Pandemics Project “Y” and “X” – Could Be Battlefront 3?

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I’m hearing all these things lately about Project “Y” and Project “X”. Now i’ve heard of these two projects before but never really thought anything about it. Anyway, I saw a post about it in the LucasArts forums and decided to check it out. Now there are a lot of talks that one of these “Super Secret” projects is going to be announced as Star Wars Battlefront 3. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

There was a link to this interesting post by, which they seemed to have sniffed out that fact that Battlefront 3 was up in the air come the time that Free Radical lost the rights to the game as well as the fact that around the same time Pandemic released Project Y & X… hmmmm something fishy?

Check out the article below:

“While browsing Pandemic Studios’ forums, we noticed that Pandemic has been teasing their unannounced titles, codenamed ”Project Y” and “Project X”; with an announcement regarding the former coming “soon”.

Pandemic’s Matthew Everett posted two forum topics earlier this month; one for “Project Y” and one for “Project X”. The “Y” post says that the game will be pushing new ground in the industry:

“We’re confident that Project Y is a game that will break new ground in its category and in the video game industry. Unfortunately, for the time being, we can’t even tell anyone what category. Stay tuned – this one will be announced soon.”

Sounds like it could be a new IP. The Project X post suggests it’s something we all know:

“We’re so amped up about Project X that it’s hard for us not to tell everyone everything about it today. But we can’t. When we can talk about this project, we’ll have all the exciting news here on this site.”

Yet it could be that one of them is Star Wars Battlefront III. Project Y has been pushed around for a long time, but it recently made a resurgence earlier this year. You may remember that Battlefront III was up in the air as of October last year, when Free Radical lost the rights before they went into administration. Given that Pandemic developed the first two titles, the timing seems perfect…

Of course, that’s just speculation. Yet we can’t help but feel that the force is strong with this one…


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  1. Tim says:

    I’m thinking we’ll hear what at least one of the secret projects is after Saboteur is released. With the exception of Project X and Y, Saboteur is the only unreleased game they have. So come December 8th, we’ll hopefully get some good news.

  2. Ben says:

    Well according to Wikipedia only Project X was confirmed as not being Battlefront 3 –

  3. James says:

    This has already been proven wrong. Pandemic have stated that AFTER these two names were revealed, that BF3 was not with them. I believe Rebellion has also denied having the game, which leaves all our hopes with either an unknown contender or Crytek who took in all former Free Radical employees

  4. pat says:

    Alright, lets say this is in motion (which I hope to god it is), there are a few things that need to get cleaned up.

    1. Melee attacks

    2. Maps maps and more maps. For this game to reach its potential, online play is critical. This includes numerous planets with at least four maps per planet.

    3. Better story line. I want a game that takes me at least 12 hours to beat with interesting cut scenes.

    One thing I really appreciated about this game was that it was not a first person shooter, please keep the camera where it is. If this game is done right, online play could easily compete with COD games.

  5. Rye says:

    Just want to say that Project X was there BEFORE FR went into administration and Y I believe is BF3 cuz BF# DID BREAK GROUND in its category with the multi level maps!

    this is just my speculation!

    P.s the ceo of pandemic said that pandemic did not have BF3 but they might get ut later on then about a week after that interview they posted Project Y……. interesting no?

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