Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage leaked online?

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Wow, this is some pretty awesome news, whether or not this is legit or not is still unknown. It looks pretty cool and at least it gives us a little hope for the future. I’d say the chances of them making Battlefront are pretty good, although a lot of people would disagree. Hopefully, we will soon find out!

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Where to begin…This week it seems that some footage from Star Wars Battlefront III was leaked onto the good old interweb. Previously thought to have been in development with Free Radical, rumors persisted that with Free Radical’s demise, the game was being passed on to Rebellion. (Who had developed Renegade Squadron for the PSP) You may remember renders showing up online a couple weeks ago and now we have gameplay footage. There are even more recent rumors that Rebellion is passing on the game and it could end up with Pandemic. (who just got dropped by EA) What does all this mean? We’re not entirely sure since none of this has been confirmed officially, so everything is still rumor and conjecture at this point.

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  1. uriahwright says:

    wow no comments i wacth this vid all the time on youtubeand as i posted on the thing about the vga 2010 the maps bare graet resemblance to the elite squadron maps

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