Is Pandemic’s Project X or Y Battlefront 3?

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This has been a big question for awhile now and people are still thinking that Pandemic Studios secret Project Y or Project X will be announced as Battlefront 3 and quite honestly i’m starting to believe so myself.

One of my forum members brought some interesting information to the table. Here’s what he had discovered:

“On Pandemic’s site, they have a job listing for a Lead Designer, here: Job Listing

Two interesting things in the description of it:

1)They say that it is an “original IP”. And as we know, Battlefront is an IP originally from Pandemic.

2) (this is the biggest giveaway) In the preferences section, they say:

# XSI familiarity.
# Action genre experience is ideal (Battlefront is an action genre)

But the important thing to note is the XSI familiarity. XSI is a 3d computer graphics application that has only been used in a small number of games, and only two games from Pandemic have used that software, and guess what they are.. Yep, Battlefront I and Battlefront II. (click here to see all games using this software, there’s only 12 (also in case anyone is confused with what Autodesk Softimage is, it is XSI. “In February 2009, Softimage|XSI was rebranded Autodesk Softimage.”)

So I guess this points to further evidence showing that Project Y (or X, can’t remember) on Pandemic’s website could very well be SWBF3.”

Definitely very interesting… hmm.. there’s definitely something very fishy going on…

Let me know your thoughts folks!

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  1. Joey H says:

    I hate to rain on this parade, but even if it is III we probably won’t have it until 2011 at the earliest… That is unless they used everything that the first studio already made, which is a possibility.

  2. drew says:

    battlefront isn’t an original IP, it’s a licensed property, star wars. hopefully it’s the other project.

  3. tincan says:

    LA has been releasing some poorly reviewed games and I don’t think that’s going to change.

  4. admin says:

    There really is now “rumor” set date, just a rumor that it’ll be announced sometime… I believe myself that its at Pandemic as well but that’s just my opinion, there’s so much hype on this game I think they would be silly not to release it eventually.

  5. mablung says:

    i beleve its pandemic’s project x btw, and i am now 90% sure that this game is coming. there so many rumors on the web about this game that its realy hard to know, but if they dont come out with this game they will have alot of angry starwars fans and gamers on there tail.

  6. Tobi says:

    so when is it rumered to come out?

  7. a_pickle says:

    If they do make Battlefront 3, will it be for the pc? Because everyone is talking about the psp. I have battlefront 2 on my pc and it is awesome. it would be great if there is another battlefront for the computer.

  8. Battlefront man says:

    aced it i new it

  9. admin says:

    That footage is actually the CG trailer for Battlefront: Elite Squadron, not Battlefront 3. 😀

  10. Battlefront man says:

    ive been a fan of star wars my hole life and i agree battlefront has been the best selling one of all time don’t no about elite squadron that might be good but lately all battlefronts have been on poor graphiced systems (psp)and the xbox had alright graphics but the xbox 360 and ps3 will bring battlefront 3 to its limits so i hope pandemics project x or y i think its x cause they say there really hiped up about that but yeah i check the website everyweek to see more info

    oh and db022190 i actually think that that footage is elite squadron because on the homepage it has a pic of a stormtrooper on the iron cannon and in the footage it has the same but if it is battlefront 3 i am hiped up…. hope it comes out

  11. db022190 says:

    ummmm… I can’t tell if this video is real… but it could answer this question if it is. In the video it says it the bottom right corner it’s from but I’d think if it was real more people would have seen it, you be the judje.

  12. db022190 says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if one of these is Battlefront 3… Pandemic is owned by EA and I don’t know if anyone else remembers but there was a leaked document of upcomming releases from EA and they had Batllefront 3 listed as early 2010… then again that was a few months ago so anything could’ve changed.

  13. stephen says:

    i have been waiting for evidence like this since 2005, and this could be a start to an amazing next gen series. i miss battlefront, and they would be stupid not 2 make it, battlefront 1 was the best selling star wars game of its time!

  14. Space Geek says:

    Now i have at least a little hope.
    _Space Geek

  15. Laticspieman says:

    This has got to be it! I hope they don’t make star wars battlefront the clone wars but I think they will:(

  16. adder says:

    i thought this for a while and one of there projects are “top secret” and on free rads site swbf3 was label’ed “top secret” and i dont remember pandemic haveing that on there site until months after free rad shut down .. could be any thing tho pandemic or rebellion ( after they finish AVP ) has swbf3 im hopeing for march or november 2010 release date

  17. Jackson F says:

    Does anyone know when these projects are going to be announced?

  18. Battlefront III NOW says:

    I check Pandemics website almost every day for any news on projects X & Y. This info sounds interesting but ‘Original IP’ might just mean its orginal, new…and im seriously sick of all the secrecy. Just announce it already! Is it coming? Yes or No?

  19. Evatar says:

    This evidence makes me believe that SWBF3 will arrive even more. I think I am convinced. thumbs^

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