Battlefront 3 Leaked Footage = Elite Squadron?

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Well, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron has been released and there have been some pretty poor reviews on it. Personally, I didn’t really enjoy the DS version that much, and I had higher expectations of it but I have heard some more decent reviews of the PSP version.

On the other hand, a lot of people are saying that the leaked footage of Battlefront 3 that we got wind of earlier in the year, turns out to be leaked footage of Elite Squadron. Doh!.. now that’s a big ass bummer. Even if this is true (which I would say it is, because of the similarities between the game play and the leaked footage video) I believe that they are still going to be working on Battlefront 3 eventually, and this site will always be here to follow the latest news and rumors!

Anyway, have a look for yourselves and draw your own conclusions, I’d love to hear your opinions.

There are quite a few similarities, especially in the left radar and top bar.

Nintendo DS Gameplay

Leaked Battlefront 3 footage

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  1. Daniel Evans says:

    I easily get addicted to PSP games and i am always updated with the newest PSP games in town.*:,

  2. Darthslim says:

    Okay here’s my theory. Regardless of what we saw in the leaked footage, we know for a fact that Free Radical was working on Battlefront 3. Shortly after they went bankrupt and declared BF3 to be dead, Elite Squadron popped up. So I think that what we saw in the leaked footage really was Battlefront 3, but when the project fell apart they decided to use the same concept and story for a handheld game so as not to completely waste their efforts, while another developer was hopefully giving BF3 a fresh start.

  3. Juemad says:

    There is no way that BF3 footage is ES. The ES footage has graphics that look like they belong on the PS1.

  4. 343GuiltySparkHatesHalo3 says:

    Now I don’t know anything,but I think that maybe the screen was so wide (that wasn’t the proportions of a widescreen) because it was being made/tested/experimented on the PSP just to see if it could work. I think BF3 will come out if we wish really hard, but LucasArts and Rebellion will reap the money from ES before actually putting out another Battlefront. Hatred of LucasArts aside, I think BF3 will be a great game. With Halo-like file sharing ability and Forge.

  5. Postit says:

    I have scoured the web for atleast 5 hours,seen countless videos, read endless forums, and now, putting my rep on the line, I can say 99.999 percent surely, that there WILL BE a BATTLEFRONT 3!!!

  6. Valen says:

    I think this can’t really be Elite Squadron mainly due to the quality and the fact that it would be SO much more jumpy on the screen in that format… however it doesn’t look like a full working game either as the FMV’s look under development and the gameplay looks a but ragged. The only really fluid section is the flight sequence. The running at the start is simply creating the characted motion and laying on the skin’s isn’t it, so that would be about 2 weeks work for that one. Hopefully, like so many others are saying, someone will quiz an ex-pandemic employee and see if BF3 is even under production, coz lets face it here people, we are clutching at corporatly placed straws lol

    Even so, i wish this was BF3, looks freaking awesome lol

  7. NealZab says:

    That is so not the same game plus in the leaked vid it showed leia and leia is not in ES. So ES is not BF3. Plus all the stuff going on with lucas arts and everything Its still possible that BF3 is going to come out soon. And what i hope is since Its almost december im hoping they might release it near christmas cus the game looks almost finished!.

  8. P dump says:

    Recneps is kinda right. KINDA. I heard that its been a ‘work in progress’ since 2006. I say we start asking people who would know.

  9. Recneps says:

    Well has any one thought of the possibility of it being a work in progress type of thing.

  10. Seriously? says:

    I think Rebellion and Free radical were both developing BF3, but when Free Radical went into administration, they changed their almost-completed game to ES

  11. Pdump says:

    I will say this, that when BF3 comes out, it will not be on DS or PSP. And the footage is the same. But the platform shown isn’t.

  12. sylar says:

    definately not the same games.
    i think that ES and BF3 were meant to be released side-by-side, which is why they are similar.

    what could be happening is that this is still in development by a differant company, but because its a next-gen console version it’s taking longer to make.

  13. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand why people keep thinking that Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron is Star Wars Battlefront 3. If you actually look at the gameplay very closely you can see that the A.I. was acting smartly and the graphics were much better. Also, if you look at it you can see that they can look up and down and when they look at the enemies there is absolutely no lock on. Yet on the PSP versions they can not look up and down without locking on. Sure you can argue that the locations are very similar but they are definitely not the same. And while you are flying the star fighters you don’t see the health of your ship at the bottom of the screen but on the leaked gameplay you do. And on the PSP games when there are cutscenes they take place with pictures and narrative but when the two guys are fighting (which may or not be X1 and his father) its an actual cutscene on the leaked gameplay. So I strongly, strongly disagree with anyone who thinks the leaked gameplay is Elite Squadron.

  14. P dump says:

    I was straining my eyes to read what it says at the end of the BF3 footage. Here’s what I got.
    Star Wars Battlefront III
    PS3,(?), PS2, Win, (?)

    Alpha Build-(-)

    Free Radical Design- For Internal Use Only
    Some parts I can’t read. But that’s what I got.
    I do know that Alpha Build is when a game is being tested by people other than the ones who made it. But it’s usually still people on the inside, but it seems they were pretty far along. Someone needs to ask Lucasarts what’s going on here. Maybe that’s the next order of biz.

  15. tincan says:

    are you blind? those two video games are definitely NOT the same just because they look similar (hmm could it be that they were developed at the same time and that BF3 was cancelled before Elite Squadron was released so Rebellion had plenty of time to copy what they could in the leaked footage)
    1. the leaked footage showed far better graphics (even the interface looks better)
    2. when the title card comes up at the end you can see it says, “Star Wars / Battlefront 3 / PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC”

    “PS2 and PSP versions were and are in development at Rebellion – the studio which made Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron for PSP. These versions are going to be released later this year if everything works out as planned. Rebellion did know that Free Radical Design had been working on the next-gen versions of the game since 2006. Nevertheless, they tried to get their own deal for SW Battlefront III on Xbox 360 and PS3, promising lower costs and a faster development. They pitched different PS3/Xbox 360 prototypes using their PS2 version as a foundation while using FRD’s assets which were provided by LucasArts.”

    also you may want to update the timeline for Battlefront 3 with the news that Pandemic is closing so they aren’t making BF3.

  16. P dump says:

    Coruscant is also the same. In fact the only big difference is that some hero shown in the footage aren’t in ES.

  17. and at 4:00 you can see X1 fighting his father falcon grey

  18. It’s the same just look at the SWBF3 traialer at 2:43 and it shows the same maps Cato Nemio’s cradle sides.

  19. P dump says:

    Alright, there’s more to say still.

    March 4, 2009 said this:

    “The troubled development of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 has taken another interesting twist. After jumping from the sinking ship Free Radical to Rebellion, who are currently hard at work on Aliens vs. Predator 3, it has now been handed back into the hands of the developer of the first two installments – Pandemic” March 9:

    “The fate of Star Wars Battlefront III remains unknown, because according to Mathew Everett, Community Manager for all games at Pandemic Studios, Battlefront III is not at Pandemic Studios:

    ‘As of right now I can say Battlefront 3 is not currently at Pandemic. While I know the title seems to be up in the air from all the buzz around the web… Lucas Arts will be the only one knowing where the title is at right now.'”

    gamesradar May 11, 2009:

    “Further, it’s possible that, even after all this, we may not end up seeing a next gen version at all. The targets set by Rebellion for the PS3/360 version are allegedly “impossible” to meet. LucasArts may go the way the did with the new Indiana Jones game, and just not produce a high def version.”

    gamesradar, Aug 18, 2009:

    “If you remember about seven months ago Free Radical closed their doors, and arround the same time someone leaked gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront 3. The awesome footage left most of us felling much remorse for the revered Haze developer. Well, as it stands you may still get a taste of Star Wars Battlefront 3…”

    That was through the year, and as we can see, they were pretty much spot on.

    P.S. The BF3 leaked footage was using one of the cryengines. Would’ve been sweet.

  20. P dump says:

    Told you so. But you know what this means… there might be substance to the BF4 leaks.

    The way I see it is that once Lucasarts sent
    BF3/Elite Squadron to rebellion, whoever started drawing BF4 may have gotten word that there would a PSP spin-off, but that they hadn’t changed the name from BF3.

    So, bottom line, focus on BF4 rumors, it’s the new BF3.

  21. Steven says:

    plus, on the BF3 leaked footage, the end says “Battle Front III”
    not “Battle Front: Elite Squadron” when you start designing a game, obviously you have the name of the game first, and then design, not design the game, and then think of the name. so i think the leaked game footage is BF3, and not elite squadron.

    I just hope they announce something of it soon, and stop torturing us >:[

  22. Space Geek says:

    Yeah your right
    Definatley not the same game

  23. Jahad says:

    i agree with mitzfah….besides the trailer had free radical all over it..and if u look closely at the end you’ll see that it says available for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 – when it would’ve been released…

    Elite squadron was developed by rebellion or someone…so sorry but they look similar but aren’t the same thing!

  24. Ironman21 says:

    I agree, the gameplay looks “similar” but it is far smoother, better, and just a kickbutt game and a stupid game on another. Hopefully, they will stop keeping u sin the dark for so long and just spit out that BF3 is coming out!

  25. mitzfah says:

    The gameplay on the bf3 footage is far smoother than elite squadron to be the same game. they could of had references and stuff from it, but its not the same game. Also the graphics are far too superior. I’m a huge gamer and they are definitely not the same game.

  26. I believe what Elite Squadron was going to be the Version of BT3 For Portable consoles because of it the similarities, good, it is what I think.
    Congratulations for your page.

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