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This isn’t really anything new but it is in the March edition of Game Informer.

The forums are now up, so be sure to join up and catch the latest discussions on Battlefront 3! You can access the forums —-> here.

Here is the excerpt that is in the March edition of Game Informer:

Wondering what might have been is an easy question when talking about the closing of famed U.K. developer Free Radical. The now-defunct studio behind the TimeSplitters franchise was well regarded, and our interest was piqued all the more since they had been working on Star Wars: Battlefront III for close to two years when they closed their doors.

Recently a video surfaced showing gameplay from the title, but despite the excitement it generated, a source close to the project told Game Informer that all was not well. The video that was leaked online – as poor quality as it was – highlighted the series’ emphasis on wide-open battles and seamless transitions between ground and air combat and exteriors and interiors. Battlefront III would have spanned a wide range of characters and locations throughout all six of the movies (in both first and third-person camera perspectives), including Jedi duels, a rancor, and epic space battles.

Early artwork for the game even depicted an old Obi-Wan Kenobi who had turned to the dark side of the Force. As tantalizing as all this sounds, Free Radical’s Battlefront III dream was having trouble being realized. The video footage leaked online was supposedly captured from the PC version of the title, and even that wasn’t an accurate portrayal of the true state of the project. It was, in fact, a mess. The design was said to be overly ambitious, aiming to support 100-player online battles with the ability to seamlessly transition between ground and space combat.

Free Radical shrank this number as development progressed due to the technical limitations it encountered and Game Informer has heard that this number fell to 16 players, but even this was too much for the console versions to handle. To counter the falling number of human-controlled players, Free Radical tried to implement an AI NPC system that also proved too unwieldy.

Regardless of the state of the project during Free Radical’s tenure, we may yet see some version of Battlefront III. Rumor is that Oxford studio Rebellion – developers of Star Wars Renegade Squadron for the PSP – has been handed the development reins. We shall have to wait and see if Rebellion’s vision of the project succeeds where Free Radical could not.

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