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Elite Squadron Interview & Questionairre + Where is Battlefront 3?

Soooo…. After the big announcement for Lucidity, there has been a lot of complaining that it wasn’t Battlefront 3. I know it kind of stinks that they are keeping this secret, but what can we do? I mean in my opinion, they would be silly not to develop the game, there is too much demand for it. I feel that it will be released some day, most likely next year or the year after. It wouldn’t be worth their while to put out such a big title right now with The Old Republic on it’s way as well as Republic Heroes.

All i’m asking is to have faith my fellow Jedi’s and Sith. As some people have pointed out, in the Gametrailers interview with LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez, kept dodging the question of a next generation console Battlefront. Also in a Elite Squadron questionnaire from they managed to squeak in the following question:

Last but not least, (and in the �Had to Try� category) the last 2 editions of Star Wars Battlefront have been exclusive to handheld platforms. Do you think handhelds will be the preferred future medium for the Battlefront franchise or can we hope to see a console version again sometime in the future?

The Battlefront team is very proud of the work we have done. It was no small feat getting so much game into both platforms! Both Elite Squadron developers Rebellion (PSP) and nSpace (DS) pulled out all the stops to make sure they delivered a game that would move the Battlefront experience forward. This would not have been possible without one fundamental thing that we share with the fans. We love Star Wars! Enjoy the games!”

Again they seem to dodge the question. Definitely interesting.

Be sure to check out the full questionnaire on Battlefront: Elite Squadron at the following link: Battlefront: Elite Squadron Questionnaire

In other Elite Squadron news, The Playstation Blog has posted a great video interview LucasArts Patrick Alvarado, who proceeds to walk them through Elite Squadron for the PSP. It’s a great interview, so check it out below!

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  1. PSP games have very very good graphics and the gameplay is always great _

  2. PSP games are time consuming but very entertaining`*.

  3. isnt battlefront 3 actually elitesquadron because i think when free radical lost rights to the game and sold it 2 rebellion they converted it to psp and ds correct me if im wrong

  4. Btw LucasArts, I wanna see some space Hero action! I’m talking about special Hero ships, as well as the ability to play as things like buzz droids or those rocket pack droids from Rising Malevolence. You hearing me?!

  5. Eu quero BF3, quero tanto BF3 que estou disposto a comprar o jogo sem ter o console, se houver uma edição especial mais cara, eu vou comprar, e talvez compre outro BF3 lacrado só para deixar exposto no armário.

  6. I think this is a test game for BF3. If you guys remember the leak game play same concept as this psp game. Just my thoughts

  7. The way they did that failure dodge away from that one question in the questionnaire. It just disappoints me. At least admit there will be a console battlefront in the future!

  8. Sorry Elite Squadron will only be available on the Nintendo DS and PSP

  9. is starwars battlefront elite squdran on play station2 and where can i get it from

  10. Wow right now Lucas Arts is Really depressing me.
    I dont understand the logic of making another PSP game when the other is pretty new. The DS version looks like crap which is a huge disappointment for those of us stuck on Nintendo Consols. Im not sure what to think about that guy dodging all of our questions. Anyone who wants another DECENT Battlefront for Consols sign the Battlefront 3 petition.

  11. i think that if we’re lucky, lucasarts is gonna come out with something massive.

  12. I agree, They are a little too obvious about sidestepping
    the question. I feel pretty sure about a bf3 I just wish
    it would hurry up.

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