Star Wars: Battlefront 3 brewing behind the scenes at LucasArts?

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 brewing behind the scenes at LucasArts?

Well that is the big question. There has been so much hype about this game, LucasArts would be silly not to release it. On our main page there are almost 3,000 votes for people wanting Battlefront 3 (keep the votes coming folks!). On the LucasArts forums there are over 349 pages (5000+ posts) on a single thread entitled “Star Wars Battlefront III Speculation” That’s a lot of people who want Battlefront 3!!

So I found the link to this via the LA forums. is reporting that, when they asked Darrell Rodriguez (president of LucasArts) about the future of LucasArts internal development, which is more less saying, what are you giving us in the future.

Rodriguez says:

“The internal studio is a cornerstone of our business,” said Rodriguez. “Currently, they are hard at work on some really exciting projects that I can’t talk about yet. Suffice it to say that we continue to focus on the future of Star Wars as well as more new and original IP projects. We are committed to internal development long term and look forward to building these teams and hiring world-class talent to deliver best in class products to our consumers and fans.”

and according to

“As for what LucasArts’ internal teams are currently working on, it’s hard to say, but it appears to be a combination of extending the life of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed with downloadable content and retooling adventure classics. Rodriguez’s answer, however, suggests there’s more going on behind the scenes. He’s promised more announcements before the end of the year.”

I’m getting anxious now for an announcement and I know a lot of people are as well. Come on LucasArts give the fans what they want!! We want Battlefront 3!!!

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