LucasArts announces “Lucidity”… Interesting? Dissappointing?

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Well, as most people figured the big announcement that LucasArt made last night via was, of course, not Battlefront 3. Apparently LucasArts seems to think now is the time to head back to their “roots” and with the big success of their new Monkey Island game, and will be releasing “Lucidity”, which is a weird looking puzzle game. Not to knock it or anything, it does look interesting.

GameTrailers did get to sneak in some questions to LucasArts including the big, fat, tasty question which is “Where is Battlefront 3?”.

The answer:

Q: What happened to Battlefront III?
A: We never announced that game. It’s something we’ll definitely consider in the future.

At least they havn’t dismissed the possibility of Battlefront 3, so we may just get it after all!!! There is hope!!!

They also asked what their plan was for the future of LucasArts. They replied:

Q: LucasArts vision for the future?
A: More Star Wars games as well as original IP.


Earlier tonight on GameTrailers TV, LucasArts revealed their new IP and announced that they are going back to their roots. While Star Wars is still their bread and butter, they are trying to go back to the LucasArts of old.

Lucidity 2 In the 90’s, LucasArts was regarded as one of the top videogame developers. However, this has not been the case in recent years. But after the recent success of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, LucasArts decided to shut down for a week and brainstorm new ideas. What came out of this was Lucidity, a side scrolling puzzle-platformer. You play with Sophie, an adventurous little girl with a vivid imagination. You cannot control her, but you travel through her dreamscapes and place pieces in front of her, almost like Tetris.

The story of Lucidity revolves around Sophie and her grandmother. It is told through postcards and has 30 story levels and many more bonus levels. The game, which was inspired by Braid, will be released later this month on PC and Xbox LIVE Arcade.


Check out some Lucidity screenshots below:

Check out the video:

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  1. Royston141 says:

    still no BF3, they are getting abit stupid with lego star wars 3 now, i mean comeon, who cares about the clone wars? Battlefront ftw 😉

    • Jafod says:

      i personally liked the clone wars the best, but i don’t exactly like these lego star wars games. sure, there are a couple funny situations, but i think that they dropped the ball on those ones. and i would like to see bf3. that would be great.

  2. Ace says:

    The reason LucasArts is releasing Meh Games is because they’re stalling while they make Battlefront 3. Also, they might need more money/budget in order to cover the expenses.

  3. jake m says:

    this is such a friggin waste of time, no one wants this piece of garbage puzzle game, that goes on adventures with a little girl and her grandmother, I mean, have they actually sat down and really looked at what there selling???? hmm, read some postcards with grandma or blow the heads of some confederate droids……. sucha hard question to answer.

  4. stephen says:

    NOBODY buy this game, once they realize no one gives a about the psp they will make battlefront 3!

  5. darth maul says:

    This new game looks like trash? Stop beating around the damn bush and come out with BF3. Thats what everyone wants.And is willing to buy.

  6. SonOfLucas says:

    Hehe you won’t be waiting much longer

  7. tj says:

    early in the GameTrailers episode D-rod mentions they are working on multiple Star Wars games INTERNALLY so it could be they are finishing the rest of the game in-house instead of finding another developer.

  8. Chaos Lord says:

    I’m pretty sure the people at Lucasarts are on something.
    I can just see them releasing “1 PLAYER PONG” in the future.

  9. Oy says:

    I’m tired of checking this website regularly and not seeing an announcement for Battlefront 3. I know it’s not y’alls (I’m from Texas)fault but it’s kinda depressing.

  10. Jakkinx says:

    god, this lucidity trash looks awful. I mean, come on here people, what is this, retro gaming month? come on, release Battlefront III already!

  11. Zack A says:

    You took the statement out of context. The host asked about the possibility of a next-gen battlefront and D-Rod said its possible in the future. We all want BF3 but tell it how it is. You made it sound like he addressed BF3 when he really didnt.

  12. Paul Y says:

    Ugh I wish they would quit playing around and release
    Battlefront 3 already. Or at least confirm that they are
    going to in the future.

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