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Other than awaiting for someone, *cough – LucasArts – cough*, to announce Battlefront 3, we are getting an alternate version of another game we were all hoping for, namely, Knights of the Old Republic 3, which of course turns out to be called The Old Republic and just happens to be a MMO. To some people this is great, to other people this sucks. I’m still indifferent at the moment and I don’t know what to think.

At the first sniffle of a KOTOR 3 (me being a huge KOTOR fan), I got super excitied, hell I even created which i’ve kind of abandoned a little.. Now that it’s a MMO I don’t know if i’ll even bother with it. The trailer that was released the other day peaked my interest a little though, it actually looked pretty damn amazing! Although i’d gladly give up The Old Republic for a Battlefront 3, I may give this a shot when it first comes out.

Anyway, check out the demo below:

Here’s a quick preview, thanks to from E3 2009:

After viewing the trailer, the teams from BioWare and LucasArts loaded up the game for our first ever live demo. We started by exploring the new Bounty Hunter class and the first of two new planets for the game. The bounty hunter, Ayrik, begins on Hutta at the start of The Great Hunt, a massive contest organized by the Mandalorians and designed to find the best new bounty hunters in the galaxy. Through his mentor, Braden, Ayrik starts the game as one of the more likely candidates.

The interactions with Braden gave the developers a chance to show off the massive amount of voiced dialogue in this game. The Old Republic will be the first fully-voiced MMOs; all the NPCs as well as all the PCs will have full dialogue. Moreover, the main interactions with the NPCs will play out in cinematic cutscenes that allow the player to input their own responses in a Mass Effect-style dialogue wheel. As Braden introduces Ayrik to his companions, a Nar Shaddan tech specialists and a Trandoshan security officer, Ayrik has the option to respond in ways that emphasize his moods. Whether he responds with humility or arrogance, cruelty or greed, will impact the way the rest of the story unfolds.

After playing through the cutscene, Ayrik heads outside to explore Hutta. This is the first time that Hutta is being displayed in video game form, so we were happy to see the ways that the art team has rendered the industrial wasteland of this Hutt stronghold. Through the sickly green mists in the air ahead of us we can see the palace of the Hutts protected by screens of Fa’athra gangsters.

The bounty hunter has some impressive attack powers.
As Ayrik moved up to the palace, we had the chance to see the combat system in action. The bounty hunter is primarily a ranged attacker and makes use of special attacks like rockets and stun darts to maintain an advantage over his enemies. The requisite flamethrower attacks are thrown in as well for when the bounty hunter finds himself in need of some timely crowd control. All the abilities are triggered using a traditional MMO hotbar, but the actual action seems a bit more fluid and dynamic than the usual round-by-round combat in most MMOs.

The new Smuggler class also makes use of ranged attacks but doesn’t have access to the same armor that the bounty hunters can use. To help even the odds in combat, the smuggler can use a new cover system. We saw this in action on another new planet, Ord Mantell, where the smuggler was running guns to the Rebels in their war against the Separatists. The opportunity for cover is displayed in the environment as a faint green crouching outline. When the smuggler takes cover, he gains access to new abilities and is protected from the attacks of his enemies. Of course, not all the smuggler’s combats take place at far ranges. Should an enemy get too close, the smuggler can stun them with a quick kick to the crotch and then finish them off by shooting them in the head.

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