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Star Wars Battlefront 3 Revealed by

Here’s another entry I dug up from last month. Again this is just a rumor and by no means should you get your hopes up, just in case 😉


“Listings for the rumored third entry in the battlefield-focused Star Wars Battlefront briefly appeared at retailer yesterday, and were promptly removed after garnering media attention.

The pages specified PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP versions of the title, all tentatively slated for release in March 2009.

The first two Battlefront games on PC, PS2 and Xbox were developed by Pandemic Studios. Rebellion handled the PSP edition of Battlefront II and the PSP-only Renegade Squadron entry.

With Pandemic currently working on at least three separate titles–Mercenaries 2, Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Saboteur–another studio is believed to be handling the third Battlefront game. Some speculate that Rebellion has been tasked with the game, while Kotaku suggests it will be helmed by TimeSplitters and Haze developer Free Radical.

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  1. No PC?!?!? That’s messed up. I’ve heard rumors its not gonna be for PC before, and I really hope its not true

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