Who Thinks Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is Dead? I don’t…

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Well for the last couple weeks, it’s been all quite on the western battlefront.. ever since that interview with LucasArts president via Gametrailers, it seemed to silence everything that has been going on with Battlefront 3 over the last few months.. which of course were just rumors as far as most people are concerned.

This brings me to the question… is Battlefront 3 really dead? To be honest.. who knows, there are so many rumors flying around, no one has any idea what to believe. I believe that right at the moment, the game is on hold for now but I do think that it will be developed some day. I still believe they would be very silly not to release a next generation Battlefront.

So give me your opinion.. is Battlefront 3 dead?

Here’s what IGN.com thinks about the subject.

“The death of Star Wars Battlefront III alongside its developer Free Radical at the beginning of 2009 was painful to watch. We’d seen the impressive leaked video (since pulled) of what appeared to be an alpha build of the game. We’d heard from trustworthy sources that the game was nearly complete. And then, like a TIE fighter nailed by a proton torpedo, Free Radical went into a tailspin, eventually crashing and burning. Just like shooting womp rats, eh LucasArts? In an in-depth interview with a former Free Radical employee , we learned that Battlefront III is dead and gone, along with some impressive tech that was apparently rivaled only by that of Free Radical’s other project, Timesplitters 4 (see its status below). The rumor was that Pandemic (now part of EA) picked up the rights. If so, they’re not talking. If ever a game deserved the status ‘flatlined,’ this is it. May the Force be with you, Battlefront III.

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  1. Revan says:

    Not only do I want to see BF3 to come out but I would like to also have SOMEONE “not bungie” but SOMEONE to make a New Republic Commando, AND an all out Space simulator of SW…AND a new Jedi Academy maybe not even a sequal of the last one but we need our lightsaber battle game.

  2. Justin says:

    I WANT BATTLEFRONT 3. Is it so hard to just re-employ some of the Free Radical employees in another company to help production finish? They’d earn a huge amount of money considering the minimal work left to complete the game. 😛

  3. Matt says:

    Yes there is. Woot TFU!

  4. Battlefront owns Halo 3:ODST says:

    Why even speak elite squadrons name? If you want to rebel, you have to do it properly. Oh and Mat, even though you’ll probably never see this, is there a YouTube vid on RG announcing TFU?

  5. Buggzy says:

    @ what im seeing from the psp peep trailer and the laid off employe’ss video it seems that battlefront 3 is a consle version of elite squadron with 32 player action, mappacks, weapoan and vheical packs, and charator packs. along with exstended maps and story mode. Battlefront 3 was on hold till the reases of psp and ds elite squadron.

  6. Buggzy says:

    I think battlefront 3 is elite squadron but consule size.

  7. DavidSilver says:

    I remember when I would get up at 4:00 in the morning to play battlefront 2. When I saw the leaked footage for SWBF3, I was amazed. Then the news came that BF3 had died. I was shocked. It would be a huge mistake for LucasArts to completely abandon the idea of BF3. One of the best franchises ever made, and THE BEST Star Wars game franchise ever made, would bring in billions of dollars. But massive advances in technology make games impossibly difficult to develop. People don’t want to put in that much time and money to develop something. But the Star Wars universe is HUGE. So many possibilities are out there. If the Battlefront series is dead, millions will be let down. I think that the project is still out there, maybe sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to come by, dust it off, and get to work again. So, do I think it is truly dead? No. I think that it just needs someone to put faith in it.

  8. Mat says:

    I also all the time thought that most likely Battlefront III is on hold. After the announcement of Elite Squadron, I understood that we might not see Battlefront III still for a long long time. It’s clearly that Elite Squadron is Battlefront III’s PSP and DS versions only with different title. Why to delay that what is going on perfectly? LucasArts didn’t knew how long it would require them to finish BF3, that’s why they decided to release PSP and DS versions. And since PSP and DS Elite Squadron is going to have the same missions and storyline as BF3 was scheduled to have, then it might mean that BF3 is now re-built from ground up. But I do believe that we will see announcement of Battlefront III some day, because it’s one of the biggest grossing Star Wars games ever. It would be very very stupid if LucasArts wouldn’t. My bet is that it will be announced some time until or at E3 2010. Maybe Elite Squadron will announce Battlefront III, who knows. Renegade Squadron back in 2007 announced The Force Unleashed. So there is still hope.

  9. john says:

    Battlefront 3 is dead..the ‘battle front’ is going to be enclueded in biowares upcoming swtor mmo.

  10. Raymond Brady says:

    I think JD is right battlefront 3 will certainly surface with a starwars movie release and there has been some talk that george lucas is re releasing the starwars saga in HD 3d similiar to james camerons avatar.witch i think will be amazing especially after seeing the trailer for avatar in 3d myself.
    Looks to me like battlefront 3 will be releasing in 3d also like avatar the game amazing.its definetly not dead .
    And its more than likely we could be hearing the future title of this game as starwars Battlefront 3D.
    Fingers crossed.

  11. Jeff Watkins says:

    False Hope? http://www2b.abc.net.au/tmb/Client/Message.aspx?b=59&m=276517&dm=1&pd=2&am=276524 – Claims that SWBF3 have been confirmed – however I think someone has their wires crossed… maybe not.

  12. Huggs says:

    Enough is enough, this bulls#_t has been going on for a long time now and Lucas arts don’t even have the curtouisy to tell it’s fans what is happening with the next gen battlefront title. We need to hear it from the horses mouth weather we are getting our next gen battlefront by December 2009. If we have not heard anything by then we need to start a partission and vow never to by a Lucas arts game again. They can stick lucudity up their big fat arse.

    • Drizzy says:

      I totally agree with what you are talking about. There have been so many rumors going around and frankly im sick of them. Do i want a battlefront 3 game to come out? HELZ YEAH I DO!! but lets get real. rumors are rumors. Lucas arts has so many loyal fans who absolutely love the battle front series. But your right, they could at least have the curtouisy to give us a yes or no awnser. There are literally no reasons for not making this game. 1. You can make everybody on the planet happy.

      • Drizzy says:

        2. They can make so much money its not even funny.
        like im talkin biggest game of the year or even decade cause everyuthing that has came out is CRAP!!!

        but seriously i think we should do something to let them know we are serious.

  13. clay says:

    as long as they make it anywhere near as good as the others than i will get it hopefully it would be way better

  14. Andy says:

    I can’t wait for it to come out either. I’m sure it will have advanced features, but the ground to space thing is gone. Free Radical said that died with them.

  15. J.D. says:

    The main series of Battlefront has always been released with a Star Wars movie release. So my guess is that we will have to wait for the saga to come out on blu ray.

  16. Laticspieman says:

    Maybe it is still being made but they are incorporating the ps3 motion sensing and the xbox natal instead of having to patch them later on! Imagine online lightsaber fights with motion sensing that would be AMAZING!

  17. Jeff Watkins says:

    I think the fact that there has been no flat out denial not official statement that the game has been cancelled is very telling. With all the rumours flying about, you would think that Lucas Games would like them to stop if the games truely was dead.

    As far as I am concerned, it ain’t dead ’till the boss says it is. Or to put it another way, the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet.

    For those with face book, I have a group that has been running for while… http://www.facebook.com/Labrug#/group.php?gid=39831650751 – Drop by and let us know what you thinks.

    Lastly, I would like to thank the guys behind this site. It has been great to see the support for SWBF3 and this site has been a brilliant read. Thanks for staying abreast of things.

  18. ChimpMan says:

    The original project is too good. It can’t be trashed and it can’t be rushed. The least we need is a Developer who will take it on and I think this is the problem. Aborting the Technology is something you don’t want to do with this kind of project but the majority of Developers don’t sound like they will risk it. The problem is Free Radical were equipped so why not let those who went to Crytek finish it? Maybe they are teaching Crytek the technology and then they may announce this and Timesplitters 4 when they’re ready?

  19. Jake says:

    I really hope that they make this game because i will buy it the second its on the shelves, and i cant even imagine them not continuing what i think to be the best star wars game franchise. although i am content with playing bf2 cause its awesome anyways, i want more! More! MORE!

  20. wk says:

    i hope this comes out any time now to march i expect to see it soon anyway just to know its coming out for sure would be awesome , i have a friend from England and he sounds like a clone trooper hahaha be fun to play this game on our ps3s haha. oh man i cant wait for this its one of the reasons i got a next gen console so it has to come out why did they release a shitty republic hero’s game and not SWBF3, George needs to stop playing 007 with all his secrets and release the game already!!! i can see why his secrets are so well kept who wouldn’t be afraid of the man lol imagine him yelling at you…. haha 😛

  21. Mike Hardy says:

    BF3 better come out because the BF2 kicked . i heard that there would be diffrent terrain and worlds.

    P.S. my online name is Darth Bane

  22. Jakkinx says:

    there’s something a little too suspicious about all the secrecy and rumors circulating around battlefront 3. IF it does exist, perhaps there is something special about it, something never before seen in any other battlefront game, which is the cause for all the confusion and hush-hush going on…

  23. Jim K says:

    It would be the biggest mistake lucas arts would ever make if they did not make BF3. I have been waiting a long time for the game. I don’t mind waiting as long as BF3 turns out to be freaking awesome.But I do hope they will release it soon.

    P.S. When BF3 comes out look for me on online play my online name will be Darth Kaszer.

  24. n00b81 says:

    They have to.

    BF2 didn’t even take full control of the orginial xbox’s power, imagine what a BF3 will look like on a 360…. :O

    Who wants dual weapons? 😛

  25. Paul Y says:

    I agree, they would be crazy not to put out a BF3. I think the “on hold” idea is on track. They have just put out a couple of new titles and dont want to spoil their sales. I also agree with the take all the time they need to make it right. As long as I get to fly up through the atmosphere and then blast people on the ground with a turbo laser, I’ll be happy.

  26. Wenis says:

    I’m about 100% positive that it is not dead. Like you said I just don’t have the slightest idea where it is at right now, whether LucasArts decided to start all over with making the game via a new developer, whether they found a new developer and are using what Free Radical did to finish the rest of the game, or if it is just completely on hold right now, not being developed by anybody. Still have to play the waiting game I guess… something we’ve been doing for just under 4 years now. SWBF2’s fourth birthday is coming up in just over a month, since then we’ve seen 2 handheld Battlefront announcements but no console or pc.. disappointing.

  27. landon says:

    I think that battle front
    3 also is on hold, but will be released.
    So there is still hope, but no one is certain.
    If anything,they can take as long as they
    want,as long as it will be released besides,
    it will take time for a game with advanced
    features such as the space to ground feature.
    They can take as long as they want as long
    as I can get an awesome copy of battle front 3,
    I’m game.

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