June, 2009

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Kotaku has posted a quick review of the upcoming title, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. From their review, it looks like the game is shaping up nicely and should be a competent addition to the Battlefront series. I thought it was funny that they mentioned that we may never see the true and full extent […]

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This caught my attention as well while watching some new information surface from this years E3 previews. I actually didn’t know that they were making this game, and to my surprise it’s going to be available for the PC, which I thought that LucasArts has abandoned. In my humble opinion, i’m going to go with […]

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Other than awaiting for someone, *cough – LucasArts – cough*, to announce Battlefront 3, we are getting an alternate version of another game we were all hoping for, namely, Knights of the Old Republic 3, which of course turns out to be called The Old Republic and just happens to be a MMO. To some […]

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You have to love having new videos come out, especially with a new variation of one of your favorite Star Wars games. Thanks to EuCantina.net we now have access to 4 new gameplay videos featuring the new DS and PSP Battlefront game, Elite Squadron. These awesome videos came from the LucasArts.com V.I.P. section of their […]

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The latest edition in the Battlefront family is shaping up and starting to look pretty good. Elite Squadron is due on the PSP and the Nintendo DS sometime late this fall. 1up.com has been covering E3 2009 and has given a great preview into the latest Battlefront game. Be sure to check out our screenshots […]