Battlefront: Elite Squadron – Gamescon Interview + DS Footage

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A great interview from Gamescon 2009 has been posted by Basically the interview talks about how it all got started with the original Battlefront and then moving on to Battlefront 2. Then how they released Renegade Squadron exclusively for the PSP which added character customization to Battlefront. For Elite Squadron they say that they’re taking all the features from those 3 games and incorporating them all into Elite Squadron.

Sounds like it’s going to be pretty cool. The battle scenes look pretty decent, I like how you can go from on the ground into space. Sweet!

We gave another treat for you as well, be sure to check out some Nintendo DS footage below!!

In other news, we’ve picked ourselves up another Sith Spy. Raptor from the LucasArts forums has been digging around and feeding us some nice news tips. Stay tuned for a later post which has some of this interesting information in it. Thanks Raptor!

You can pre-order Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the PSP here: Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

You can pre-order Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the Nintendo DS here: Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Check out the interview video below:

DS Footage:

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  1. john says:

    this game looks great

  2. amartin says:

    this game will be awsome you got to get it.yeah =)

  3. austin says:

    the new starwars battleront elite squadron looks awsome and the best looking psp game and starwars game ever. ive all ready pre-orderd this , you guys need to get this game.

  4. austin says:

    That footage of ELITE SQUADRON was awsome thats going to be the best psp game ever i cant wait to have it.:)

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