Battlefront: Elite Squadron reviews pour in – Not that great

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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron was released around the world yesterday for the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS and the reviews have began to pour in and frankly they don’t sound too great. I have yet to pick up my copy for the DS so I can personally vouch for these reviews.

The first review is courtesy of and they gave the game 6.75 out of 10:

Concept:Take the Battlefront formula and shrink it down onto the PSP…again…and throw a half-cooked story on top

Graphics:Those who thought Battlefront II looked good on the PSP should have nothing to complain about here, unless they also believe that graphics should improve over time

Sound:From the authentic Star Wars soundtrack to the recognizable blaster fire, everything sounds familiar

Playability:I hate to shaft a game for a system’s button layout, but the PSP wasn’t built for shooters and Elite Squadron doesn’t do enough to adapt itself to the PSP controls

Entertainment:I might have found the offline combat more challenging if the AI didn’t walk in circles like a group of blaster-strapped Roombas


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The next review comes from and they only give Elite Squadron a 3 out of 5:

The Pros

* Simultaneous battles in space and on land
* Strong customization options
* Smooth online support for 16-players

The Cons

* Imprecise controls
* No new game types
* Automatic targeting a necessity

Elite Squadron Review Screenshot

Elite Squadron Review Screenshot

For reasons as inexplicable as Jar Jar Binks, the Star Wars: Battlefront series continues on as a handheld exclusive, despite its previous success on consoles and computers. Marketed as the largest Battlefront game to date, Elite Squadron is an unquestionably ambitious title for a portable system. Will the promise of one connected battlefront, encompassing both space and land, cause the gameplay to fall to pieces?

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  1. I believe Elite squadron was amazing on PSP. Of course it is no where near as good as SWBF1 and 2 because it was a whole other creator. Rebellion did a great job replicating the original Battlefront style and I love all the new heroes, features, and space ot land combat. I would still say SWBF1 is the best video game I have ever played in my entire life.

  2. alvinchimp says:

    I have boh and the ds version was he worst thijg id ever seen but the psp version was so epic and amazing great gameplay replayability better then bf2 I was shocked about the diffrence between them dont playnthe ds one psp one rules just like the originals withncustom loadouts challenges like destroy 20 vehicles and stuff like that to unlock new weapons
    also judging from the battlefront 3 gameplay vids they looked kindamlike an improved version of elite squadron psp same charaxter imsaw

  3. Troy S. says:

    Elite Squadron

  4. AAstar says:

    Ok, most people are saying that Elite squadron wasn’t worth their money. I have played the game and i agree, the game sucks.

    Graphics: A 3 year old could have made better graphics
    Storyline: Somewhat promising, but it definately needs work.
    Gameplay: Somewhat decent, but definately did not live up to its expectations.
    Characters: Kind of lame, considering that people wanted MORE classes, not less.

  5. We all know this was battlefront 3 it was given to Rebellion after Free Radical whent under and all those who played Renegade sqaudron where like no -_- give it to a better developer. but nope they made a psp game split content form the PS3/360 version into 2 diffrent games and utterly failed to do anything good with what free radical had started for them

    Hopefully the employees who are now in Crytek want a second chance to make the battlefront game they where working on with a new story as Elite Sqaudron stole it and maybe some new characters

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  8. pepeisthebest says:

    I love the battlefront series and I got Elite Squadron for DS and it was like a different game it stunk I hope they do not make another star wars game like that again

  9. LUKANATOR says:

    I think that ES was mainly just a taster to some of the concepts that will be introduced into SBWF3. In other words I think it’s just a great bid demo for SWBF3 but on a much lower scale.

    And I agree with the review, the controls are the main problem with this game. They should do then like “MoH: heroes 2”, it would be much easier to play and a lot more fun that way.

  10. P dump says:

    Hate to tell you the truth, but Battlefront 3 = Elite Squadron.
    Take a look at the maps, character cast, and that duel between the Jedi and the Clone with the force Pike. Elite Squaron features that exact same cutscene (Of course sized down so your PSP doesn’t blow up on you). Free Radical went down, so Lucasarts said: ‘Not a problem. We’ll sent it to Rebellion, they’ll port it to the PSP, and no one will know the difference.’ Well judge for youselves, look at footage from both Elite Squadron, and the “Leaked” footage, and make a choice.

    • Jed says:

      Dude, totally true. Unfortunately, this also means that it’ll never see PS3 or Xbox 360 light ever. Which is crap because a lot of the CONCEPTS of Elite Squadron/Battlefront III were pretty damn epic concepts, whether executed well or not. I’d kill to see Battlefront for a modern console – playing stuff like LOTR Conquest is a taster, but Battlefront would obviously be infinitely better.

  11. Buggzy says:

    With out all cut sceens because i like it in SWBF2 oyu could fly from ur cap ship flay aorund 2 ur rivals and see them take off and fly into it “but the sheild’s R still up” from the bginning of star wars Ep 3 was a nice touch thougt.

  12. Buggzy says:

    does anyone else notice that all A.I’s croutch. When rebelian took star wars battlefront 3 they messed up converting all the best parts into a screwed up game. but I’ll play it till reblian throws out Battlefront3.

  13. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Lucas-Arts really needs to listen to the fans because they seem to be completely blind sighted on what we want. If the rumor that Rebellion has taken over Battlefront 3 and makes cut scenes for the transitions no one will want to get the game. Lucas-Arts needs to take a page from Infinity Ward and ask the fans what they want. Like have poles and invite some people to the studios to see if they think its good. I hope they don’t become a new Nintendo.

  14. tincan says:

    E3 2010, Comic-Con 2010, GDC 2010, or Celebration V are my guesses for when BF3 will be announced. LucasArts announced BF2 at Celebration III — whatever that is.

  15. Roboslob says:

    Not a very good game indeed. The AI is literally retarded. Plus the whole “transitional” thing blows. Not only is it space to land, but also when docking/taking off, giving you no control over where you land. On that note I have several time landed and gotten out of my ship, only to watch it inexplicably somersault away and explode. Also when in enemy capital ships you can’t take off in a fighter. The only way out is an escape pod. Thats right, you can’t even leave in the ship you brought(assuming it did explode). The ground maps seem smaller, probably to compensate for the space battle. The had better take Battlefront back to where it belongs, consoles and PC/Mac. Preferably with cross console support, but thats not likely.

  16. Chaos Lord says:

    Haha. That’ll teach ’em.

    If they’ve learnt nothing from this failure, there is no hope for BF3.

  17. Scott says:

    Why do they bother shipping out half baked versions time and time again? Are people really pouring into stores to buy these portable versions? I don’t have any facts to back it up but I’m assuming no. As a nerd/programmer/gamer I’m guessing that if there is to be another console iteration that it will be announced either next E3 or ComicCon. Again assuming that it’s at E3 you will hear about as it happens from G4 or the thousands of reporters tweeting in the news. They better not give us take the “best selling star wars game” and just assume everyone is an idiot who buys them because the disc is shiny and makes funny noises. Star Wars fans and gamers would like one final land to space, laser shootin’, Jar Jar killin’, Death Star blowin’ upin’ game. Fingers crossed for battlefront 2010.

    • The Separatist says:

      “Star Wars fans would like one final land to space, laser shootin’, Jar Jar killin’, Death Star blowin’ upin’ game.”

      Maybe that’s why they aren’t making Battlefront 3; it would be too good, and then we wouldn’t have to buy any more of their games. It’s sad. I’m really starting to hate those guys. Boycott, anyone? 🙁

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