September, 2009

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Well for the last couple weeks, it’s been all quite on the western battlefront.. ever since that interview with LucasArts president via Gametrailers, it seemed to silence everything that has been going on with Battlefront 3 over the last few months.. which of course were just rumors as far as most people are concerned. This […]

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A new webdoc has been posted online at the official Elite Squadron website. Basically the webdoc takes you behinds the scenes and explains how with Battlefront Elite Squadron, you are not only playing the game on the ground but you can also take the gameplay to space. This is very cool because if you decide […]

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Soooo…. After the big announcement for Lucidity, there has been a lot of complaining that it wasn’t Battlefront 3. I know it kind of stinks that they are keeping this secret, but what can we do? I mean in my opinion, they would be silly not to develop the game, there is too much demand […]

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Well, as most people figured the big announcement that LucasArt made last night via was, of course, not Battlefront 3. Apparently LucasArts seems to think now is the time to head back to their “roots” and with the big success of their new Monkey Island game, and will be releasing “Lucidity”, which is a […]

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Ok today, we have a few interesting but non-battlefront 3 topics to cover today. First topic is obviously the now rumored Star Wars MMO based on The Clone Wars series. This is very interesting, i’ll be surprised if this it is true, I figured there wouldn’t be any other Star Wars MMO’s until at least […]

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While we’ve all been waiting for a long time for an announcement from someone, I went ahead and did some research on all the events that have led us up to today, with regards to Battlefront 3. From the first rumor of Battlefront 3 to the latest editions of the new Battlefront 4 concepts. Feel […]

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Another game that looks pretty sweet is the upcoming Republic Heroes that is due out on October 6, 2009. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Krome Studios and published by LucasArts and scheduled to be released for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, […]

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That’s right folks.. have a look at the screenshots below and prepare to drool at what have would been if LucasArts hadn’t have cancelled their contract with Free Radical Design (Crytek UK). While I can’t confirm that these are real or that they even came from Free Radical Design, they do look mega spectacular. Apparently, […]