Prepare to Drool – Star Wars Battlefront 4 Concepts?

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That’s right folks.. have a look at the screenshots below and prepare to drool at what have would been if LucasArts hadn’t have cancelled their contract with Free Radical Design (Crytek UK). While I can’t confirm that these are real or that they even came from Free Radical Design, they do look mega spectacular.

Apparently, not only was Free Radical Design working on Battlefront 3, but they were also doing concepts for a Battlefront 4. Holy crap… Battlefront 4? Who cares about that anyway, all we want is Battlefront 3!!!


“When LucasArts terminated their contract with Free Radical Design (nowadays known as Crytek UK), the studio was not only working on Star Wars Battlefront III and Time Splitters 4. Instead, the company started the pre-production of another Star Wars Battlefront game.

As the status of Star Wars Battlefront III (Free Radical version) is currently unknown, we do not expect any news about a fourth SW Battlefront game in the near future.”

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  1. […] В том же году слухи о Star Wars: Battlefront ширятся и ширятся. Писалось, что Battlefront 3 разрабатывает теперь Pandemic Studios, затем — студия Rebellion, которая должна была закончить игру для Play Station 2, а потом её бы перенесли на новые консоли. В конце-концов, Pandemic Studios была расформирована, а в интернете появились даже концепты Star Wars: Battlefront IV. […]

  2. Yusuke says:

    I’m pleasantly sursriped to see something like this. Tie Fighter is one of those games I have always remembered, but was left feeling like I was the only one who ever played it, and it’s great to know there are other fans out there. The game crossed the lines of flight sim, shooter, and non-traditional RPG. It’s attention to details, like the importance of choosing the proper power settings to divide between your engines, blasters, and shields (if you LIVED long enough to get into a craft with shields), and the window it opened into the largely blank world of what life would be like for the pilots who flew for the Empire all combined to make it something special. I wish there were more Star Wars titles exploring these kinds of themes.

  3. DevilzAssassin0 says:

    What if BF ES was BF 3 cuz if u look at the Bf 3 leaked trailer it has X1 fighting the grey falcon guy, Ferrara being attacked by clones and some other stuff from BF ES maybe there skipping BF 3. and dont call me stupid for this comment this is just a thought.

  4. Looks a long way away... says:

    These look awesome. Amazing. Incredible. To me, it looks a long way off though. I’m really desperate for some news, maybe at E3 2010, where we’ll also get a Natal release date, a GT5 release date, a Reach release date…. I could go on. E3 is going to be special this year, that’s what I’m saying.

  5. pickled kumquat says:

    Thees look amazing. thats an understatement. i am personally giddy over even the rumors of battlefront 3, as i have ben a fan since the first 1 came out and i intend 2 love anything else they come up with. words do not express what i am feeling over this game. and to think, they mite have a number 4 2!!!!!!!! i am amazied and cant wait. my only fear is if rebellion makes it that the boundaries will be messed up like on renegade squadron and elite, boundries like when your flying a ship, you cant fly between the gap of a imperial star destroyer’s bridge and the main part of the ship, its hard to remember where these boundaries are and its frustrating when i fly near a ship and blow up just because rebellion must have ben to lazy to adjust the boundaries to make them more realistic. i hope its as amazing as i want it to be

  6. dan howard says:

    this is going to be the best star wars game of the satr wars galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jack says:

    You people r getting all excited about a game that is possibly years off. Battlefront 3 is even close to being finished(if its even being worked on).

  8. Jakkinx says:

    ah. but i still want to see Dark Kenobi in the DS version.

  9. admin says:

    You confusing Battlefront 3 with Battlefront: Elite Squadron… Elite Squadron is not Battlefront 3.

  10. Jakkinx says:

    BTW, why am i hearing all these rumors about Battlefront 3 not coming out when Amazon is offering orders, and they say the release date is Oct. 3rd. and what’s all this about Sith Kenobi? is he really a playable character? my little brother was a little freaked out by him, but i prefer his first incarnation, with red eyes, no hood, a longer, pointier beard, no gloves or foot wrappings. the red glowing box transmitter things on his belt are okay, as are the claws/fangs hung about his person, and i love the vibrancy of his red lightsaber compared to the dark grey of his tattered rags. i also liked the detailing of wampa fur and krayt dragon leather, and i think that a cloak would not be amiss, though for maximum awsomeness, they should leave the hood down, as a raised hood makes him look too much like sidious. his almost chunky, hulking figure is good too, makes him a bit more menacing. but seriosly, is her playable? and if he is, i really do NOT want to hear he’s only playable on PSP or Xbox, or only available through pre-order. Include him on at least the DS please!

  11. Jakkinx says:

    These concepts look really awsome, and i think that the idea of more immersion and exploration into Dagobah is truly awsome. however, i agree, PC users are really not getting what they want here, and DS users too. the Force Unleashed on DS was trash compared to the Wii version, you could tell that the designers were bored and didn’t want to work on it, and the same is pretty much true for most DS games. I really hope Lucas Arts makes a real effort for Battlefront 3 on the DS, and not just make it a dumb, little useless not even proper first person/third person shooter, with no aiming, almost no vehicles and characters, and extreme lack of levels. PSP and Xbox might be the most popular gaming system out there, but there are vast majorities of fans that are forced to use the DS and PC, due to parental concerns, game selections and varieties, and pricing. such lack of enthusiasm on behalf of DS and PC owners shows that the quality of LucasArts has gone down since Mr. Lucas first created Star Wars, and those working at LucasArts are less concerned with preserving the true nature of the Star Wars spirit in ALL Star Wars fans, and more concerned with making money. Such actions make me think it may be preferable, and more convenient, as well as more rewarding, to go with other options, such as Knights of the Force. I strongly urge those at LucasArts to consider fans of Star Wars on ALL game consoles, and advise them to increase the quality of their work on DS, PC and Wii platforms, or risk loss of fans and gamers worldwide.

  12. Mike says:

    Lucas is really letting millions of fans down, all he had to do was put a couple more levels in unleashed… and define 1 player??! Obsolete??? !!!

  13. Dak says:

    This is stunningly beautiful, probably about as realistic an immersion into the Star Wars Universe you can get. Why Lucas Arts is so resistant to giving their Fans what they would like to see in a video game for PC I will never understand. Are they just so big that they lose site of whats important? I see all these cool games come out for platforms like PSP and so on, while we Pc users get the short end of the stick. Just once I would like to fly the Millenium Falcon!

  14. James says:

    lets just get BF3 out there, at least then we’ll know this is completely possible 🙂

  15. I’v guess that since that 3 wasn’t enough so they cerated a whole new story line as u seen on cartoon network as the clone wars. but 4 wow im stoke.

  16. not drooling says:

    I’m not drooling but it makes me sad knowing the free radical version was killed: the video looked awesome. Can’t someone else just pick up were they left off

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