Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron PSP Demo now available

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This is some good news for some. According to a recent post made by the official Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Facebook page, the Battlefront Elite Squadron demo for the PSP and the PSPgo are now available for download on the Playstation network.

According to some of the comments, I guess the demo is quite fun and enjoyable, but a lot of people are wondering about the Nintendo DS version of Elite Squadron and naturally, everyone is saying put it onto the xBox360 and Playstation.

If any other information surfaces on this i’ll be updating this post so stay tuned!

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is due out:

North America Release: November 3
European Release: November 6
Australia Release: November 11

You can pre-order Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the PSP here: Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

You can pre-order Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the Nintendo DS here: Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

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  1. I knowtis that thier R really more than 16 A.I running around.

  2. RAWDOG 262 says:

    I tried the demo and I found out that you can destroy the ion cannon with the orbital strike cannon from the ship. Also, there is escape pods which are kinda of cool but there is too many damn cut scenes with transitions. If there is a Star Wars Battlefront 3, I hope if Rebellion or Pandemic Studios has that they don’t put cut scenes on it. DON’T!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Buggzy says:

    did you know that u can take out the ion cannon from your cap ship and renutillize comandpost?

  4. RAWDOG 262 says:

    Since Battlefront Elite Squadron is coming out they think it would be a bad idea to announce a big title before one of their games is released. I would love to play Battlefront 3 soon but I guess i’ll have to wait.

  5. brian says:

    its a very good demo i just wish that they might give u one campagin mission or more than one level but it is way better than renegade squdron IT SUCKED!!!!! but i cant wait for the full version of elite squdron

  6. db022190 says:

    it is a very enjoyable demo… however I think that sadly it’s a down graded version of what Battlefront 3 was supposed to be since the characters run the same way they do in the leaked footage and it has all the features BF3 was supposed to have. Who knows maybe when the game is released the instruction booklet will have “Battlefront 3 comming soon” or something, kinda like GoW: Chains of Olympus did with GoW3.

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