August, 2009

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A great interview from Gamescon 2009 has been posted by Basically the interview talks about how it all got started with the original Battlefront and then moving on to Battlefront 2. Then how they released Renegade Squadron exclusively for the PSP which added character customization to Battlefront. For Elite Squadron they say that they’re […]

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I’m hearing all these things lately about Project “Y” and Project “X”. Now i’ve heard of these two projects before but never really thought anything about it. Anyway, I saw a post about it in the LucasArts forums and decided to check it out. Now there are a lot of talks that one of these […]

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Finally! We can get a peak at the game play of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron! I came across this video on Youtube which was published by a website called, ““. They also made a comparison to the Elite Squadron game play video to the leaked Battlefront 3 footage that was leaked a long time […]

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Some new screenshots of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron have been leaked. We are still waiting on some more information about the game as well as a trailer. Hopefully we’ll get something soon as the game is due out on October 3rd. “LucasArts forum poster jas232 discovered new screenshots of Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron […]

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Looks like we may have a quick peak at the release date of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. According to, Battlefront: Elite Squadron is available for pre-order now and well as a “street date guarantee”. is reporting a release date of October 3rd as well. “Pre-order Star Wars Batllefront: Elite Squdron by November […]

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Well, this is some interesting news. According to reports that are coming from various sites via a Twitter post made from LucasArts (“Our Prez just Finished an interview w/ @Gametrailers. Discussed new internal LucasArts IP. Tune in Sept 10 to hear whats up!”), they will be revealing their new “internal intellectual property” soon. Which basically […]

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 brewing behind the scenes at LucasArts? Well that is the big question. There has been so much hype about this game, LucasArts would be silly not to release it. On our main page there are almost 3,000 votes for people wanting Battlefront 3 (keep the votes coming folks!). On the LucasArts […]

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There still hasn’t really been any new news with regards to Battlefront 3 yet. I’ve received an email from a fan from the LucasArts forum, stating that the administrator won’t deny or confirm whether Battlefront 3 is in development or not, so that could be taken as some good news. There has been however some […]