… strange.. Let me know your thoughts folks!

I wanted to address the people as well who are sending me emails and posting comments that they know when Battlefront 3 is coming out and how they have “sources” that it’s being developed. Don’t bother unless you care to “share” your sources and where you got the info from, because they’ll just be deleted.


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  3. louis says:

    im furious that battlefront 3 isn’t coming out!
    finally a game where you are able to fly from ground to space it is absolutely amazing and has epic battles and graphics, i hope it comes out soon i am just dieing to play it

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  5. Brady Bryant says:

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  6. I don't know why says:

    …everyone keep s referencing BF3’s canceling/removal from FR as the reason the studio shut down. This is not true, no matter how many “sources” say so.

    Uninformed employees may think that was the cause (evidenced by these emails), but the fact is that while BF3 was a ‘factor’ in FR’s demise, the nail in their coffin was Haze, after which no publisher trusted them and studio morale was shattered. it was Haze that killed TimeSplitters 4. It was Haze that killed funding for BF3.

  7. AndyFett55 says:

    I am really trying not to get my hopes up, as much as I want BF3. There are a few things that make me believe it will be BF3. #1. Why are they hyping you up for this, when has this ever happen for a SW game. #2. Look at how far along that leaked footage was back in January, they would really can a huge moneymaker because of a couple of issues? #3. Also, don’t listen to a word in that email posted up the page, that is what a person who has been working on the game would want you to think. He wouldn’t say He couldn’t confirm this or he was unsure, because that would look fishy. I will be tuned in and I hope I won’t be dissapointed.

  8. thomas says:

    Hi guys,

    I didn’t red all comments but i repeat if some are same as the followin’…

    Member email from free radical said that lucasart stoped their so called ”amazing” bf3 project. That decision forced Free Rad to shut down and then Crytek bought them…

    Does it sounds like premeditated ??? Interest conflicts ???
    Does Crytek called the help of big boss lucasart ???????????
    I know I still got questions to this but it’s sure that kind of buisness is and old one when it’s time to buy a company EASILY to make big money with better control !!!

    Thanks reading

  9. P dump says:

    @ dave. Just follow the links and you can get the emails.

    This copyright stuff was a cofusing mess. But please, whatever LucasArts does, DON’T GIVE US ANY CLONE WARS OR LEGO!

    And I think we all feel the same way. LucasArts has become TRENDY.

  10. donhomerj says:

    they could improve EVERYTHING in Bf2 , 1.1 is worse than 1.0. just the radar has been fixed -.- , but it lags much more ! the map geometrie is bullshit, and the grafix could be improved 2. But the gameplay is COOOOOOOOL and thats why i play bf2 online. Whats the prob. to bring a new battlefront out ? I would eb happy, when bf3 is elite squadron for pc. I hope, that theyy bring bf3 out, but honestly, it will be a bulls*** fu**** LEGO GAME. 🙁

  11. Baron Somebody says:

    There were so many areas they could have improved on in BF2…but no…just go ahead and give us another damn Lego game…

  12. CrytekUK says: not working on BF3. At all. I can confirm this. LucasArts have the remains of the project, and as stated above, absolutely nothing Free Radical did, produced, etc. exists anymore.

  13. auturm halo says:

    hmmm this kinda reminds me of sumin hmmm let me think whats that game oh i remember halo combat evolved that was ariginaly a stratagy game within half a year it was made it changed from that too the halo u know today its alot differnt and halo 3 last minute changed the grafix options leaving us pc games with no game in our cd drives 🙁

    but i think that similar to that of bungie who like thier easter eggs they might rename it or change it cus from what i can tell its a whole differnt game and i know that from its development they wouldnt just give up on it they might change it.

    i dont know though but that game looked too faw into development they might of cannceld the name of the game but i dont think they would of got rid of the entire programing.

  14. […] with a simple game. This game was going to be very complex. Heres the link to the story behind that…s-ex-employee/ and heres a pic of dark obi-wan that was going to be featured in the game (just fo fun) […]

  15. dave says:

    hey p dump. if u know where to find out how to contact that employee that works for crytek UK that was working on bf3. can u by any chance contact him about wen bf3 will be announced or if they r still working on it or wat???

  16. donhomerj says:

    Another thing : Pandemic belogs(ed) to EA and Crytek belong 2 EA too. Maybe they really waited 4 cryengine3.( Like u said) They did the mainwork, and now the´ll tell us, that BF3 will come. They said about announcing a new game not release it. But this would also mean more waiting 🙁

  17. donhomerj says:

    k, then i googled wrong 🙂 thx 4 correction. But I dont think, it´s possible, to put a game from cryengine2 on cryengine3 in 3 months, but I cant say very much, haven´t seen the editor of cryengine 3 :-). maybe you can just drag and drop, maybe not, but we´ll see in 9 days :-)))

  18. P dump says:

    The footage looks like a Modded CryEngine 2. Oh, and CryEngine 3 is out. Here, this is from

    CryEngine 3 is a game engine released by Crytek on October 14 2009.

    Maybe LucasArts was just waiting to put on the 3rd CryEngine.
    (I doubt it) But, at this point any game that looked half as good as what we’ve seen would make me respect them again.

  19. donhomerj says:

    it won´t be on crengine 3, because, the release of it will be 2012(i think that was it), and on 2.23.09 the cryengine wasn´t finished yet, why should lucas Arts cancel it from radical, when the engine thy want isn´t finished ?
    i think it wll be on cryengine 2, and what do u all have against cryengine 2 ? the possebilitys, this engine has, are so giantly. closely everything is possible. ANd honestly, how many pc´s would make bf3 with cryengine 3 ? that would be the same problem, which crytek had. I think, there are more pc´s which can handle cryengine2 than ´cryengine3.
    but all in all 10 DAYS !!!

  20. ELMOisINNOCENT says:

    LucasArts pretty much needs a BF 3 at this point. All their new efforts and new games have gotten them no where. Elite Squadron was mediocre, Force Unleashed didn’t live up to the hype, and all these Lego games are losing whatever magic they once had due to repetitiveness… There is no way in hell they can survive without a decent game in the future

  21. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Dude dont hope for cryengine2… with cryengine3 ever single pixel in the game preforms at real time… :D!!!!!

  22. P dump says:

    Hey, just an FYI, Free Radical Design (UK) was bought out by Crytek (Germany), and the name was changed to Crytek UK. Reduced to 40 of the over 180 staff, their working on some high budget games, and, I belive, using the CryEngine 3. Just a heads up.

    Oh, by the way, the artist that have the Bf3 concept drawings in their site give emails. One of ’em still works for Crytek UK.

  23. donhomerj says:

    thx XD finally it was worth all the work on crysis sandbox 2 🙂
    I really hope BF3 will be on cryengine 2 or 3 , I always wanted a multiplayergame with that engine + bots :-))))))))

  24. Funny says:

    Am I the only one who finds it funny that things like this concept art, renders, info, etc, isn’t being reported by the Kotaku, DToid, and the other “big” sites? They all reported on the initial BF3 rumors/leaks when they were able to claim their own “sources,” but now that smaller sites are getting scoops, it’s like they’re afiaad to cite things they weren’t able to find themselves. I’ve submitted these tips to the above sites at least 10 times this month, so they’re avoiding it. Too bad.

  25. Alderondestroyer1 says:

    Well well folks, more battlefront 3 stuff this week it seems. This site has been pretty good as of late scrounging around and compiling the latest intel and whatnot. Definitely keeping my eye on everything, and getting my hopes up now.

  26. vadersdemise_93 says:

    I saw those Right Angles before, BUT DUDE!!!! I never though of it like that! :D!

  27. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Donhomerj!!!! GREAT FIND MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
    That infact is CryEngine3!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!! GOOD FIND!!!!!

  28. P dump says:

    The email at the top says that Lucasarts stopped Bf3 from going forward about 6-8 months from completion. From Nov. of 08, that puts us at March-May 2009. I don’t know how long it takes a title to go through the licensing and what not, but we might be on track for a release date at the VGA 2009. That is, if you take a some time out for the transition into a Lucasarts studios.

  29. P dump says:

    I’ve been saying that the leaked footage looked like a Cryengine. That would be awesome. Let’s hope Lucasarts gives up quite a few secrets soon. Rumor is that their working on alot of games for the 360 and PS3.

  30. RAWDOG 262 says:

    I swear if the announcement isn’t battlefront 3 I am going to organize a god damn riot outside of LucasArts.

  31. donhomerj says:

    but honestly, i really think lucas Arts is going to launch any , like last time, where they released ludacity(WTF).
    They did is so often last time, but I REALLY hope, theyy launch bf3, I think we´ve waited enough

  32. donhomerj says:

    if someones interested, go on this link,
    and look and picture 3, you see a coloured triangle, like it´s in the crysis sandbox2, lets me hope, its really based on the cryengine…but whats against it, are the shaders, they´re completly diffrent from the sandbox.
    BUT I WANT A BF3 :-(, and i hope lucas Arts will launch it 🙁

  33. […] giorni scorsi, grazie al sito, è stata resa nota una email che un membro del sito ha inviato ad un ex impiegato della Free […]

  34. Sadly says:

    @P dump, I can guarantee you that Battlefront III, if LucasArts is working on internally and not outsourcing it to Rebellion, will not be on TFU tech. That engine, and the combo of NaturalMotion’s physics (GTA IV), is not capable of handling multiplayer on the scale that the game was going for.

  35. vadersdemise_93 says:

    They just need to make BF3. Cuz if they dont they will get a lot of hatemail… and boycotts.

  36. P dump says:

    Yes, I got Demolition all 64 times. Best place to get it is Kashyyyk-Republic.

    But, about Bf3, I think the big thing on Dec. 12th is a Foce Unleased sequel, because they spent so much money on the engine.
    I don’t know about you but I’d rather have Bf3.

  37. P dump (reply to Space Geek) says:

    Yeah, 64 critial hits on a enemy-occupied tanks. Best way to do it is to set the options to 500% reforcements conquest, go to Kashyyyk clone wars era, be the clones. Shoot the rear wheel thing on the CIS snail droids with a rocket launcher 4 times in 1 life.
    Wait 30 seconds then respawn. (So you can earn the award again. You die within 30 seconds and you have to die again to earn the award the next life.) Repeat, again and again. (Took me about 2 weeks to do it all 64 times. I invite some friends over to play 4 player splitscreen it ends up like this:
    😛 🙁 :/ :[ )

    But, now about Bf3, I think the Force Unleased 2 is a huge possability. Why? Because the game engine for it cost so much.
    But, now think about this; what if Lucasarts take The Force Unleased, and tweaks the engine a little bit, and puts Bf3 on that… Bf3/TFU hybrid. Look and the hero gameplay in Free Radical’s leaked footage, it looked kinda like a toned down version Force Unleased gameplay. Maybe… just maybe…

  38. Space Geek says:

    P dumped even teh rocket launcher award?
    I’ve never goten a rocket launcher award weapon….
    But i never play singleplayer either. I had award rifle and was gettin close to award shotgun when i discovered the wonders of online play!
    LUCASARTS MAKE SWBF3 ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Riley says:

    This bites…

  40. Sadly says:

    It’s nearly certain that ‘more than one’ game is getting revealed at the VGAs. I am 99.5% positive that one of them will be The Force Unleashed 2. Why? Because I know someone who is working on it, and has been for the past 8 months.

    Then there’s that alleged Clone Wars (TV series) free-to-play MMO, too. Who knows. The odds are fairly good that BF3 may get confirmed, and the odds are very good that BF3 won’t get confirmed. :/

  41. vadersdemise_93 says:

    yea i know dave… i will boycott lucasarts products. As will thousands of other people.

  42. dave says:

    its funny. I come on this site every day just hoping that maybe some news of BF3 has been posted here. But I just keep getting my hopes up for nothing. If lucasarts doenst announce BF3 they are going to get so many complaints from the fans. this game is universally known and would make a huge profit for lucasarts. so why dont they just make it?? youd think that if they werent making the game that they would post something saying that they honestly arent working on this game so people would at least know and stop making such a big deal out of it. so sense i havent seen anything i believe that its still out there somewhere.

  43. Jack Smith says:

    well, there goes another shot.
    but you have to think, it could be something to hide the fact it is there, but the odds of this are not good at all to say the least. lucasarts, if they do not end up making this game, needs some new management. (i dont want anyone fired, dont take that wrong)i think this game would sell very well if they did well with it. all they need is to make it with awesome visuals, and tweak the gameplay to make it more, intense and real feeling i guess. other than that, awesome games.

  44. P dump (reply to Space Geek) says:

    I only have Bf2 for Xbox. I don’t use Xbox live either.
    (Plus I have Legendary on all medals.)

    But I do think there is some relation between ES and Bf3.

  45. ocelot says:

    Humm… does anybody else get the feeling that something fishy is going on behind the scenes here? Two big studios get closed for being related to BF3; lucasarts refusing what would’ve been one of the best games ever released with the “star wars” brand…
    In my humble opinion, either L.A. doesn’t want another SBW at all or they want to make it themselves to regain credibility.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to see what will happen on December 12

  46. James says:

    LucasArts have turned from being respectable to a backstabbing company. They are an indirect result of Free Radical falling into administration. Now they risk putting the entire Battlefront series in jeopardy seeing as how they opted for Rebellion’s ‘cheap-and-efficient’ routine of development. I’m praying for Battlefront not to flop.

  47. Space Geek says:

    Like I said earlier, this title just keeps getting pushed back…..
    CAUSE LUCASARTS IS Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now that I have my anger out,
    P dump whats your battefront 2 prooflie name??
    I play battlefront2 very often, although less and less people are playing this great game…..
    For those of you who just simpliy cant wait for new battlefront material, go to (pc users only) THey have thousands of custom maps and mods to play!!!

  48. Alderandestroyer says:

    Did you know that more Battlefront III stuff (concept and the like) from Free Radical’s version has been found? It’s all reportedly from the build of the game in 07/08 prior to the axing, but it looks cool. I found posts about it here this past week:,700198/LucasArts-Neues-Star-Wars-Spiel-wird-im-Dezember-enthuellt-und-Bilder-zu-Battlefront-3-aufgetaucht/PC/News/

    Bummer. Hopefully LA can bring it back to life.

  49. Ironman21 says:

    Well, this makes me want to shoot the guy who canned bf3. If he walked up to my door he’d definitely loose his perfect nose.

    Hopefully it turns better on the 12th with some new game coming out, but I doubt now that it will be bf3 with starting from scratch in a year.

  50. tincan says:

    what is with your obsession with trying to make Battlefront 3 turn into Elite Squadron?

  51. P dump (reply to Buggzy BomberX) says:

    No, I don’t thinl it’ll be a new force unleased. The did the Ultimate Sith Add. so I don’t expect anything from that soon.
    And this is quite a big stink for a Force Unleased spinn-off.
    It’s a big installement.

  52. One thing that makes me think that the new game is Battlefront III has to do with Pandemic’s closing. When the studio shut down last week, EA promised continued support for Pandemic’s intellectual properties, and Battlefront is one of those IPs.

    When the rumoured Battlefront III surfaced, it did so on the trail of Free Radical’s closing (which was rumored to be the developer on the title). At the time word was that Battlefront III went back to Pandemic after Free Radical was shuttered. Now that Pandemic’s closed, I believe EA’s doing the same thing with Battlefront III that it’s doing with Mercs Inc: Take a few core members from Pandemic, drop them in another EA studio, and get the game ready to go gold sometime next year. What do you folks think? Is a new Force Unleashed more or less plausible?

  53. BF3 is till here may be it was sent back to lucusarts then sent to rebeilan 4 a have cooked idea but I still say that bf3 will appear ar vga 2009 with a better teazer than before with a better story line.

  54. vadersdemise_93 says:

    Wow this sucks… i swear if bf3 is not announced now, I will never buy a single Lucasarts game ever… untill BF3 comes out.

  55. dave says:

    this is complete bull. i hope that SWBF3 is announced at VGA. Lucasarts should obviously see how much SWBF fans want this game to come out. the “vertical battlefield” is the most amazing features that could be put into a SWBF game. I believe that if the continuation of this dead version of SWBF3 would be the smartest choice lucasarts could make. Even people that didnt buy the 1st and 2nd SWBF would buy the 3rd. this game needs to be announced soon!!!!!!!

  56. P dump says:

    Total crud… I need time to think about this.
    This employee blames Free Radical’s closing on the dumping of BF3 (excuse the pun).
    I think this shows that there is some relationship between BF3 & ES. So don’t expect the BF3 that comes out to be the same.
    I do think that Free Radical’s template went to ES.
    Now, please excuse me, I gonna go play BF2.

  57. Brandon says:

    well this really sucks. I don’t understand why they would can the entire game. I mean come on SWBF 1,2 were the best selling Star Wars games. On the Lucas Art website fans have been barking at Lucas Arts games to make Battlefront 3 for a while now so who know what will happen now. So all I can hope now lucas arts uses Free Radical’s version as a template rather than starting from scratch. I know its a very long shot but I hope its the new Star Wars game annocued at VGA is Star Wars Battlefront 3.

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