Star Wars: Battlefront 3 – Rebellion’s looks good for Battlefront 3 Deal

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Some more interesting news or maybe even a rumor.. who knows! But according to CVG, Rebellion is a good position to take the deal on the rumored upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 3. After hearing a little while ago that Pandemic does not have the Battlefront 3 deal, it looks like we’ve gotten a whiff of who may have the contract. That would be sweet.

Here’s the news:

British developer Rebellion is now the clear favourite to make a development deal with LucasArts for the next Star Wars Battlefront game.

Earlier this week it was confirmed that‭ ‬Pandemic Studios,‭ ‬which developed the first two Battlefront games,‭ ‬is not working on the next title.

As‭ ‬Free Radical fell into administration back in December it transpired that the studio had lost its contract to develop the next Star Wars Battlefront game.‭ ‬Since then,‭ ‬Pandemic and Rebellion have sat in the spotlight as the two most likely studios to pick up the contract.‭

Yet Pandemic’s community manager Mathew Everett has removed the Californian developer from the equation.‭

“As of right now I can say‭ ‬Battlefront‭ ‬3‭ ‬is not currently at Pandemic,‭” ‬he said,‭ ‬acting as administrator on the official Pandemic‭ ‬forums.‭ “‬While I know the title seems to be up in the air from all the buzz around the web,‭ ‬LucasArts will be the only one knowing where the title is at right now.‭”

Rebellion,‭ ‬which worked on a PSP edition of Battlefront,‭ ‬is now the frontrunner in a proposed development deal., yet no such deal has been announced yet.

Rebellion was unable to return Edge’s calls at the time of writing.

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