Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron – DS Trailer

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Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates, there hasn’t really been anything to report as of lately and I have been on vacation for the last week or so.. but finally there are a couple updates for you including the official Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron – DS Trailer..

My review of the trailer is that it actually looks pretty decent and yes, I will be picking it up for my DS. I am looking forward to seeing the trailer for the PSP as well. Let me know your opinions on the trailer as well, i’m curious as to what everyone thinks.

Also some official release dates:

North America Release: November 3
European Release: November 6
Australia Release: November 11

Check out the Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron trailer for the Nintendo DS below:

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  1. Scyther67 says:

    I thought it would be awesome… until I saw the graphics and the camera were crappy. I am really disapointed

    • Kasey says:

      i bought it and was COMPLETLY disapointed
      graphics were bad instant action was not single player thee camera was top down view and the battles in land and space were a lie because they r 2 seperate battles, u cant fly a ship into space u cant fly a ship o land battles in star crusiers are just bringing droids to check points
      space battles are on ly dogfights u cant fly up or down
      i hate it

  2. Jman says:

    It looks awesome!(too bad it doesnt have the same camera angle as for the psp:( it keeps getting better and better though)

  3. Space Geek says:

    wow looks crapy
    Lucas Arts is not my frienmd anymore 🙁

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