November, 2009

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Some fairly interesting news that will be a big disappointment to a lot of fans.. apparently the Star Wars: Battlefront 3 that was in production with Free Radical will never be released. One of our forum members (Thanks Red7 StandingBy!) found an email address of an ex-Free Radical employee and decided that he would shoot […]

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It’s pretty quite in the Star Wars gaming world since the release of Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Thanks to my loyal commentors, it’s been established that the leaked Battlefront 3 footage is not Elite Squadron, thank you all for helping me clear that up! Over the last week or so, there have been a few interesting […]

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Well, this came to me as a surprise, Pandemic Studios has officially been shut down by their owners, Electronic Arts. Apparently all of Pandemics current works will be passed on to another EA studio. I guess this rules out the possibility of Pandemic releasing Battlefront 3.. doh! Here some info on the Pandemic Studios closing, […]

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Well, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron has been released and there have been some pretty poor reviews on it. Personally, I didn’t really enjoy the DS version that much, and I had higher expectations of it but I have heard some more decent reviews of the PSP version. On the other hand, a lot of […]

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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron was released around the world yesterday for the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS and the reviews have began to pour in and frankly they don’t sound too great. I have yet to pick up my copy for the DS so I can personally vouch for these reviews. The first […]

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Well, today marks a little over 100,000 unique visitors to and unfortunately I still don’t have any really good news for the Battlefront franchise fans, which really sucks. All that I have to offer is some more Star Wars: Battlefront 3 cancelled concepts and renders, courtesy of our friend rgleiber from the LucasArts forums. […]